Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Confessions

I skipped Wednesday Confessions last week because, well, I was tired!  Yeah that rest day royally sucked.  An early bedtime turned into soothing SwimTot while she cried because her parents were not home yet.  Maybe I should let that one go.  Especially because I am watching her this weekend while SwimSis and Coach go to Louisville.  Anyway, here they are:

1.  I have a new favorite phrase.  “That really frosts my balls!” Obviously I am not male, so I have none to speak of.  And I’m not sure if frost refers to cake icing or being cold.  A conversation with my dad and SwimSis a couple of weeks ago (probably about TeenSwimSis being messy!) is where this little gem came from.  It is to be used in a “that really rubs me the wrong way” context.  Correct usage:  You know, that really frosts my balls when he doesn’t refill the filtered water pitcher!  Please note, I only say this out loud to my family who would understand this inside joke!
2.  The toilets at work make me confused in my non-work life.  All of the toilets at work are automatic flush.  I drink several reusable water bottles full of water each day (plus the ice that is left at the end!), so I visit them often.  I have found myself at home or the YMCA after going to the restroom and stood up, only to wonder why the toilet is not flushing.  You have to do it yourself, silly!
3.  I have a new addiction.  Last month, I was ALL OVER slurpees, icies, whatever you want to call them.  But ever since I had FroYo 2 weeks ago (2 weeks, I thought it had been 3! Geesh!).  Yesterday I treated SwimSis and SwimTot to some FroYo (after an agonizingly long time at Kohl’s.  We were shopping for work out shoes for TeenSwimSis – who was in the hometown.  2 hours away!  We were sending her pictures and waiting to hear back.  It took so freaking long!) and they really loved it!  I got Taro, Georgia Peach, and Watermelon Sorbet with sprinkles and reese’s pb cups (I forgot the nuts – noooo!).  I will make myself wait till at least this weekend to go!  I also may or may not have gone online to get several coupons and the Groupons! 
4.  I’m pissed at SwimSis!  Yes, I created a 4th confession to tell everyone that.  Ha!  I’m more of annoyed.  This past weekend I bought 2 Odwalla Juices.  Duh, they were on manager’s special, I can’t be paying full price for that stuff!  I got Mango Tango and Blueberry B.  I wasn’t so sure about Blueberry B by itself, so I was mixing the two (for 1 cup total) and taking it to work to drink as I please.  Apparently, SwimSis didn’t pack her lunch yesterday and took my Mango Tango juice out of hunger.  And then her boss ended up taking her to lunch and they had Mexican food and margaritas.  WTF.  You drank my juice and then got tipsy on your boss’ dime during the work day?  As Stephanie from Full House would say, “HOW RUDE!!!”. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

5K PR aka my first 5K

I am still trying to process completing this 5K.  Its not a major, life-changing event, but it is evoking some rather peculiar emotions!  Mostly pride, but also "wtf, did I really do that?".  Let's call that disbelief.  Then there is my super crazy "you can step it up a notch or two" side that says it was ONLY a 5K.  Geez, who listens to that voice anyway? :)

Short version:  I made it in 46:39!  Walk/run combo, felt pretty good. 15:01 pace.  I'm amazed at that pace for how much I walked!

Long version:  I did not train like a person should for a 5K, but I don't like those 5K training plans for some reason.  That being said, I did run the course twice in the weeks leading up to the event.  In 55 and 53 minutes, respectively.   They were both evening runs with SwimSis, and SwimTot in the stroller.  I had no expectations of getting below 50 minutes.

There would be only 1 water stop on the course.  I didn't feel like carrying a water bottle would be very beneficial, so that morning, I chugged a full thing of gatorade out of my water bottle and had 2 pieces of toast and pb.  My right quad was giving me some trouble, but I foam rolled it a bit, just in case.  We got to the park and had about 20 minutes before the start of the race.  But there was 1 problem - I had to pee!  I had not used a port-a-potty in YEARS.  I try to avoid them at all costs.  Fairs, festivals and even that one week at camp when I was in a remote-ish location.  H to the No on port-a-potties! Well, I went and took SwimTot with me.  Super disgusting, but I would have peed myself on the course!

