Sunday, January 12, 2014

Quick post!

Hey guys! 2014 is already flying by!

The year started off rough when I stepped on the scale, saw a number higher than I liked, got pissed about it and decided to eat 3 huge sugar cookies with frosting.  Uh....   I've always said that if things like the scale start to effect my mental health, then I will drop it on the spot.  My mental/emotional/spiritual well being is always my priority.  So I stopped weighing myself daily, have been exercising regularly, and eating better.  I have no idea what my weight is, but life is great right now!

I had a bday and it was a blast!  I got in a morning swim with a special workout written by the tri group swim coach.  My arms and legs were very tired from weights the evening before, but i managed to eek out a 2900 yd workout in an hour and five minutes.  I then headed on over to the church for a prayer and worship service - life altering.  So, so, so good! 

I then got lunch, got a mani/pedi with my bestie, then we had some afternoon refreshments and a local watering hole (haha!) and hung out till we went to dinner with my family.  I recieved some great presents like some of my alma mater's apparel and a mug, and a smart phone!  Welcome to the 21st century, Melissa! lol

Things are getting set up for this next season to tri training group, so we shall see what that holds!  I have been having a blast running on the treadmill (okay that part not so much) and lifting weights at the Y right across the street from my work.  There's no excuse when you can see the Y from your office window.   I've been using some free weights and some intimidating things like the 45 degree leg press!

I've been working on a 30 before 30 list that I will definitely share when it is complete - any suggestions?  I only have about 23 right now! 

Also, I made up a preliminary triathlon/race schedule the other day and my first tri is an indoor tri on Feb 1.  Woot!  I am looking forward to doing some open water swim races as well.  It is obvious that I love swimming, but 400 yards during a triathlon doesn't really cut it.  I'm looking at a 5k swim or two this year.  I was looking into one in Chicago in Sept but I have a wedding to go to a couple of states away that day...bummer!

2014 is looking bright and shiny...all I have to do is keep my head up and stay injury free! :)

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  1. Happy Birthday! Love you positive outlook on 2014 ~ crush it!