Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Confessions – Stinky

Ah, I’ve missed these!  I’m hoping you find these humorous and do not judge me J

1.        I don’t wear deodorant that often.  During the day, I stay in my air conditioned office building and don’t do a whole lot of running around.  In case I need it, I have some in my purse to put on, but I don’t really need it, so I don’t use it.  That brings me to point 1a.  I don’t wear deodorant while working out.  I just don’t get the people who do.  Its exercise, you’re supposed to sweat.  After the workout, I go shower, so what was the point of the deodorant? 

2.       Occasionally, I’ll be super stanky.  Like yesterday, my at work yoga class got cancelled due to instructor illness, so I decided to go to hot yoga.  Well, this was heated, which is a bit cooler than hot J  But really I sweat sooo much.  It was like I had taken a shower with clothes on.  First time I had worn shorts instead of capris.  Should have worn capris, limbs were pretty slippery!  I took a few pics of my shirt when I was done – this was after they turned the fans on for 10 mins at the end.

And this one was 45 mins after class ended – back is still sweaty!

Okay, but the point of this confession was:  When I am super stanky, I use men’s body wash.  I just don’t feel like my normal flowery body wash does the trick for hot yoga stank or any equivalent exercise related stank.  I grab the men’s body wash that the occasional male guests use and I feel like the stank is under control.

3.        In high school, a friend of mine jumped on my back and said "your hair smells good".  I replied "oh really?  i didn't wash it today".  Therefore she nicknamed me stinky because I didn't wash my hair (but it still smelled good?).  Luckily, I rarely talk to this person anymore so I haven't heard that nickname in a looong time!

4.     Usually, I throw my groceries in the trunk – well that was until I got my bike rack, which I keep on my car all the time.  I don’t know if I would be able to put it back on!  So it was around the beginning of April when I got that and it was still unseasonably chilly.  So the beginning of May rolls around when spring really started heating up.  And there’s this smell in my car that is gross and I cannot figure out for the life of me.  I cleaned EVERYTHING out of my car, but…nothing (this is excluding the trunk, which I hadn’t used for quite a while).  Then one day, while showering, it hit me – look in the trunk!   I opened the trunk a few inches, not disturbing my bike rack and I found one, unfortunate, forgotten, rotting onion, that fortunately was still in the plastic bag.  Super gross, and then I febreezed the heck out of my car and we have been a happy little duo ever since.  ß Okay, you can judge me for that story, I did!

My 5K is Saturday and I haven’t ran that far since before Memorial Day.  I did a quick 30 min total run/walk with SwimSis this morning, hopefully that will do the trick J  I am hoping to run the first two miles w/o stopping, that is my goal for this race, even though I would love to run the whole thing w/o stopping, I don’t know if that is in the cards this weekend.  This is the same race as my first 5K last year, so I know EXACTLY where the mile 2 marker is and I will look forward to it! 

PS Running with your sister is hilarious.  We are very different people.  The kind of sisters who get along for general purposes, but – well, we discussed this morning how terrible something international travel would be with just the two of us!  So we got up this morning and had said “out the door by 6:15?” – and it was 6:21 when I was actually ready, so I had to hear about that.  Then I asked her which route we were taking.  She said she “didn’t know”.  Well, we get to a point where she wants to turn around, but I want to keep going.  Causing a ruckus at 6:30am!  Good times

Any stanky confessions of your own?

