Monday, April 30, 2012

Feeling like part of my life is on track

In my last post, I said my sister and I would definitely go to the Y that night.  I lied.  BUT I did get some exercise in!  I wanted to go on a walk and asked who would want to go with me.  Only SwimTot wanted to tag along.  But only if she could ride in the stroller.  I was initially annoyed, but remembered my days of pushing two kids in a double jogging stroller (sidenote:  can I just get a double jogging stroller and take random children for rides?  I loved pushing it, especially because the handle is so wide across, compared to a single stroller which is basically arms straight out).  SwimSis does not own a jogging stroller, only a regular one!  So I loaded SwimTot in and away we went on our 0.98 mile route!  It felt pretty good, minus the transitions from curb to street oh and that terribly steep, yet short hill -- I was feeling it!

Workout #19 down!  And here's the pic to prove it:

Oh the quality of a camera from 2006!
Friday was my last full day at my temp job -- bittersweet!  But I left early to go hang out with this guy:

What is that thing?

Not liking my suggestion of sticking out our tongues.
He is a sweet little guy, but uses the word "no" to his advantage.  And he asked where his mama was like 92833892 times!  When I watched him a couple of weeks ago, he waddled all the way down their driveway to give me a hug goodbye!

I always struggle to eat well when I babysit because people usually have goodies that I never buy!  However, I feel pretty good about these choices:

Veggie Straw and Hummus

Salmon Burger with some Mac and Cheese
Totally could have done a lot worse!

Saturday I didn't do much.  Well...shopped online but hey I'm excited, we will see what I end up keeping!  I'm hoping this one skirt is as adorable as it seems.  Also, a pair of Reebok workout capris, I hope they end up looking good!

On Sunday I was back with my little guy:

 About to strut right out the front door and onto the cover of GQ, right?!?

I decided to take him to the playground (yay jogging stroller, boo single jogging stroller), but instead of walking the 0.25 miles there, I went the opposite way on a loop and sort of did an out and back.  What's that?  WORKOUT #20?!????  Oh yeah, a goal accomplished!!!  I did 2.31 miles in 50 minutes.  I will award myself a bento box that I have been promising and hopefully that is soon!

Well, now that I an unemployed, I get to do fun stuff like take SwimTot to school or daycare.

I dropped her off, got gas and headed to the Y for a swim.  Holy freaking cow...the Y is so crowded at 10:30am!!!  So many seniors, mommas and their babies!  Oh suburbs...

I hoped in the water at 10:45am and started on a set I had written down from my swimming book. 

200 free
100 IM (individual medley = all the strokes)
4 x 50 kick, on 1:15
all of that twice

(who in their right mind puts butterfly the second thing on a warm up???  masochist!  after 1 round of that I was tired!  and those 50s kick -- no joke!  I was making them on 1:10 = little time to rest)

12 x 50 kick out to or past the flags freestyle/backstroke on 1:15
(I usually kick out to the flags, but this time I tried to get further than I normally do)

8 x 25 on :55, your best stroke, focus on technique
(I focused on technique a lot in the 50s, I decided to do IMs and do them HARD.  It wasn't pretty but felt strong)

5 x 50 freestyle/backstroke

Total yards: 2250  Total Time:  55 minutes

Yay for actually finding and writing down a workout!  The rock is so my workout doesn't float away from my spot in the gutter.

I subtracted 5 minutes from the time to allow for my breaks or times between sets.  That's about a mile and a half, so it felt good to get that many yards in, but really I would not have come up with that on my own!!!  I got complimented on my stroke, which is always awkward, and this time by a lifeguard.  It's pretty much just awkward because I don't know how to respond beyond the normal "thank you".  :)

Then I had about 20 mins at home before heading back to the temp job to finish up a few things.  I grabbed some:

Chocolate milk! Straight out of the measuring cup!
 I also grabbed an apple and warmed up a microwave meal to take with me.  I wasn't super hungry and didn't think I would be that long, so I  just left the meal in the car with the windows down. haha.  Well, the boss didn't show up until an hour after she was supposed to!  And I was there for 3 hours total, so that meal totally did not happen!  I was so hungry and would have LOOOVED to scarf some nasty drive thru food, but I knew better (along with the guilt I am carrying around from 90% off Easter chocolate -- dangit CVS!).  SwimTot had left some goldfish in my car (see above pic of her for the goldfish!), so I had those and had a meal planned out for when I got home.

