Thursday, March 20, 2014

Marching on!

I might be the corniest person ever.

March has been REALLY hard for me!  I had a mini burn out on my workouts and then just personal stuff that made me want to do something hilarious and irresponsible like drop pumpkins off a tall roof.  (ok, most random person?!?) to relieve the stress.  

I only worked out 3 days last week.  Like whaaaat?  When was the last time that happened?  No clue.  Sadly, I didn't feel more refreshed, but achy and stiff.  Having more time to pour over my personal problems didn't help either.  I feel better when working out consistently - got it!

I want to be running more.  I was really getting into pretty good shape when I was running 3 times a week earlier this year.  But I don't love running.  When I have a run scheduled during the week, it is likely by myself, so I would stay at work waaaay to long and then either skip the run because i felt pressed for time or I would cut the run short.   

This week has been a little chilly but full of sunshine, so here is what I have been up to:

Last week:

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 1 hr yoga, 1 hr swimming

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday:  6am swim. W/frenemy Will.  "If i touch your feel while swimming, it just means you should go faster" uh, no.  also we were supposed to do a really tough set on a certain interval for us (6 x 150 yds (50 build, 50 easy, 50 hard) on 2:30).  I made the first one with a few seconds to spare.  Made the second one right on the money.  And my last one slid all the way to 2:40 or 2:45.  Will has an injury, so he stopped after 2 of those 6, but I had kept on going.  I get out of the pool after practice and he goes "We really should have been making those on 2:30".  WE?!?  did the whole set!  haha what a snot nosed punk!

Friday:  Rest

Saturday:  5 miles with the tri group from church.  I was the only girl again.  And the slowest.  And I got lost because we had talked about going down a certain trail, but I didn't get the memo that we everyone else didn't go down that trail for a little out and back.  I met back up with them in the parking lot.  They said they had been worried.  LOL they must not know I get lost easily!  

Then I picked up SwimKid and we went on a "nature walk".  3 miles split in between pea gravel paths, raised platform paths, plain old dirt paths, and concrete.  She wanted to run and race me a couple of times.  The last time we "raced" was about 0.2 miles and she was faster than me and giggling the whole way.  She was shouting "you're so slow!  you're as slow as a snail!".  She stopped at a bench to rest and I sat down with her.  A few seconds later I asked if she was ready to go and she was not.  Glad I still have the distance over her speed, but her sass is unmatched! 

Sunday:  Rest.
Monday:  46 min walk in the sunshine.  Sooo good!  PS. I hate invisible fences.  I think your dog is running straight for me and then it stops 2 feet from me on the sidewalk.  Ugh.  

Tuesday: Yoga @ work.  Skipped swimming because I jacked up my neck (that bilateral breathing and flip turns don't compliment that injury well!).  Survived 35 mins on the bike trainer after that.

Wednesday: SwimSis' birthday!  I ate desserts and decorated the house with streamers with my trusty sidekick SwimKid (She's been upgraded from SwimTot). 

Thursday:  6am swim.  I was early!  LOL  I'm usually 10 mins late and today I was only 5 mins late!  Still stayed an hour.  My neck issues are still there, but we did a lot of backstroke, which is PERFECT for a neck issue.  I did 2 flip turns the whole practice.  I tried one at the beginning and decided to do touch turns.  Later, I was trying to beat the person swimming next to me (Tri Coach Jeff!) and forgot I wasn't supposed to do a flip turn b/c of my neck...whoops!

Friday: ??? Maybe yoga at a new place, maybe running, but hopefully something in the morning!  I've got dinner plans with a friend and no desire to squeeze in a quick workout before or after that.  

To wrap up my first real post in the longest, here is a weigh in:


So close to onederland!!!

And of course a million pictures from my phone:

Excited about this workout tank fitting...after having it for 4 years!
After a 6 mile run with friends from church tri group
TeenSwimSis came to visit!
Fruit punch spark
Ooh, sassy face!
Breakfast one day last week...delicious!
Beautiful sunrise after a terribly boring morning run
Hummus chicken and green beans, yum!

I tried this shirt on because it was funny...French bulldog pattern! Was so surprised that it actually fit! Shopped in a "normal"store!

A lazy pizza...leftover taco fillings + veggies and cheese!
Love this building!
New swim suit top!
Second runner up
Slippers compliment every
So excited to finally fit I this dress!
Nails of the when warm...
Purple when cold
Hummus chicken (again) and zucchini and basil soup!
People don't know how to park if there are no lines to be seen...see them 3 deep in the back?!?
There was a whole lot of this in the past couple of months!
The best Valentine's Present I saw :)

Borrowing a kitchen while house sitting

Of course I made hummus chicken!
After my first 6 mile run.  That is 6 in sign language...had to have a free hand to take the selfie!
My blues were matching
Sassy,  again

Oops it's upside down! Got an amazingly cute hat from Nanny Jenny! 
It is cheap and adorable...go buy one from her!

Worked out after the babysitting kids went to bed...God bless monitors!
Wasa crackers, tuna, shredded radishes, lettuce = nom nom nom

Sunday, March 9, 2014

My blog is 2!

2 year blogiversay was last week.  So much i want to say, but a picture is worth a thousand words :)