Can you exercise or even get along with your siblings? J

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Annoying

Sorry I've been gone for a while - my non-blog/workout/weightloss life blew up big time.  There was no crying, but there may have been much pleading to God to make it not all fall apart :)  Here's a brief recap of what's been goin' on in my blog related life:

The good:  Biking has gotten SO much better!  Last week I realized during a ride that I didn't feel fearful the entire time.  Which is an amazing feeling!  I had an amazing ride at a state park last Friday evening, it was super fun and refreshing for the soul.  I did that same ride last year on a too small bike and 40 lbs heavier.  I wrote about it briefly here.  We had our annual family gathering last weekend and I got lots of great compliments on my fitness/weightloss.  I wore a dress that I actually wore to one complimented me at Thanksgiving, but they were ALL about it last weekend.  The bike riding freedom made me feel on top of the world, so I took some pics afterwards, if you all will indulge me a bit :)

Biking outfit


Dirty legs

Trying my best not to be awkward

The bad:  My brain and stomach have a problem where I can know I'm full and be full and I'm fine.  But the point of being just full to OMGICAN'TSHOVEANOTHERBITEIN is a large, large gap. I've been battling that this week. I went to a kid's bday party today and I just wanted to eat and eat and eat, I did get some seconds on things, but I didn't go nuts.  PS kid's bday party on a Thursday night with plenty o'liquor - fun!

The annoying:  I was with SwimTot at the YMCA the other day while daycamp was going on (which she usually goes to) so we were in the locker rooms changing and so were the 4-6 year old girls.  They all knew her and were saying hi to her, it was super cute.  This one girl (who was larger for a kid herself!) comes over butt naked and starts talking to SwimTot all while poking my arm fat.  I tell her to go get dressed.  So the girl goes over and puts some bottoms and comes back and talks to SwimTot and starts poking my stomach (I'm still in my swimsuit at this point).  I tell her to go away and get dressed.   So she puts a shirt on, comes back, stares at my stomach and says "You know, I think that may be too small on you".  Oh boy.  I said "Thank you for your opinion, but I think it fits just fine" in a less than nice tone.  That finally got the counselor's attention that was standing 5 feet away and she got her to leave the locker room. But really....  I had been feeling soooo good about myself and especially in that swimsuit, which I was wearing last year at about 40 pounds heavier.  I have been becoming a little more self conscious about my arms looking deflated-ish, so that didn't help.  Bottom line:  not affecting my self-image, just super annoying!

On the horizon:  5K in a week - haven't ran in like 2 weeks, yikes!  I had been hoping to run the whole thing, but who knows if I will be able to or not :)  I will take it mile by mile! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy Week Took a Nose Dive

Oh last week was a little nuts!  Here was a run down of my schedule:

Monday:  At work 7:45-5:15, Swim 6-7, Run 8-8:45
Tuesday:  At work 7:45-5:25, Yoga 5:30-6:30, Bike 8-8:45
Wednesday: Swim 6:05-7:10, at work 7:45-5:30, childcare @ church 6:30-8:45
Thursday: Spin 5:45-6:30, at work &7:30-5:15, babysit 6-11.
Friday:  At work 7:45-5:30, veg the heck out.
Saturday: Pilates 8-9, at work 9:15-1, grocery shop, food prep, veg out, babysit 5-12.
Sunday:  Childcare @ church 9:30-1, grocery shop, lots more food prep, veg the heck out.
*I am at work that much, but I don't really work the whole time.  I am not very good at my job, plus I am a terrible procrastinator.  I am still wrapping up 2012 things at work.  Wish I wasn't!

So going into my week, I knew I would have to get some morning workouts in to make things happen.  On Tuesday, I went to Walgreens to get a salad, picked up some pineapple, and saw a box of candy on clearance.  Yes, I am a recovering candy addict, but I thought I could handle this little box of sour candies.  And it went well.  A serving size was 23 (!?!), but I gave myself 10 everyday at work for lunch and I still have many left.   I had my usual froyo dinner (first Wednesday of the month when I work at the church) and I had some candy on that too.  Then I get to where I am babysitting on Thursday.  I heard "feed him xyz, and have whatever you like".  I only babysit for these people 2-3 times a year, so I am not at their house often, but I know the mom has a sweet tooth (and she's SO thin too!).  They have tons of boxes of girl scout cookies year round!  So I am nosing around and I find a giant bag of delicious trail mix.  Crap.  And then I see a reese's pb cup bag peaking out of the cupboard, so I open it up and there's almost every candy they sell at the movie theater in there (didn't see any snocaps!).  Out of a 48oz bag of M&Ms, they aren't going to miss a handful. That mindset just kept rolling and I had SO MUCH CANDY.  I didn't even put a dent in their stash, but holy crap did I feel awful.  My body was yelling at me to stop, but my tastebuds were in cahoots with my hand and my mouth.  Just hand to mouth over and over and over. 

