Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Motivation - Where are youuuuuuu?

Seriously, people.  My motivation to exercise has gone out the frickin' window.  I was supposed to swim twice last week.  3 mornings in a row I hit the snooze (or forgot to set an alarm).  Barf.  I was feeling pretty down last Friday about it, but I read some blogs who were feeling similar and I also got this email from RunToTheFinish:

Yeah, something like that.  I really appreciated the email and made me feel like I was slightly less crazy.  And gave me a laugh about "Stuff White People Like".  I should probably go see a doctor and/or give myself a swift kick in the ass.  It's not like I don't like exercise when I'm doing it.  I really enjoy most forms of exercise (I'm not looking at you, eliptical. ugh).  I feel fatigued and "blah" a lot.  I think I had more energy when I was 40 pounds heavier.  Herm....(that is what a sigh while thinking sounds like).

Anyway, instead of writing what I did/did not do last week, let's just see what I DID do:

Tuesday: 26 min walk in 10 degree weather*
Thursday: 15 min spark people ab video
Saturday: 1 hr Pilates class (still feeling it today!), 5K for Katie's birthday (56 mins), Pilates side lying leg routine (10 mins) on my own.

*I made a resolution of sorts to just go for a walk if it was beautiful out, but I didn't feel like exercising.  Well, last Tuesday was nearly magnifcent despite being in low in temps.  I bundled up and was off!  I was loving leg warmers (under sweats) which were acquired for a Halloween party a couple of years back.  The only parts of me that were really cold were my toes (I forgot my new shoes just have mesh over the toes) and the area between my eyebrows (my third eye, if you will).  I freaking cannot stand when that is cold!

Monday, MLK day, was terrible in the fact that I made cookies and ate 6.  And theatre popcorn that SwimSis brough home. I was off work and agreed to watch SwimTot while SwimSis and Coach went to a movie.  Ha, 5 hours later they returned!  I was thinking about taking SwimTot to swim at the Y, but I opened the blinds and it was snowing, which the wind was blowing sideways.  I promptly closed the blinds.  And stayed inside.  I had evening comittments Weds-Friday, where morning swims would have been essential.  When I was doing morning swims a couple of months ago, my REM cycle woke me up between 5-5:15.  Nowadays, my sleep is kinda out of whack.  I sleep plenty now, I just don't get that end of REM wake up until about 6:15-6:30ish nowadays (or my alarm goes off).  Tues-Thurs I also resumed drinking iced coffee and I have backed off the juice in hoping it improves my will to not go home and be a bum on the couch.

Friday morning weigh in:
Last week:  245.8
This week:  247.0

Womp.  Womp. Wommmmmmmmmp.

(TMI:  I took a poop later that morning that very well could have been the 1.2lb difference. Sorry for the overshare, haha!) I might add that I originally wrote "274" instead of "247".  That would have been quite a gain!

All of my whining can be summed up in a short scenario from this past week:

SwimTot had been having a rough week.  She was bad at school, was eating a lot more than normal, and sleeping more than normal too.  SwimSis and Coach said "Well, if she's eating more and sleeping more, she must be going through a growth spurt".  I yelled from upstairs "Oh, is that my problem too?".

I think I'm clever.

I try to eat a lot at lunch and then some snacky things in afternoon/evening.  Just how it happens, I suppose. Here is a glimpse of a few things I had to eat last week:

Lettuce/Carrot salad w/ranch, small piece of Parm crusted Tilapia, noodle/veggie stir fry mix

"My chips" this hot bbq flavor I can only find close to work (It took me 4days to eat the bag (1.75 servings), plus some strawberries and of course my mango.  ALWAYS have to have my mango!

As for this week, I fell asleep in the earlier part of the 7 o'clock hour due to a headache.  I woke up at 12:42am and was able to go back to sleep, hoping that I would wake up naturally for a swim.  But when I woke up it was 6:22am, which meant I had a few mins to browse FB and go to work (aka could have at least done a Spark People vid).

Any good motivation for me?  I'm pretty sure my dad would  just tell me to get a swift kick in the ass.  Or compliment me on my length of whining.    

