Monday, November 11, 2013

I Quit Pilates

Oh em gee, has it really been that long since I have blogged?  Well, the first week I didn't blog, we didn't have internet at the house and when I try to blog at work, blogger only lets me use html which is only one notch above nails on a chalk board on the annoyance scale.  Last week I was lazy took some personal time.  It was great to do things like finish a book that I started in 2011 (really!), start a candy crush addiction, and wonder where the I put all my winter clothes.

Every since my half marathon, a month ago, I haven't been working out like I was the 6 months beforehand.  I have been working out probably 3 days a week, 4 if I'm, lucky.  Which is fine, but when you let yourself eat halloween candy and have large portions, it's not so good!

Part of my workout rut is that my YMCA hired a consultant and she suggested we offer more things/shift practices around.  Before, my schedule looked like this:

Monday: Swim w/Tri Group
Tuesday:  Yoga at Work
Wednesday:  Bike w/Tri Group
Thursday: Misc or Run for God
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: Pilates + misc exercise OR Race
Sunday:  Work at the church/Rest

Look at that!  So nice and neat.  One thing a day except on the weekends when I choose to do more.  Well, here lately they've added more running.

Monday:  Running at the local track
Tuesday:  Swim
Wednesday:  Bike
Thursday: Group Run
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Misc
Sunday: Bike/Misc

So, a lot of those are outside.  And this is the midwest so it's pretty cold!  The last time I biked was definitely a month ago!  I wore a long sleeve shirt and bike shorts and by the end of the night, I had to leave early because I was nearly frozen!  I don't have cold weather gear, and let's be honest, I only have enough $ for either a bike trainer or cold weather clothes.  Having lost 70 pounds, I can definitely say that I have less insulation and am cold a lot more.  I also wanted to start adding some strength training back into my life.  Oh, and Pilates - I hadn't gone in at least 8 weeks. I was either out of town/had races, etc.  I did not like that i was paying and not able to go, so I am quitting for the foreseeable future because I will be out of town for holidays/weddings, etc.  I definitely need to keep doing a lot of the exercises though...I was soooo sore after side planks in yoga the other week!   Here is what I want my schedule to look like, although it is still in a state of limbo:

Monday:  1/2 hr run, lifting @ YMCA
Tuesday:  Yoga at work/Swim w/Tri Group
Wednesday:  Bike - trainer OR Lifting
Thursday:  Run for God small group
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: Hot yoga/trail run/other adventure
Sunday: Bike on trainer w/Tri Group

Ugh, I need another rest day in there! 

Something that has not been fun is gaining about 2-3 pounds!  I was at 218 for a week or two, but I've been at 220-221 for about 2 weeks. I'm cool w/maintaining, but gaining = yuck!

I do have to say, I have been eating out more and when I "cook" it is always large portions
Peas, asparagus, red onion, white onions, mushrooms and scallops over cheese grits + bacon (cuz duhhhh bacon is delish!)  Definitely a new favorite comfort food!
Yogurt + banana + walnuts = dreamy breakfast
One of my staples - hummus, chicken, and cucumbers. 

I was supposed to work out at the ymca today, but I had a tour of the new hospital in town tonight, so I was all "nah, i'll exercise later".  Wow, didn't know I was such an excuse maker but apparently I am. 

This week I'm also trying to work on getting enough sleep + being more productive at work.  Oh, and needing less caffeine!  That being said...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!


  1. I bet chicken with hummus is really good!!! Love the grits idea too!!!

  2. I have been really struggling the past couple weeks too. I think it's the time change and the lack of daylight and cold weather. Blah.