BBQ chicken and a mango! Yum!

I also had to throw some chicken into the crock pot quickly for dinner.  And when it came down to it, this is what ended up happening:

So late!
Ugh, I only had chocolate milk and goldfish before 5pm?  Not right!  I def ate a full meal 3 hrs later!

I have an appointment with a "wellness coach" tomorrow morning.  I think that is code for personal trainer, but hey it is free!  I'm hoping someone named "Karen" can't be too terrible, but I will find out!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where I Am Right Now

Technically, I am on the 8th floor of an office building.  But that's not the point...Time to check in.
Things might be going better if:
-I hadn't lost my debit card, causing my Y membership to cancel
-I haven't been able to get to the Y when the membership desk is open because I have been looking for cars.
-I would tell all these excuses to "shove off".
Yeah, it happened.  Wasn't the first time, probably won't be the last. I waved a white flag to my excuses and surrendered. 
But, things are looking back on track as my dad has successfully fixed my brakes.  He said the parts cost him $150 and it was between 4 trips to the auto parts store.  Luckily, he works for said auto parts store a couple hours away and was able to get the parts at a discount.
My lack of motivation astounds me sometimes!  I have rewards set up for myself, however, I don't know how motivating they are!
Right now, I'm focusing more on healthy and exercise than I am on weight.  My bigger rewards are for health, smaller rewards for weight.
For 20 workouts, my reward is a bento box.  Several people I know use bento boxes for lunches and after Starbuck's protein plate, which is bento-esque, I figured I could do it on my own.  I like variety and if I can have several small servings of things, that would keep me happy and I might be able to indulge and not want to kick myself in the butt later.  I have been at 18 workouts for the past two weeks!  Ugh! 
Seriously Em, you can't walk a mile around the apt complex and get in another workout?  Oy vey!  The other day I told myself I was going to go home and immediately get in a walk.  Well, it was stormy looking off in the distance.  I looked up the radar and it said rain was imminent!  Oh darn, walk would have to hold off.  Well, it didn't rain in the next 20 minutes.  I don't think it ended up raining at all.  And really, I'm not the wicked witch of the west -- I won't melt!
My weight reward is undergarments.  Yeah.  Whenever I place an order for clothes online, they always show me discount undies and bras.  Duh, I will totally pay $1.50 for a couple of pairs of underwear that are floral or have bunnies on them (true story!).  Well, in the midst of said craziness of the past two weeks, I COMPLETELY ran out of underwear.  Yeah, even the time of the month ones and the ones that are too big because I bought them at my highest weight.  I had worn ALL of them!  So, I have probably 5 or 6 pairs in a bag in my closet.  I wanted them to be for little things like marking 5 lbs lost.  Well, I had to grab a pair and well, why not run to the scale too.  I hadn't weighed myself for about 10 days.  I jumped on and guess what...5 lbs lost since I started!  Not only did I need them, I earned them too!
I was worried about a gain after almost 2 weeks of no activity and some worse (but not all together terrible) eating habits.  Thankfully, I was still at 275!
Physically, I know I'm not as strong as I was.  I know that the "try-athalon" that SwimSis and myself are planning on may or may not happen.  Or we may push it back a month or so.  I know we ARE going to the Y tonight. 
Mentally, I'm ready to do it.  I'm tired that the excuses got the best of me.  Basically, I'm not accomplishing much in my personal/professional life, might as well focus on something else worthwhile.
I am leaving my temp job tomorrow.  Well, I will come in for a few hrs on Monday to finish things up.  I'm sad that my money flow will stop and a little scared that I don't have anything lined up, but I'm excited about a few other things. 