What good workouts have you had this week?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week In Review

I thought I would start doing a recap of my week so I could keep accountable for my workouts and probably weigh in once a week too.  I've started weighing in on Friday mornings because, well, I'm a pretty good girl with food during the week, but no promises on the weekend!

This was my past week (planned/actual):
Monday: yoga video/nothing
Tuesday:  AM swim/Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior
Wednesday: yoga video/nothing
Thursday: AM swim/push ups and crunches before bed
Friday: rest/rest
Saturday: Pilates+1 extra workout/Pilates+50 min hike w/SwimTot
Sunday: Spark People ab video+1 extra workout/20 min weights for arms

Ahem, please disregard that post from last week about how I made a schedule for the month and was going to stick with it.  BUT  I have semi-good excuses!  This girl's headlight was out and I didn't want to drive before/after dark, lest I get pulled over and ticketed.  So that's what happened to my swims. 

Other notes:  Bob Harper may very well be my workout boyfriend.  I have never done any of his workout videos before and have only seen 1 season of the biggest loser, but I really like him!  And for real, half of the stuff he was saying in this yoga vid was TWSS jokes.  Le sigh.   The video was challenging, not easy, not overly hard.  I like Yoga to be where I am able to do 80-90% of what the instructor is asking.  Make me work for it, Bob!

Also, I didn't even look to see what I was supposed to do for today.  I just did some weights after some encouragement from Megan in last week's post. 

And finally, a weigh-in:

Last week:  246.6
This week:  245.8

Yay onto 245!  That makes me very happy.  I also saw a 2.2lb loss in a day this week, but TOM will show you crazy things like that. 

I love how I am incorporating things into my life that are sustainable.  Making good things habits, making the bad choices less often.

Ooh, and before I go, a story of good over evil for the week:  I have a couple of "free drink"coupons on my Starbucks card.  So what's a girl to do except get the biggest drink she can find.  However, at Starbucks, bigger and more expensive also means loads more calories.  I went into Starbucks and there was a very long line.  This afforded me the time to remember that you can get a drink OR a food item with your "free drink" coupon.  I snagged up a protein bistro box for the win!  I had it for lunch and it was pretty yummy. 

Any victories over evil this week?

Any Google search stats on your blog that make you blush?  Oh my, I don't know how they got to my blog by searching that...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Goals

Late to the party much, EmDub?

Here are some goals separated into a few categories:

1. Lose as much or more weight as I lost in 2012 (34lbs)
2.  Swim twice a week, at least one morning a week.
3.  Strength train once the Y thins out (after new year's resolution-ers don't come as often)
4.  Strength train at home in the meantime (as much as one can with light weights)
5.  Do a race longer than a 5K.
6.  Swim in an open water race.
7.  Run a race/just plain run downtown
8.  Get a bike
9.  Ride said bike
10.  Ride bike w/o fear of falling off/losing control  
11.  Do a triathlon, even if it is just by myself at the Y.
12.  Try some new, more hardcore workouts

Maybe some like these Brazil Butt Lift Master Series- http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/brazil-butt-lift-master-series-advanced-workout.do
Les Mills Pump Deluxe Package- http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/les-mills-pump-cross-training-workout-deluxe-package.do
Insanity The Asylum Volume 2- http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/insanity-the-asylum-volume-2-elite-training-workout.do
P90X Certification- http://www.teambeachbody.com/certification/become-p90x-certified-instructor

I would be in awe if I could do P90X or something like that in the future. I know a few people who have done P90X/other programs and have made some crazy progress.  They are definitely inspirational!  And it's one of those things where:  If they can do it, I can do it.  I also have a few races I want to aim for in 2014.  There is a stair climb race that I want to do...tallest building in town (30-40 some stories I think).  And a half marathon that is very popular, but they have a cut off time of 13 min/mile and Lord knows I'm just not there yet!

 Pay off credit cards
Get student loans under XX,XXX
Accumulate X,XXX in savings.
Only eating out once a week unless special occassion or asked by friend
All money from church job goes toward debt
No buying things on whims/bc they are on sale. 
Only buy if you really need them
All  purchases from CVS stay below $10 unless they are a need
Keeping avg groc budget to $50

Keep doing things like working out/going on walks/run outdoors. (Things that make me happy)
Do something special every week that makes me happy (take time to watch a sunset, volunteer, get my nails done, read a book, etc)
Find a church to go to, go regularly and get involved.
Have quiet time w/the Lord.
Count your blessings.
Don't be so introverted, keep in contact with family/friends.
Make new friends by trying new activities.

