Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No Where To Be

Today, I was at the grocery store and the gentleman in front of me asked if I would like to go ahead of him.  We had the same amount of groceries so, I said, "No, thanks.  I don't have anywhere to be".

When was the last time I had no where to be?

I'm finally ready to admit it:  I over commit myself!

I think I've gotten pretty good at managing a busy schedule, but as an introvert, I still need to block out time for me to do nothing.  So, today as my cramps are awful and I'm sore from my workout yesterday and work was not pressing, I took a half day.

There are plenty of things I wanted to do - grocery shop, laundry, plant seeds for my garden this summer, BLOG. :)  I just haven't had time.  When I ordered my seeds, I was so excited for them to come in and now they've been here for almost 3 weeks and I haven't planted them!  (going for zucchini, crooked neck squash, a couple of types of tomatoes, jalapenos, lettuce, and maybe an onion or two)

This week started my Olympic triathlon training - week 1 of 16!  :)  Monday I got my swim on.  Since the first couple of weeks have short bike rides and runs, I combined them and yesterday I got up early and ran for 30 mins (run 4 mins, walk 1) and was on the bike for 25 minutes.  Then I rewarded myself with Starbucks.  hahaha.  a venti pike place, but I can't drink all of that in one day.  It will last me at least 3, maybe 4.  I'm going to try to run/bike again tomorrow morning and then swim Friday morning and my 6 "workouts" of my first week will be done.

Still hoping to get that race recap from AUGUST up.  Someday! LOL

I've got to work on meal planning and keeping my eating on track.  I either do bad for me convenience food or no food until I'm starving and then eat a bunch of stuff that doesn't go together.  This past weekend was busy, as usual, but I was gushing over my new sweet little niece, Ellie.  Love that kid, but oy eating out and hospital food has not made me feel awesome this week.

My "I need to go to the grocery" Lunch
Me and sweet baby Ellie