Monday, May 5, 2014

By Request

This post brought to you by my friend Lindsay!  We were having lunch yesterday after church and she totally segued out of a deep conversation with ", I've been reading your blog".  haha!  So here you go Linds!

Last 2 weeks in workouts:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Yoga & Swimming
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: AM swim & 2mi PM run
Friday: AM Hot Yoga & 3mi PM hike
Saturday: 4.5mi run - of which, I ran 3.5 CONTINUOUS MILES.  Holy freaking crap, batman!  I remember writing this post and how excited I was that I had run 6 minutes without stopping.  My progress may be slow compared to others, but it is progress! 
Sunday: Rest

Monday:  Rest? I'm pretty sure I cooked this evening
Tuesday:  Yoga & Swimming
Wednesday: Planned to do weights and some treadmill time, but I ended up moving a lot of water, pop, and ice for a training my department was hosting.  It was at a buiding on our property that some people walk to and some people drive, I walked there a few times to check on things and geez all that heavy lifting!  I felt like my workout duty was accomplished!  No official workout!
Thursday:  AM swim
Friday: 2mi hike at my alma mater.  Frolicked in the lilac groves.  AMAZING!
Saturday:  Serve Day with the small groups at my church.  I'm in 2 small groups, so I did one landscaping project 8-12, church picnic 12-2, cleaning bike lanes 2-4 with my other group.  I then babysat at 6 and played basketball/scooter races with the boy after I put the baby down, which was another hour outside.  I was EXHAUSTED.
Sunday: I wanted a rest day, but my tri group with the Y was having their weekly bike ride and then going to a brewery afterwards to celebrate some birthdays.  I got in 13.5mi in a little under an hour and 15 mins.  I still stick out as the slow several miles per hour!  There is my 21 year old frenemy who was putting out crazy miles - 24 mph!  I was happy to average 12.  Kind of disappointed that I spent $ on my bike trainer but didn't use it a ton over the winter.  Ah, well, time to pick it back up outside!

Today, I am resting because I am very tired!  Plus tomorrow I hope to get a bike ride in and go to yoga.  Oh yeah, I have tomorrow off because this little ole state is having primary elections.  Holla! 

Food:  See my last post!  Honestly, still eating the same things for lunch and dinner. Still delicious.  I am sorely out of breakfast ideas and was being lazy and drinking meal re placement drinks for breakfast, but my shakers are both dirty and I couldn't remember to bring them home and actually place them in the dishwasher.  So I have been eating cashews for breakfast.  LOL and ewwww.  Better than McD's at least?

I love this phrase that I have been seeing on FB and on other blogs:

We are each on our own journey and have our own strengths and weaknesses.  Obviously what works for one person won't work for another, or else we would all take that one magic pill.  I am so proud of all my blogging friends who work hard and get results.  Whether it is 8 months to get to a goal weight or 8 years.  Whether you ran for 30 seconds without stopping or you ran a marathon.  I love it all and am so excited for every victory.

That's all for now!  As always, here are some pics!

New nose ring - a flower :)

TeenSwimSis did my makeup for Easter

Today's Cinco De Mayo nachos!  I added cilantro after this pic!
So freaking gorgeous.  Looooove it.
Stopped frolicking to smell the lilacs!
After my run in which I ran 3.5 miles WITHOUT STOPPING!  PS face is the same color as my shirt!
I was outside having lunch for an hour and a half tops and this is what happens! #pasty