-I have taken exactly 3.25 hrs off since the beginning of the year. 
-Midday work out classes at the Y!
-The open swim at the local high school is 10a-1p a couple days during the week!  I always feel rushed trying to get in the appropriate number of yards in a 1 hr period. 
The plus side is that the high school pool is cooler and therefore better for me to work out in, it has 10 lanes and I'm guessing that they are empty-ish during the day.  However, they don't have equipment (kick boards, pull buoys, etc) like the Y does.  And God knows that I cannot lift myself out of that pool.  I have to scoot across a bunch of lanes till I can get to the stairs.  Getting out on the ends is impossible.  Getting out of the sides is more plausible, but there is a lane line between me and the wall.  (this has obviously happened to me before!)  The lane line can come away from the wall for a small distance.  I spent 10 minutes looking at it, thinking.  Could my body fit through that small distance?  If not, I'll have to go over.  Well, if I go over the lane line, I run the risk of it breaking.  That would be freaking embarrassing PLUS a mess with all the little pieces floating all over the pool.  I decided to go to the middle of the lane where there could be the most room to squeeze myself between the wall and the lane line.  I went under the water and ooh the space was smaller than I anticipated, but I did not give up!  It was awkward.  SUPER awkward.  I pulled myself up.  barely.  My arms were shaking so bad and really almost collapsed back down.  I did not look around to see if anyone else was looking (there were probably 10 swimmers/parents/spectators in the pool area at the time).  I just walked quickly over to my things and headed straight to the locker room, head down.
Just a glimpse into this life that I make super awkward everyday!  On a good note, one of my fave pairs of pants are loose!  I'm sure I have a tape measure somewhere, I would like to see my progress from a set of numbers different from the scale or the number of workouts I do!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Again, I am exhausted!  Work then lots of running around (like errands, not literal running.  That would be a good day!).  My lovely father is here working on my car because I could not get a car in a timely manner!  He's great.  This is what he looks like:

My dad and my aunt at SwimSis' Wedding
Yeah he's a bald old bastard (I've heard that phrase come out of his mouth several times!), but he's a good guy and has enough bad jokes and political opinions for a table full of people.  He and my  mom were married for 38 years!  Now my aunt (my mom's half sister) is 46.  Yes 4-6!  She hits the gym almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day.  And while we had SwimTot's bday party in Feb, she ate salmon and quinoa!  We have a feeling she's wanting to start body building.  Go "G"!

Something new I tried (duh it has squash!).  Verdict:
Pretty darn good!
 I added extra squash!  I almost ALWAYS choose stuff like this over pastas with wholes in the middle, like penne.  Why is penne so popular?  I don't like it!  I don't think it hold sauce very well and it can be a little "yucky" for me to eat, esp whole wheat penne -- sick!

Swim Tot the night before her first "organized sport" -- Soccer at the Y!

Too Early, Too Cold
SwimTot and SwimSis: Bundled up, it's 40 degrees!
Guess who the coach was...Coach!  SwimTot's dad.  First time coaching soccer.
After this, she ended up crying because she was cold.  Only kid who did!
COFFEE!  Coffee, 1% milk, 2 tsp 1883 vanilla syrup! (aka I didn't add any extra sugar!)
Tried something else new.  Honestly, though the yellow was cheddar cheese.  Might not have bought it otherwise!
The yellow was yellow carrots!  I added green beans! 200 Cals, tasted pretty good too!
New phone, hand-me-down from SwimSis.
I may or  may not have had my current phone since 2008.  I also have never paid my own cell phone bill.  I may have a sugar daddy.  Or some other equally sweet deal, haha. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh Friday, BYOC!

BYOC-Bring Your Own Crazy!!

Welp, this looked fun!  Got it from Laura who got it from Draz We answer 5 questions to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy to your own blog and enjoy!

1. Do you have any siblings? What is your relationship with them? Good, bad, ugly?

Sure do!  I'm the oldest.  SwimSis is 2 years younger than I am, my brother is a year and half younger than her, and TeenSwimSis is 10 years behind him.  (That's ages 27, 25, 23, and 13 as of right now)

Well, SwimSis and I are hit or miss.  Mostly depending on her attitude and if I want to push her buttons or not :)  I live with her, so I really don't have a choice!  My brother and I have a fine relationship.  We live in the same city, but don't talk very much.  Although he is at the house several times a week to watch SwimTot, I never see him because I am at work!  And 13 is a weird age to be an older sibling.  I was her age when my mom had her!  She has her own issues being that my mom has passed, my dad is slightly clueless, and she's gained a lot of weight.  When I get a more reliable car, I hope that I will be able to make the 2 hr drive more often and do active stuff w/her!