I didn't eat all I had taken, so I put a small amount in my purse.  I ate some of that on Friday and Saturday too.  Then SwimSis and Coach had friends stay the weekend and they left a bunch of candy, so I just ate waaaaaaay too many candies while I did my food prep just because they were there.  And now I feel awful again.  I am so glad I weighed in Thursday morning because I'm sure I undid all of my hardwork plus the last week's work.  Going to have to go back to the self-imposed candy ban.  I really enjoy life a lot more when I'm not battling myself over where my next candy fix will come from.  Seems funny to think of how easy life is that way.  Over Easter I just left all the candy I got behind at my dad's and things were great that way.

Last week's weight: 230.0
This week (on Thurs): 228.6
Sunday night guess: 233 or more?!?

Ah, a new week, new resolve.  Gotta stay on my toes and watch out for those awful old habits!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

What Diet Are You On???

In the past month, I have been asked this question twice while preparing a meal for myself.  Once was Coach's mom while I made grilled fish and vegetables for dinner. I had that in the fridge and it just sounded good!  The next was last week when I was taking my food to the fridge for the week while at work.  It really was a random assortment.  Chicken, my vegetable soup, spinach, salsa, bacon.  haha!  This older lady that I work with often talks about the latest diet that she's trying.  She told me that this time she was doing South Beach again.  It just slightly annoys me...does this girl have to be on a diet to be eating healthy-ish???

Well, a couple of posts ago, I said I had to kick this thing into high gear because I was tired of sitting at 233.  Here is what I have been up to on the exercise front:

Thursday:  1 hr spin class, 30 min run
Friday:  Walking around the art museum after dinner.
Saturday:  1 hr Pilates class (hadn't been in 2 weeks - was greeted with "Oh my God, it's Melissa!!!"), 3.2 mile run.  (almost got bit by a dog - eek!)
Sunday:  3.5 mile bike ride
Monday:  1 hr swim
Tuesday:  1 hr yoga
Wednesday:  1 hr bike ride
Thursday:  1 hr swim at the outdoor pool.  They didn't have the flags up, so I ran into the wall while doing backstroke = embarrassing!!!
Saturday:  1 hr Pilates
Monday:  1 hour swim, 2.2 mile run/walk (with SwimTot in tow - she's "training" for 1 mile fun run later this month!)

Post 3.2 mile run.  Going back to track down the lemonade stand I saw and had no $ for while running.

Enjoyed a few hours of sun bathing on Memorial Day - glorious!

Last Friday I clocked in at 230.0!  I was hoping to see at least 229.9, but that was close enough :)

This makes 50 pounds lost since last year!!!  HOLLA!

I feel like 220s make me feel like I can actually get below 200.   At 280 last year, it was just too far of a goal in my mind. 

In other (more depressing) news, work is annoying.  My one co-worker is on maternity leave (had her baby 10 days late!) and a different co-worker is overseeing my work on a certain project and she's  SUCH a micromanager/tattletale/does the work for me.  It's super annoying when I go to update something and she's already done it.  B, I can do it myself and I can do it my way!!!

And the last sad thing, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who.  I'm sulking until further notice!

In "Things That Make Me Happy" category, we have and always will have my dearest neice, SwimTot.  Hmmm...should I change that to SwimKid?  She is soooo growing up!  We've been spending the evenings together outside from when I get home from the Y till the sun goes down!

Will always be my favorite kid!

Teeny Apt Yard, but perfect set up for this girl!

Any good news to keep me upbeat? :)

At what point in your weight loss journey were you like "I CAN do this!"?