Thursday, July 28, 2016

Triathlon This Weekend!

I'm SO ready for this triathlon to get here! 

Not necessarily because I have trained perfectly for it or am feeling awesome, but because I have had some nagging pains/injuries. 

It's been really funny how training for this Olympic distance triathlon has been different from the last one I did 2 years ago.

-2 years ago I followed the training plan to a T.  If I missed a workout one week, I would make it up the next week.  This time, if I missed a workout, I made sure it didn't happen again that week, but I didn't make it up OR stress about it.

-2 years ago I followed the training plan on a website of a specific triathlon.  It was perfect.  Training in minutes for each sport (ex: 35 min run or 105 min bike) instead of miles (I'm slow, so miles take me longer than minutes).  This year, I started with that same training plan.   It's a 16 week plan and I started on week 6 haha!  And at about week 12, the website went under construction to a new format, which did not include the training plan.  When I realized it, I emailed them immediately and was freaking out.  They responded about 5 days later with what they had copied from the previous website.  It wasn't the workouts, just the headings of each week.  I had calmed down by then and remembered from the past what my biggest workouts would be. And I knew after that peak week, I would taper from there.  So...I've been winging it!

-2 years ago I did yoga once a week during triathlon training and remained injury free.  This time, I've come into training with a wrist injury and am working on fixing my hip issues.  Yoga aggravated both of these things :(  My Dr. has my wrist at about 95% and my hip...we'll get there eventually!

-2 years ago I did the majority of my workouts with friends or my triathlon group.  This time, I've been swimming with friends (unofficial triathlon group) and doing occasional "runs" with them.  If we "run" together, that means that we start at the same time, but I'm slower than they are, so I end up running on my own, which is fine!

-2 years ago, I worked out mostly in the afternoons or evenings.  This time,  aside from swimming with friends on Mondays, it's been all mornings.  And I kind of love it.  You just feel badass (and not as miserable with the temperature) when you're out with the other morning warriors.

-2 years ago I didn't run with music unless it was one of my longest runs (over an hour).  This year, I've been using music every time.  With only one headphone in when run in the park because I need to keep an eye and an ear out when I'm running in the secluded sections.

-2 years ago I dropped about 10-15 pounds while training.  This time, I've stayed the same weight which is about 20 pounds heavier than 2 years ago. (yesterday I was at 212) I'm not mad about it.  I wish I could fit in some of the clothes that I wore then, but I feel so powerful when I complete my workouts.  Like, look what I can accomplish!  I even took pictures of myself smiling and flexing. Yeah I have some saggy upper arms and my stomach hangs over my bike shorts, but DANG, I just killed that workout and I am proud of myself!!!

My prediction for the race is that my swim will be slower (noooooo!!! but I haven't been training as hard in that area).  My bike will be faster (last time I dropped my chain right out of transition and had to get off my bike to fix it).  And my run will likely be about the same.  Since the bike is the longest distance, I'd like to see myself take off at least 5 minutes of my overall time.  2 years ago I finished in 3:41.00.

Hopefully I can get back on here and let you all know how I did!

Here's a photo dump:

This shirt made me feel like I was in the hunger games haha

My favorite workout shirt! And bright blue pants!

It was just a little humid....

Soooo gross!  Rained an hour later.

Shoes and bag+contents drying out after a wet bike.

Bike grease...not great for the manicure!

After wiping down my bike...

Definite sock line/dirty leg!

Dirt all up the back!

My workout buddy Liz, post-ride, before she moved to NYC :(