2. Let’s talk pizza. Do you prefer homemade or restaurant? What toppings are your fave?

B, please.  I love pretty much any restaurant pizza.  Homemade can be good too.  I LOOOOOOVE mushrooms on my pizza.  There has only been, to my recollection, two times anyone has every gotten a mushroom pizza w/me!  I usually end up eating what everyone else has (unless it is a taco pizza or bbq based...sick!)

3. When is the last time you cried – in sadness and in joy?

Oh, totes cried twice today.  Anything that's super emotion filled, I cry.  A lady at work was telling me about her son's wedding and how he was crying before his bride even walked down the aisle!  Is that happy tears?  Then on the way home from work there was this country song (loove country music!) that talked about a brother not coming home from war.  My brother is in the Army Reserves and his unit is deploying soon.  Totes cried at that.   Might be tearing up a little now...  Other than that, I cried about cars twice this week.  It is a weak area for me and I just hate having to do stuff like this on my own!   I will also cry if I'm watching "A Baby Story" on TLC or any show about soldiers.

4. Do you own a gun – one that is specifically yours? Do you know how to use it?

No, I do not own a gun.  But if the chance and reason came up, I probably would.  When I went to and worked at a camp, I was a pretty good shot w/rifle and shotgun.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week!

Geez, car shopping, car shopping, car shopping!  I have gone to look for one EVERY DAY this week.  Hoping to get one tomorrow?  Nothing else note worthy has happened this week.

Well, just in case there has been anything note worthy, here are some pics:

Fresh mango and pineapple...yum!
Cookie in a cup!  First attempt at oatmeal.  Oats, cocoa powder, chunky pb, dash of milk, tsp of sugar.  It was okay.  Didn't finish it all.
I didn't pack much that day and was worried I would run out of food.  Then I looked in the bag I carried everyday.  Duh, no starving silly!
This "refresher course" over healthcare privacy laws is 94 pages?  I would hate to see the actual training!
A second attempt at oatmeal.  Over ripe banana, oats and stick of honey.  Perfect!  Just the right amount of sweetness.  If I had a whole jar of honey I would have definitely over done it on the sweet factor.  This size is perfect, but sometimes hard to open.
The best workout I've gotten all week.
Seriously, hole punching papers is an ab workout! The more you hole punch and file, the more you feel it in your abs!

Well, there were more but Blogger is being silly, so maybe tomorrow!  G'night!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What the deuce?!?

I'm not to keen on swearing (it doesn't sound right when I say it!), so I say phrases like this a lot more than I realize.  My friends often tease me about it, but that is okay :)

Here are some things this week that have made me say "What the deuce!"

-No one can give you a call back on time.  Optometrists, car dealerships, or the Y.

-Why is it taking me so long to find one of these?

Okay, maybe not a car that old, but it is taking me forever to find a good car!  Then again, I'm rather picky (and poor, which doesn't help!).

-Why does my current car squeal like a pig?  It hurts my ears!  Then again, my current car is almost as old as the one above (just kidding):

Okay, that but white and some rust!  I bought it off of a guy on Craigstlist who was living out of a motel in my hometown.  haha, I was desperate and hated it at first, but over these...22 months I have really come to love it and wish it wasn't nearly falling apart.  

-(back to 'what the deuce') Why would I end my sentence in a preposition?  My aunt pointed out that I shouldn't have because I went to a good university.  Yes, I know I went there, Sallie Mae reminds me every month!

-Why did a lady in my office go back for so many cups of coffee today?   Okay, I might have made decaf, but she honestly she almost always buys coffee before she comes in!  Yeah, I didn't tell her.

-Why does the guy I occasionally park next to have a ladder in his SUV?  Like, it is in the same position all the time.  Just rides shotgun, I guess.

Hopefully I will have this car situation under control soon so I can resume my normal life (and blog more regularly).  I was working on a blog post earlier in the week, but my internet crashed and lost it :( (okay, I was writing it in an email at work to copy and paste...oops!).  

Guess I will start C25K Week 1, Day 1 yet again...what the deuce!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

One of those days where nothing seems to go right...

I have no motivation at work.  I'm a temp.  I didn't apply for this job.  They just filled the position. My last day is probably 2 weeks from tomorrow.  I'm excited.  And I also want to read blogs all day.  Seriously.  Reply to an email, read a blog, look up some information, read a blog, etc.