Feeling accomplished!  (Please note the race shirt I wore - and had gotten at Goodwill!)

We handed off SwimTot to my aunt and lined up near the back.  Once we crossed the timing mat, SwimSis was freaking out a little!  I dodged and weaved a bit, but the crowd (1000 people) spread out pretty quickly.  I was planning on running the first 4 minutes, since that was my longest stint of running previously.  My legs got annoyed rather quickly and when I looked at my watch it said 2:50..not a good feeling!  But I made it to 4 mins and walked.  My plan next was to run 2 mins, walk 2 mins until to I got to the part where I knew I wanted to run certain streets.

My aunt needs her own gun show!

We turned much faster than I expected onto the longest strip of the course that there was (it was in a very large subdivision).  I had ran the entire length of this street in my last "training" run, so I thought I would do it again!  I didn't keep time, but it could have been more than 4 minutes.  I really felt like that was my mini goal for the race and it felt so good to run that street!  Soon after that, I was walking and decided to take a Shot Block.  I'm not one for brand name kinda running things, but I am one for a deal!  I had $1 off coupon and so a pack was only $1!  If it didn't help me run better, at least it helped take my mind off the race for a minute!

In the home stretch!
 Photo observations: 1. My shorts were on a never-ending quest to ride up. Thank God for Aquaphor.
2. I did not high five that random guy to the left with his hand out.  I assumed he was holding his hand out for someone he knew behind me.  I see now that that is not the case (sorry guy!)
3.  Really Adidas dude?  Walking into the finish?  Puh-lease! :)

There were quite a few people that I was around that we were kind of leap frogging.  Just opposite schedules of running and walking.  We hit the water station and I was so glad!  I walked and had some water and mentally prepared myself for the next part of the course.  Instead of going straight down this street, we took a left and essentially made a "C"from bottom to top.  I knew I wanted to run the street going in and the street coming out and walk the one that connected the two.  The first street is slightly downhill and the street coming out is as uphill as the flat course gets!  No one was running it, but mentally I just had to!  Plus there were sprinklers!  It felt great to run a portion of the course where no one else was running!  (Let me just note that there were several children under around 10 with their parents as well as moms with their strollers in the pack that I was in!).

The runners w/SwimTot!

I was getting excited because I knew how much of the course was left and that my watch told me I would be much faster than our training times.  The homestretch is also slightly uphill and fairly long.  It was the part of the course where the 5K met up with the 2 mile fun run, so there were more walkers/families at this point.  I knew I could run the whole thing in and I did.  Another great feeling of passing a lot of people!  Of course SwimSis, SwimTot, my aunt, and the Coach were there to cheer me on!  I got through the finish, had my timing chip snipped off (God bless those volunteers sitting on the ground!  If I had to bend over at that point, I think I might have fallen over!), grabbed a bottle of water and 2 orange segments and I was ready to go!  We took some pictures and got out of there!

We did it!  It was my mother's day present to her ($10 yay!)

The rest of the day consisted of me jumping in the shower and heading to babysit for a 3 year old.  The parents said they would be 2.5 hours and were actually 4. :(  And no they couldn't inform me because they didn't have my # because they had gotten new phones since I last watched their kid in December.  Sooooo long.  It cut into my nap time and I was not happy!  But they gave me $50 for 4 hours, so whatevs.  Then I headed to my FroYo place!  I was going to get something rich tasting, but then I tried the watermelon flavor and I was hooked!  I mixed watermelon and peach and it was the BEST FROYO EVER!!!  Seriously, when I get my punch card filled out to get my free one, they are not going to know that froyo could ever be piled that high in a cup!  I got a 1/2 hour nap in and was off to babysit my other little one.  I don't watch this one often either (3rd time in a year).  When he realized his parents had left, he cried for 45 minutes!  Could NOT be consoled for anything.  So I sat in this amazing room and starred at the ceiling.

It was bliss minus the crying child.  Then, suddenly, he just snapped out of it and was fine.  We had a great rest of the evening after that!  His parents came home from dinner right after I put him down for bed.  It was alright that they were early because I needed some R&R!