So that's it for now.  I thought about one category more than the others, but hopefully I'm it's not obvious :)  Going to make 2013 great!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Be Prepared!

Did anyone else have that Lion King song running through their head?  Nope, just me? Ok, then...

I have learned a few things about myself in the past 10 months and one of the more recent revelations is that I would rather stay snuggled in my house after work rather than venturing back out in whatever flavor the weather of the day is. 

There have to be strategies to combat the winter "I-don't-want-to"s and here are a few that work for me:

1)Brainstorm and write out a calender for the month of workouts/rest days.  Try to stick to this schedule as close as possible.  Because of this schedule, I lessen my chance of excuses to get out of a workout.

2) Create a "workout emergency bag" to put in your car.  Plans change, weather worsens, and life happens in general.  I find that an emergency bag can be helpful in these situations.  If something pops up, I don't have to  go home or out of the way, just drive to my destination.  Here is what I generally include:

- Several t-shirts
-Workout pants/yoga pants
-Sports bra/extra undies
-Old pair of running shoes
-Empty water bottle
-Sports drink mix
-Protein bar or two
-A couple of bucks for emergency workout needs

3)Know that you have to report to someone.  Whether you post on Facebook, blog your workouts, or text your friends, there is the pressure of accountability.  If I want to skip a workout, it is harder to get out of it when I have that accountability.

This was my past week (planned/actual):
Monday: cleaning/nothing :(
Tuesday:  2 spark people videos/nothing again :(
Wednesday: AM swim/PM Swim
Thursday: Yoga video/Yoga video
Friday: AM swim&PM Yoga/AM Swim&PM Yoga
Saturday: Pilates+1 extra workout/Pilates
Sunday: Optional workout/Rest
Unfortunately, I was dealing with some terrible headache/fatigue at the beginning of the week.  I cut out my morning protein shakes and it got a little better.  I also had salmon everyday, so we'll see if that makes any difference.  I usually take Fridays as a rest day, but obviously that didn't happen, which made Pilates about 12 times harder on Saturday morning.  Seriously, so many rest breaks!

Any tips that you use to motivate yourself/slash the excuses?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The time between New Year's Day and my birthday (this Friday) are often spent reevaluating my life over the past year.  Which eventually evolves into being all depressed because I'm not XYZ.

At the beginning of every year, we have auditors come into our work and do their thang.  I parked by one of them today.  He looked to be of a similar age, but his car was much, much nicer.  (and mine is a POS...I spent an exorbitant amount of money last month to have something fixed and it is having the same issues this month...argh!  Anyway, I was telling this to my "work dad" today.  He said (in a very nice way)  ""Don't compare yourself to them!  Auditors have the world's most boring job!  Would you like me to take you to commitment hearings (mental health commitments) or the prosecutor's office?  You would feel like your life is the best thing ever if you compared yourself to those people."

Dude.  I feel like an asshat.  It's so true, but it is such a easy mindset to slip into.

I saw a quote once at the YMCA that was very similar to the heart of this post.  I want to say it was one of the founding father's of the US that said this, but I can't remember who and I can't remember exactly what the quote was, so here is my best shot:

 If you compare yourself to others, you are inviting unhappiness into your life. 

I'm going to spend this year focusing on what is best for me.  I will only be inspired by other's successes, not envious of them. And I will be thankful for the many, many blessings I have.

I'm still figuring me out.  That seems so silly to say.  What makes me happy, what I should be doing to make me happy, finding a good balance between saving for the future and living in the moment :)

I had a NSV on Tuesday.  I donated blood!  I tried to donate a couple of months ago, and my iron was too low.  I vowed to get my iron up this time!  The mobile blood units kind of freak me out because they shake when people walk inside.  So I get a little queasy when filling out my paperwork.  I got my finger pricked for the little blood draw and my iron was 13.7!!!  The cut off is 12.  Last time I had 11 in one hand and 10.5 in the other.  I did a good job of eating things like spinach and salmon the day before, as well as take an iron supplement that tasted like I was drinking penny water.   It felt great that my health was good so I could donate.