Around 12:30, I had to go in the bathroom and give myself a pep talk.  Okay, 2 more weeks but there are deadlines for this week...Get your $#!& together Em!  So I go back and go to log on a website to put in purchase orders.  However, it tells me my "validity date" has passed.  Great, now I have to tell someone else to do this work I have put off!  Embarrassing!  That was typical of today!

I need a new car.  My car ALMOST DOESN'T STOP going downhill.  Want to go look/buy a car on Saturday, but am babysitting most of the day.  I seriously cannot drive this car next week or I will hurt myself or others.  Although I'm pretty sure my dad does not believe me because I whine about my car at least twice a month (as in "it's making this sound...what's wrong with it?!?).  He told someone last weekend that I cry about my car every time I call him.  How rude!  I haven't cried over nothing in AT LEAST a year.  Although I did cry when my tire blew out, but that was legitimate!  :)

Then I come home and am going to C25K.  Boy, there sure are a lot of people outside today.  Oh, I'm getting on the computer for a bit, oh I'll wait till SwimSis and SwimTot are home.  Oh SwimSis wants to eat dinner early, that's all right with me.  Oh, I can't run now I'm too full.  Oh, it is to dark to run.

Blah, blah, blah. 

But there has also been family stuff going on.  I try to stay out of it, but you want to help the ones you love!  I try writing about it, but it can become confusing :)

Well, yesterday I focused on swimming. <3  I like swimming, but it's not the same at the Y because the pool is too warm for a good swim.  I'm pretty sure it was 84 degrees for the water temp.  I like 82 to be the highest!  Usually, the colder, the better!  I remember swimming at Notre Dame one time and it was so cold that it felt like your feet were getting slashed as you kicked!  Ideally, 78-80 is good.  I can't wait for the local high school to start their evening lap swim again.   I do like 1) that there are at least 10 lanes so it's never super crowded.  2) the water temp is lovely! 3) $.80 per swim!  However, the evening lap swim is 8-9pm only on monday and wednesday nights!  Gotta make it count while I can I guess!  We pre-paid and have 10 swims left!

But back to swimming yesterday, I think I did around 2000 yards.  After the warm up, I things get a little fuzzy.  I did not have a plan on what to do, so it was a mash up of different work outs I have done recently.  I also joined a swimming group on spark people where I can get different swim workout ideas!  I was almost done swimming yesterday when a very handsome man walked in to swim.  So I may or may not have stuck around a little longer! :) 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"I am not" does NOT mean "I cannot"!

I know I said a post about family today, but something cooler happened!

I was heading off to dreamland last night.  I usually forget these half awake thoughts, but this one stuck with me.


Yeah, yeah.  Everyone's done it.  Well not me!

Last fall, my friend Ali told me her and her roommate had started it.  I remember looking it up and thinking "OH HELL TO THE NO!  RUN FOR ONE MINUTE STRAIGHT?  SOMEONE IS OUT OF THEIR DAMN MIND!"  After having the urge to run a few weeks ago, and running for over a minute at one point, I decided to give it a shot!

I had planned to go to the Y after work, but after I remembered Couch to 5K, it wasn't so!

I need to plan my workouts.  For our "Try-athlon", I have been all over the place.  In my mind, if I walk, bike and swim, I feel I have done my job.  However, by doing this, not only am I at the gym for at least 2 hours a day, I am not focusing on any one discipline.

But WHERE do I run?  The Y?  Not a chance!  Em+Running on treadmills = me ending up on one of those 'funniest' shows, or worse YouTube.  I was always that kid who would trip over their own feet in gym class (at least once a year, if not more!).  This is why:

ASICS.  Size 11.5!

My apartment complex would be fine to run in, but the paved path that goes around the perimeter is occasionally riddled with holes/uneven pavement from a rush/careless paving job.  But SwimSis was babysitting tonight.  Not to far away.  In a NICE subdivision.  A nice/new subdivision = smooth road/sidewalks.  Here is the route that I ended up running.

En route to running destination w/SwimTot.

Coach let me borrow his watch.

SwimTot and H happy to hang out.

