Sunday, January 4, 2015

Injured. Sigh.

For the past 2 years, I have done a year end wrap up post and a new year goal post. 
Sadly, not this year.  One of my goals for the past year was to remain injury free for tri season.  I stretched, did yoga, followed my training plan.  Tri season was great and I remained injury free.  Since then (August)  I've been working out several times a week, but not eating the best and have added back a few pounds that I lost. 
And then, 2 weeks ago, I was leaving my house and one tiny misstep led to the storm door taking a chunk out of my ankle.  It was pretty painful, but I NEVER want to be one to overreact, so I did what I often do:  underreact.  I didn't clean out the wound, just slapped a bandaid over it and went on with my obligations.  And bled into my shoe.  Blech.
Fast forward 10 days.  Christmas had past.  I had been doing hot yoga.  And my ankle had not been healing.  Oh, and the only shoes I can wear without pain are flip flops.  In January.  In the Midwest.  Ha.  So i consult a co-worker who used to be a physical therapist and therefore do wound care.  She said I needed to go to urgent care that very day.  The employee clinic across the street from my building only has morning hours.  I took my boss up on the recommendation to go to an urgent clinic across town.  So I go and they say its a 3 hour wait (plus a waiting room of full hacking people).  I tried the employee clinic at another location.  The doctor is on vacation.  I went to another urgent care facility and was so irritated that my initial bp reading was 158/108.
The doctor ended up giving me a tetanus shot, antibiotics, bandaged my foot, and made me take my bp again - which was normal after I got over being so upset about the days events.  And she told me no hot yoga, plenty of rest.  Doesn't that sound great in theory? 
I'm on day 6 of no exercise and I"m about to strangle someone. 
Oh, and when I was waiting for my prescription to get filled, I found 75% off Christmas candy.  And I had a mini-cold with a sore throat, of course I had to pick up ice cream.  Ugh.  The exercise has always been the easy part for me, not the eating right!
I'm about ready to look up some exercises for upper body or just not involving movement of the feet.  I'm in a hurry to get this foot healed.  I'm turning 30 this week and as much as I don't care about what others think of me, I WANT to wear cute shoes on my birthday.  And go to one of those trampoline places.  And swim. 
Bah humbug! :)
Not great eating: microwave pizza, salad with avocado and (plenty of) ranch, apple, pb and water!
In times of healthier eating!
Ugly sweater party outfit (minus the pink jacket)
Nerd.  And proud of it.