Today, I was rested and super productive (image that!  a day to myself  being rested and productive - they do exist!).  I did 2 loads of laundry, unclogged the bathtub drain (it was just starting to drain a little slow), made pea soup, made a frickin' cake!, cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, cleaned out my purse, had a decent talk with a former roomate from that other Midwest city I used to live in, had lunch with my aunt and cousin, went to CVS and scored some major deals!, went to the grocery store, got to hang out with SwimTot, had Coach check my transmission fluid (bone dry! no wonder it has been messing up!), and of course, watch several episodes of Grey's Anatomy. 

Jello Poke Cake!
 Now here's to having a more normal workout week!  Last week all I did was pilates and running/walking!  3 weeks since I have done weights!  Over a week since I have swam, 10 days since my last lap swim!  Yikes, I need some more variety (and not so many rest days - 4 this week! haha)

And let me note that as I write this, my uncle completed his 6th Ironman!!!  I've got some major catching up to do!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Off to my first 5K!

Maybe I would be less scared if it was a 5K swim! :)

Yep, it will be a walk/run!

I have been able to go through the course twice before, so that is good.

I'm just nervous about running more than walking, and definitely hoping my mind doesn't wimp out on me because that is a possibility! 

And of course, like a crazy person I am babysitting mid morning to mid afternoon and then for a different family this evening. 

Hoping to update tomorrow on how it went (with pics!)

Good luck and fast feet,


(that should actually be good luck and don't shuffle your feet as it is in my case)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summah tiiiiime, and the livin is eeeeeeezay

Whew, what  a weekend!  I am still wiped out!

I had already had 2 rest days last week (sunday and wednesday), so I didn't want any more!  I took my workout clothes and planned on squeezing a little something in here or there.  On Friday, at like 11pm I did a short little 1 mile bike ride with TeenSwimSis (yes, on the small bike!).  It was so humid and still hard minus the hills that I was sweaty after 10 minutes!  But exercise is exercise!

Saturday I went to TeenSwimSis' swim meet.  She won a couple of events, but then again, the competition field was small.  It was at the pool where I worked for like 6 summers as a lifeguard during most of my high school/college days.  LOADS of memories.  But mainly glad I don't have to clean that place anymore - sick!  I got some Subway, rested for an episode of I love Lucy, and then started on the garage.  Our father's day present to my dad - cleaning and organizing the garage!  And seriously, it was ALMOST straight out of an episode of Hoarders, minus any vermin.

Here are some before pics:

Parts of 3 different couches!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  Which was my exclamation several times.
 Oy!  We spent 4 1/2 hrs doing that on Saturday.  Got one side, the back and the middle cleaned out.  The only part that was left was what you see along the wall with the window in the bottom picture.  We were sweating so bad!  No planned exercise that day, I was probably sweating more than I would have if I had gone on a run!  And really, a lot of stuff was mine.  The summer after I graduated college, I was going to work at a camp and had a little over a week to hang out and pack up my apt.  Well, they called me and said someone had to drop out of a leadership position for medical reasons and wanted to know if I would like that job for the summer - but I had to report to camp in 2 days!  But I wasn't even in my college town!  I went back to the college town and packed as best as I could, and my dad came and got the big stuff when I was at camp.  Consequently, everything got shoved in the back of the garage!  And in case you were wondering?  It was probably the hardest and best summer of my life :)

That night we hung out at the lake, chatted, tried to convince my newly graduated from college cousins to go on a bar crawl in our small town (they declined - weenies!), and ate a gourmet meal.  Okay, it may not have been, but it tasted like it.  My aunt who has been obese for a long time and is the main food maker of the get togethers has lost at least 50 pounds!  Amazing!  She always cooked pretty healthy before, but now things were determinedly healthy.  We had chicken breast stuffed with asparagus, salad greens with vinaigrette, this amazing little bake of squash, onions, tomatoes, some mozzerella and basil - so delicious!, brown rice, and I can't remember what else!  Freaking fantastic.  I ate a full plate and went back for a little more salad and rice.  But when we left, I was hungry again!  I guess I burned more calories than I thought while garage cleaning.  Subsequently, I stopped at Taco Bell late night for a chicken quesadilla and nachos and cheese.  Definitely could have made a better choice there!

Sunday it was MORE garage cleaning.  SwimSis always thinks projects will go fast.  I always think they will take for freaking ever.  Usually, we're somewhere in the middle (see: painting TeenSwimSis' room a couple of months back)

Making the room look cute = easy.  Getting her to clean = nearly impossible!
We got some things we needed at Lowes, Kmart, AND Walmart and then were back on the job for at least 3 more hours.  Lots more sweating, but we got everything sorted through that we wanted to and have a good amount ready for a garage sale next month (that's when after pictures will come!).  We had to hurry to the lake to meet up with the fam again, but someone (me!) had to make the fruit bowl.  SwimSis decided on watermelon, grapes, farmer's market blueberries, and strawberries.  I chopped and sliced and we were on our way! 

When we got there most everyone was out on the lake, skiing or just enjoying a boat ride.  I decided to sit my booty on the porch with a big red solo cup of mimosa!  When I had thoroughly enjoyed that, I donned my swimsuit, frowned at how my stomach looked, shrugged it off, and swam out to meet everyone (the allotted time for skiing and tubing was over at this point).  The fam towed a platform to the middle of the lake and were jumping off/general merriment.  I never got on the platform (no ladder and not enough upper body strength!) or the boat (why boat when you can swim?).  When it was time to go in, I swam back to shore with some cousins.  I was swimming for 30-45 mins.  When I was swimming out there by myself, I was working up a sweat - or would have been had I not been in the water!

That night we had a cookout, celebrated the grads, enjoyed some old photo albums and took a fam picture.

Good Looking bunch!
That's me on the left!  We left late and didn't get home till 12:15am.  I drove the whole 2 hrs home, got up Monday morning and felt pretty good all day!  Pilates was good, but hard.  Same teacher as last week, but smaller class so she was able to correct me more.  At one point she asked if my back hurt from the way I was doing something.  It wasn't, so I said no.  Then today - duh, duh duuuh - aching back.  Stupid self-fulfilling prophecies! :)  haha

And of course I had to snack on the left over fruit salad!

Super fancy bowl/zip lock bag.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lots of family time this weekend!

This weekend is father's day and let me tell you, I have one cool daddio.

Actually he's the kind where your friends think he is funny, but you just roll your eyes at him.

He calls out "SAT" when he sees a girl with "Skanky Ass Tattoos", which have included the likes of my brother girlfriend(s).

He can quote movies like no other, and then quiz me on what movie it is from.

I hope to scan one of my favorite pics of him soon.  It's not a good picture, but him and my mom let a budding photographer take their pictures in the 70s when he was just starting out.  Let me tell you how "cool" my dad looks standing with his forearm resting on a tree, smoking a cigarette! haha

And we are having an extended family get together.  2 sets of aunt and uncles bought/built lake houses 5 apart from each other :)  I'm excited because my cousins are a hoot.  The middle of the pack cousins have just graduated high school (I'm the oldest).  But my immediate family was always sort of the black sheep of sorts.  Especially when it came to money.  My parents never really got a grip on that, while the rest of the extended family always had loads.  And then there's the "in shape" thing.  Out of my entire extended family (on my mom's side) only 1 person besides my immediate family members is obese, even overweight. 

The rest are in shape, but most are very athletic.  Ironman, Bodybuilder, Collegiate Athletes.  That's where you get posts like this:

Luckily, it won't scare me off this summer!  I'm totally up for some lake swimming.  I'm just slightly afraid of fish, being slow, and the fact that I always have some water in my mouth when I am swimming in a pool.  That will be a rude awakening!  I'll let everyone know how it goes!

Tonight SwimSis and myself did the 5K route (and easily under an hour!).  It was hard because I wasn't into it.  And if I want someone to push me, I want it to be myself, not my little sister!  I was cracking her up at one point because, you know, I had the farts.  And then again in the homestretch I started, maturely, quoting Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies in reference to taking a poo.  Obviously I am the oldest :)

Guess that movie quoting thing did get inherited from my dad!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I won a blog giveaway (last month)!!!

Oh, yes I did!

Not just any giveaway.