I was scared to go!  SwimSis kept yapping and I told her I had to go right then because I wanted to be back in time for Glee! :)  If you are not familiar, it is a 5 min warm up walk, 60 seconds running, 90 seconds walking for 20 minutes (for the first day).  Here is how I felt:

5 min warm up walk: Nervous, walking out the regular hip and/or knee discomfort.
1st min running: I'm doing it!  I'm doing it!  Yay!  Oh, a minute already?
Mins 2-5 running: Oh em gee.  People who subject themselves to running are masochists.  This is terrible, I'm fairly certain I walk faster than I run.  But you can just do 1 more.  1 more and you can be done!
Minute 6 running:  Oh, I guess this may or may not be too terrible.
Minute 7 running: I can't believe the mom SwimSis is babysitting for is 6 months pregnant and barely showing.  I guess that's what you get for having your own pilates DVD.  Oh wait...running again? Psh!
Minute 8 running: Oh em gee oh em gee nearly done, nearly back.  Did I really do all of that?  Disbelief!
I did it!
(Not my house.  Too nice.  Slightly amused by the giant (4ft) fork to the right)

What?  When I started I gave myself permission to stop early.  Guess I am still left holding that card!
Right after the walk/run I felt: Good!  I need of water and stretching.
10 minutes after: Terrible!  Tummy ache, headache, slight back ache.
An hour after: FANTASTIC!  I drank water, stretched, foam roller and ate. And was watching Glee.  Le Sigh :)

Just because I am not "a runner" does NOT mean "I cannot run".  Truth!

And finally, today is my mom's birthday.  She would be 58.  It's been a year and half since she's passed.  I miss her so much.  My soul often longs for her!  Here's a pic from SwimSis' baby shower (when she was prego w/SwimTot!)

And here is one about 8 months after that (just because she would be mad I put that first picture of her up there!):

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter + A Confession

I remember Easter as a kid.  It was always so exciting!  Coloring eggs that the Easter Bunny would then hide around our house for us to find was always messy, but great.  When I was 8, I woke up in the middle of the night (I had some streaks of insomnia as a kid!) and I SWORE I heard the Easter Bunny come in and out through our front door.  Looking back, that kind of scares me.  Did I make that up???

Easter was great because Jesus had risen from the grave.  And we got candy.  CANDY, people!  I would chow down on every candy in the basket, except for the putrid black jelly beans.  I remember having a fondness for sugar coated and sugar filled "eggs".  Pure sugar with food coloring.  Then when I was in high school, I remember feeling bad about eating so much candy.  But I thought "hey, if you eat this all at once, you will gain all of the weight at once and then  you can lose it easily".  Riiiight.

That happens to be one of the rare instances that I remember thinking about losing weight when I was younger.  And of course it had to be about candy.

This year, as I mentioned, I gave up chocolate for Lent.  Chocolate is one of my favorite things of all time!   Chocolate vs fruity candy?  Almost always chocolate!  And I can't ever just eat a small amount (and why would I just keep a small amount around?).  I daydreamed about chocolate all 40 days.  I abstained from birthday cake, mint chocolate chip milkshakes, and those little chocolate covered granola squares that nature valley makes (that were free!).

Okay, I didn't make it 40 days.  It was about 39.75.  I made no bake cookies for Easter dinner, as they were a specialty of my great-grandma's.  I made them the day before and had a taste to ensure that the oatmeal of not overcooked.  I did not occur to me that I had eaten chocolate until a while later.  Eff!  But that is okay.  On Easter I had a couple Reese's eggs.  And then...a stomach ache AND a headache.  For real?

Oh body.  Thanks for reminding me that I don't need and am not used to milk chocolate terribleness!

This morning I did not have any breakfast, so I grabbed my last portable oatmeal from October.  It has chocolate, peanut butter, and coconut in it (a cookie in a cup, said my co-worker).  In the end, I ate a few bites.  It was gross and tasted like the cardboardish container it came in.  Instead, I drank more coffee!  And then I had a good lunch planned (albacore tuna, yum!).  But my boss had me to get her lunch at McDs, so she let me buy McDs on her card.  Ewww....felt gross.

Felt gross all day until I had my snack of fresh pineapple and mango.  It was so refreshing.  It just made me feet great body, mind and spirit!  I skipped the Y because I am still feeling gross and blah and that time of the month-ish, and a slight tummy ache due to me getting the crap scared out of me because my brakes suck and the traffic was terrible on the interstate!

And here's one thing that hasn't helped my night: