Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Longer Posts Coming Soon!

Hey, guess what?!?  I did a half marathon last weekend!  I need to recap that and the end of summer, too.  I'm mourning it (used to hate summer - who likes being sweaty?).  I need to respond to some stuff people at work have been saying (include as many eye rolls as possible).

I've had some bike trouble in the past couple of weeks.  Ask me how I feel about that.

Me and the trouble the BK drive thru :/
Or not.  Your choice.

I don't want to buy a bike trainer, but I think other people in my tri group are buying trainers and having "long rides" on the weekends.  Ugh.

I did degrease and lube my bike chain yesterday.  Felt pretty handy (thank you youtube!).

I've been bouncing around 218-220 here lately.  Just as long as its not an upward trend, I'm cool.  Here area  few pics I took tonight...first time wearing these bike/tri shorts by themselves (I did wear them under some capris once).  They fit much better than when I wore them at 233lbs!

Helmet hair

We hung out after our ride tonight and I stayed in this ensemble - I had to leave early bc I was cold!  Not warmed up yet, either!

We rode up a crazy, crazy (for me) hill tonight.  I caught 30mph on the way down and on the way up I bottomed out at 5 mph.  Ouch for the legs, but especially the lungs!

via google maps
Well, hopefully I get home before 8:45 some night this week so I can at least recap the half!  Hope you all are doing well!


  1. you are super inspiring! I've signed up for my first half - yellowstone in June - what running program did you follow to get ready for your half?

  2. You biked UP that hill!? That's insane!! And impressive!!!