Snickiddy Snacks!!!

Shelley over at My Journey to Fit was able to try these same snacks and give some away!

Here's what I received last Monday:

Baked "Cheddar Cheese Fries", Eat Your Vegetables - Sea Salt, and Grilled Cheese Puffs

Oh, and  A $25 WHOLE FOODS GIFT CARD!!!  Here's a totally 90's BOOYAH! :)

Myself and my dearest niece SwimTot had a go at them.

My Favorite!

She gives them 2 thumbs up!

Would I buy them again?

Baked Cheese Fries:  Maybe if they were on sale.  They weren't great when compared to the others, but as a side after Saturday's bike ride, they were fantastic.

Eat Your Vegetables - Sea Salt:  Only if they were in single serving packages.  Waaaay to easy to take the whole bag down!  They tasted like Friday''s Baked Potato Skin Chips, minus the flavoring.  Def fried.

Grilled Cheese Puffs: Absolutely!  SwimTot was unsure at first, but she came into my room 2 times that week when she was supposed to be in bed asking me to get her the cheese balls :)  Kid pleaser for sure.

As for the $25 gift card from Whole Foods, who knows!  I am rarely close to a Whole Foods.  I used to live less than a mile from one and enjoyed their pizza, tomato bisque, and vegan popcorn chicken (who doesn't love something deep fried?).  Anyone have any recommendations on stuff to get?  Honestly, the only thing I would go there for would be that tomato bisque if I had a craving, or raw honey to put in everything my tea.  Suggestions are definitely welcome!

PS My one Wednesday Confession: I was a FroYo virgin until today!  I have not really had a chance to try any FroYo places, but I saw a new one opened up on my way home from work (ruh roh!).  16 flavors?!?  Amazing!  I got pistachio and Irish Mint, but will definitely get peach tomorrow next time.

My toppings were:  sprinkles and nuts (always my #1 and #2 when getting ice cream), some marshmallow syrup (eh) and some candy pieces (I have no idea what they are).  The old me got some FroYo, but the new me didn't finish it all.  Oh yeah!  Well, I probably sample 5 flavors while in the store too!

And I got my nails did!  Manicurist was a little batty, but they turned out alright.  Solid Wednesday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

June Workouts Thus Far

June 1:  Started things off right with a swim!  In which I swam a mile at a good rate.  It made me feel incredible to accomplish that!  Swam 2000 yards total.

June 2:  Run/Walk 2 miles.  36 mins. First run with music.  Almost (within 5 feet) got hit by a car.  Last run with music. :) haha actually I would give music another try if a) I weren't so freaking cheap and b) I found headphones that would work for me, but wouldn't cover my whole ear or anything.  I have my tragus pierced in my left ear (that pic is not my ear, btw) and earbuds generally fall out asap when running.

June 3: 5 min warm up on elliptical (boo! hiss!),  Lift 14,460 lbs, swim 500 yards in 8:41.  Later on in the day I walked 3.5 miles in 1:06.  Beautiful day!

June 4:  Pilates for beginner's class at the Y.  4 people, dark class, no music, self-absorbed and late instructor.  Not enough to keep me away though!  I felt it the next day, it was wonderful! 40 mins of that class, 18 mins on the elliptical (ugh) and 8,440 lifting.

June 5:  REST

June 6:  1.5 miles? in 29:31.  Got new high heels that day, made calves hurt and running was unusually painful.  Well, more of discomfort.

June 7:  REST

June 8:  SWIM! I am loving Friday evening swims.  Can you tell I really have no social life :)  I did another mile and swam 2400 yards total.

June 9:  46:21 bike ride with TeenSwimSis at State Park.  The moderate paved path was 3.3 miles.  I'm pretty sure we made it 75% of the way before turning back.  She had 2 bikes (I had just planned on renting one onsite) and made me ride the smaller one.  I kept having to stop and tweak different things (along with walking up hills!).  It was a much easier ride on the way back than it was on the way out.  But geez,  putting 270 lbs of person on a small space (bike seat) not comfy.  Sooo many TWSS jokes I could make here, perhaps another day!  I didn't really go swimming, just stood in the water for 15 mins.  Looked pretty cute in my suit tho!  If you didn't know beforehand, I have some large tatas that I like to see as an asset when it comes to the swimsuit dept! haha

June 10: REST.  Unless you count increasing lung capacity due to 2 hour drive by myself listening to and singing along with any radio station available. 