I got nervous because I have deep veins and it can take a time or two for the nurse to get it.  Luckily, I had a no nonsense nurse who found a vein, got a co-worker to double check, and did it painlessly and in the first try.  I filled the bag pretty quickly...less than 5 mins!

I was so excited that I could donate blood.  If I were in need of blood, I would want it to be supplied to me, so why not supply it to others when I can.  Made me feel good.  And I got to eat cookies afterward.  :)

I figured I would get a jump start on workouts this month and take a bit to write down my planned workouts for this month.  So I did that on Monday.  And then, I skipped my Monday workout.  And I skipped my Tuesday workout.  I had an AM swim written down for today, which I also skipped.  Lord almighty, this might not be the right strategy!

I think a good strategy will be to be prepared to work out.  I have a post coming on that later this weekend.  Today I took my swim bag to work so I wouldn't have to go home first and could go straight to the Y and also chose whatever Y I wanted, as there are at least 4 in 20 minutes of my work. 

Swimming kicked my butt.  I had to take my 3300yd workout down to 2200 yds and I still wanted to stop before that.  That will teach me not to skip swims...last one was oh...before Christmas...yikes!

On tap for my bday:  Morning swim, work, lunch with my work dad, skip out early for free hot yoga, and then hopefully some Mexican and some cookie cake.  Yum!

How do you prevent yourself from letting comparison bring you down?

Anything I should add to my fun birthday line up? Sexy men is always the right answer!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Eats + 5 pair try on!

Happy 2013 Everyone!  I've got some different New Year related posts coming up. I'm pretty excited for 2013!

I did a brave thing the other day...I tried on some clothes I haven't worn in a looong time!  And on New Year's Day!  I am running low on jean that fit, so I pulled out 5 extra pairs to try on.  (A couple years ago, I bought 10 pairs from a woman on Craigslist who had had WLS @ something like $3 a piece...good deal!).  This thought wouldn't have crossed my mind last year because I know none of them would have fit!

The Verdict:
-1 pair was a wee bit big
-1 pair was a wee bit small
-3 pairs were perfect!

That felt so good!  One brand of jeans (2 pairs) had the size missing, but the other one was a 20, which makes me feel good that any cut of size 20 will fit me at this point. I also have some 18s at my dad's house, which I will be anxious to try on.

It really felt great going in to the new year with a victory!  That and I ran a little farther than a 5K...well, it was icy so I ran as much as I could.  Probably a mile of running.  But I was the only girl out there on that beautiful day.  There was even a group of guys running and one called out "nice job".  It's the little things!

And I have given up candy for the month of January, so today was hard several times when I wanted some!  To be more accountable, I tracked my eats today, so here we go!

Breakfast:  Smoothie!  I got a wonderful single serving blender for Christmas.  I bought V8 Fruit juice and included that, Fage 0% yogurt, frozen fruit blend (peaches, strawberries, pineapple, mango), some carrots, and a few apple slices.  It came out a little thick/textury, but it was pretty filling.

Snack, not pictured:  Iced Coffee mmmm!

Lunch was the same as yesterday and tomorrow:  A turkey burger, sauted yellow squash and zuchinni, lettuce, carrots and some ranch.  Nom nom nom.

But I couldn't resist a few cookies after lunch.  I had them yesterday (a co-worker has them on her desk) and they were gross.  Why, why did I think they would be okay today?  Got to get a plan for tomorrow to avoid these!

I then had the apples slices pictured in the lunch pic that came with a small amt of carmel.

On the way home I had a "Cashew Cookie" Larabar.

Dinner was a bunch of things mashed together.  I was really wanting shrimp and green curry.  I found some veggie pasta and actually used the veggies that were leftover in my freezer that I made way back then in this post (still good!).  Pretty good!  I'm proud that I was resourceful in my quest for a yummy meal.  I also added a piece of Macroni Grill's super duper thin crust pepperoni pizza.

Then I wanted candy again.  Aargh.  So I had 1/2 cup cereal and 1/2 cup milk instead. 

Not the perfect day, could have been worst.  I also got 27 mins of exercise in too (2 different vids from spark people).

Any victories over food lately?

What are you avoiding this time of year?