June 11:  Pilate's for beginner's again!  16 people in class, fabulous instructor, nice music, lights on.  I hope she is there every time!  I was going to lift (it HAD been a week since I had done that) but my legs were wanting to move and my first 5K is in 12 DAYS.  And I've really only run once-ish a week.  My first mile was 15:30 -- a best for me!  I really pushed myself with running.  My longest time running was 4 mins, I feel great about that!  Finished my second mile for a total of 33:05!

Here are some pics of happenings in my world!

My Friday work treat - Iced Coffee!  And new kelly green blazer from Lane Bryant :)

TeenSwimSis ready to roll!

Start of the trail pic.

Me and my smaller bike


Big Tree!

Swimsuit.  And boobs. ha

Over the shoulder while driving shot of the lake.

TeenSwimSis and the graduate

Lovely outdoor wedding

Beautifully decorated tent.

The groom's a tall guy!

The gorgeous bride and myself (LOVE mermaid style dresses)

Pre-pilates.  Pre-tshirt.  Tshirt needed to make sure boobs and/or stomach is covered up at all times!

Post-run.  Sweaty and thankful for water!

My favorite things so far this month have been: 1) Swimming.  - Every time I swim, I'm inspired to swim more and more.  2) Work? - I have been a temp at the same place since the beginning of the year.  They hired someone, but he quit shortly thereafter. That was like a month and a half ago.  I told my boss that I was considering applying for the job and she said a lot of wonderful things to me and is giving me a chance to do some stuff that I am not really qualified for :) haha  That was a very hard conversation for me to have with her because I'm not really the go-getter type.  Put me up against a room full of amazingly qualified candidates?  Not so much.  See how I have learned and adapted at this job and put me up against myself?  Sure! 3) SwimTot - Oh man.  FAVORITE!  I was gone this weekend and when I came back yesterday she kept running over to me and hugging me and sitting in my lap when she was supposed to be eating dinner.  That kid really missed me and I really missed her.  Being an aunt is awesome.  Very little responsibility for the child, but all of the little kid hugs I can handle!

PS Can I possibly give anyone real women dollars from Lane Bryant?  I used most of mine, but will not use the rest before they expire 6/13. Spend $50, get $25 off I believe.

Friday, June 8, 2012

I wrote a nice, long post and then...

So at work I wrote this whole long post about my workouts and life, etc. 

Then someone came by my desk and I had to act like I was doing work.

The entire post got deleted.

All the funny, interesting, witty things about my week (read: trying to make boring look cool) were gone.


Work karma!

Anyway, I'd write it all again, except it's a million past midnight.  I'm getting up at 7, packing some more, leaving at 8 for my dad's/SwimSis' house.  Picking her up/dropping my stuff off, then heading to a state park.  We are doing some cycling (uh, why is the paved path "moderate" but the mountain bike trail "beginner"?  That worries me!).  And the some swimming.  And possibly some running to make it a fake triathlon. I already packed a healthy lunch because after that we are going home, cleaning up, going to an open house, then to a wedding, then to a movie (Men in Black 3) with my dad.

So that pretty much has me booked all day from 7am to midnight.  Who's idea was this?  Oh yeah, mine!

So until then, I will leave you with this:

I timed my 50 yard? freestyle today: 47 seconds.  My best ever time? 30.
I swam a swimmer's mile.  My time: 32:51. That's pretty much a PR because no one really races that before college (and I didn't compete in college). 
It's cool because:  I can't even run a mile.
Now I am: tired.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Round of Wednesday Confessions aka Weirdo Wednesday!

1.  Sometimes I am so sleepy driving home that I wish my car would break down so I could nap right then and there. 
This was the case yesterday.  I knew I needed a rest day either Tues, Weds, or Thurs.  I kept trying to talk myself into planning on some type of exercise for the evening hours, but with my 40,000 yawns and almost putting my car in park at a stoplight so I could rest my eyes safely, I decided a rest day it was.  In my bed.  With a nap.  Like a 3 hour nap.  I didn’t wake up until after 9 when SwimSis, SwimTot, and the Coach (who recently got a new coaching job!) came home.
2. I’m an elevator dancer as of late.
In the past couple of weeks, whenever I am on the elevator at work, alone, I get my groove on!  Seriously, as soon as those doors shut, I just shake it, fist pump, put my hand in the air like I’m hitting a high note, etc.  It feels like the first time I ran.  I was just walking and then my body told me to start running.  Same here, just standing there and I HAVE to move!  Sadly, there is no music in the elevators.  I hope to God there are no cameras either!

3.  I’m still getting the hang of blogging at a proper amount/rate.
Somedays  I feel like I have nothing to talk about.  Others I do, but want to save them up for a good post, and end up having too much to post at once.  I would love to go into detail soon about my exercise so far this month, the Snikiddy snacks that I won from Shelley at My Journey to Fit, and how I bought new workout pants because I didn’t have time to wash my other ones.  And by no time I mean I was watching the marathon of the Hatfields and McCoys series.  Seriously good!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May in Review

I feel like May went SOOO quickly!  Here are some things I accomplished:

That says I completed over 1000 workout minutes!

-I had 20 days of working out in May!

In 20 days, I did:

-run/walk: 13.71 miles (combination of treadmill and outdoor)

-row machine: 28 mins (2 rowing sessions of 2000m. i beat my first time by 26 seconds!)

-recumbent bike: 90 mins total

-strength circuit: 8 times (that last day that I lifted my total was 22,625lbs!)

-splash around with SwimTot twice total treading time 26 mins

-swim laps: 268 mins (I should have recorded how many yards/miles that was!)

-play tennis 90 mins

-Lost 5 pounds!

I feel so amazing about May and exercise!  One of my goals is to make exercise a regular part of my life and I think May was a success on that matter!

My other big goal was to try something new.  I did rowing and tennis!  I had done both before, but not for many, many years (let's say somewhere between 10 and 15 years ago!)


-My time management sucks.  I usually came home from work, checked fb, blogger, etc for 45mins and then would head to the Y.  An efficient Em would have her stuff packed and go straight there from work!

-I need to work on my nutrition.  For me, adding exercise is a lot easier than working on my nutrition.  I need to get a nutritionist as well as a swift kick in the ass.

-I can do stuff!  Before I started exercising, I held myself back from a lot of activities where I thought I would not be able to accomplish anything.  One thing that is just random that jumps out at me is that I used to say I NEVER ran in airports to catch my flight -- the last time I did some speed walking and was the very last person they let on the plane!

-I am, and should be, proud of myself.  I rock!  1000 fitness minutes?  All star!  Now speed and endurance?  That's a work in progress!  Even when people look at me funny when I mention working out or going to the Y (hey, I'm 270 pounds, I don't really look like a person who goes to the Y!) I just shrug it off because I know how hard I have worked.

Who's excited for June?  I can't wait to see what this month has in store, I have a lot of exciting things happening!

And here are a random assortment of pictures I would like to get off of my camera:

Foggy Morning!

I can't believe people that that much to fill up!

Coffee + Hot Chocolate = Treat at work!

My grocery haul one week

Is there such a thing as too many peas?  No!

There was a BYOC question the other week on products for your hair.  I didn't answer the questions, but I did document a fairly normal hair routine.

Step 1:  Wake up.  I had showered after swimming the night before, but not brushed my hair.
Morning person?  Not so much!

Step 2:  Brush the hair.  And hang up still wet suits from the night before.

Step 3:  Straighten, make weird face at camera, head out the door.

This not so good for you trail mix saved me from starving/heading out for fast food one day. 
Hero trail mix!
This poptart was smushed, but delicious.
I like these bangles, 2 pics in a row!

This was my snack several days this week.  Strawberry yogurt plus blueberries and peaches/mandarin oranges.  The only drawback was licking the leftover on the lid and it straight up tasted like soap.  I'm glad it was clean, but ewwww!  That happen to anyone else?