Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Goals Revisited

What a year!  I am getting lots of praise from those around me and it feels great.  As one of my best friend's mom said the other day "Look who came to visit!  Half a Melissa!" haha!

One gesture I'm sticking to comes from a sermon last Sunday where the pastor was talking about relationships and said something to the effect of "Praise people for how far they have come, don't berate them on how far they have to go".  

Definitely lost a chin or two in 2013!

1. Lose as much or more weight as I lost in 2012 (34lbs)

I only had 3 pounds to lose with a month to go, but I know that is not going to happen.  I'm 100% fine with it...more on that later!

2.  Swim twice a week, at least one morning a week.
Ha!  Once in the morning!  I'm pretty sure I became even less of a morning person in 2013!  But generally I swam once a week, twice if I was lucky.

3.  Strength train once the Y thins out (after new year's resolution-ers don't come as often)
I was dragging my feet big time on this!  I started strength training in late November, but I have a good routine now!

4.  Strength train at home in the meantime (as much as one can with light weights)
This probably happened once!

5.  Do a race longer than a 5K.
 I jumped from a 5K straight into a half marathon this year!

6.  Swim in an open water race.
Yes!  In place of a triathlon.  Recap here.

7.  Run a race/just plain run downtown
I walked a 5K downtown for a work related event.   It was so uneventful that I didn't blog about it, but I'm counting it because I got to enjoy the downtown area!

8.  Get a bike

9.  Ride said bike

10.  Ride bike w/o fear of falling off/losing control  
It was longer than I expected, if we're being honest!

11.  Do a triathlon, even if it is just by myself at the Y.
I completed an indoor tri in late January/early February, then went on to do several more this summer!  Recaps:  Indoor tri.  First Triathlon.  Second Triathlon.  Third Triathlon. 

12.  Try some new, more hardcore workouts
Still trying to get into different workouts, but spinning was a big one...running on the treadmill (I had a treadmill fear), BRICK workouts for sure!   Let's see what I can get to in 2014! 

 Pay off credit cardsYes!  Paid both of them off by May.

Get student loans under XX,XXXSure did.  But I’m slowly realizing how long it is going to take to pay these off, I will up the ante in 2014!

Accumulate X,XXX in savings. – I only accumulated about half of what I wanted to, but it might be enough to pay off another debt or go towards a new car in the future.

Only eating out once a week unless special occassion or asked by friendFirst half of the year – this was great.  Second half, not so much.  

All money from church job goes toward debt – Except for a month or two, this one was right on.

No buying things on whims/bc they are on sale.  – Surprised myself and did pretty well on this.

Only buy if you really need them Hehe…easier said than done!

All  purchases from CVS stay below $10 unless they are a needI sorta stopped couponing at CVS, so this is not really all that applicable.

Keeping avg groc budget to $50I started shopping at Aldi, so this has been no problem!

Keep doing things like working out/going on walks/run outdoors. (Things that make me happy)
Yes and no.  What makes me happy in terms of exercise is continually changing.  I just have to keep doing what I love!

Do something special every week that makes me happy (take time to watch a sunset, volunteer, get my nails done, read a book, etc)  - Not every week, but yes I did take more time for me (instead of mind numbingly reading through my FB news feed!)

Find a church to go to, go regularly and get involved.
I’m going to the church I have previously worked at and starting to get involved – yay!

Have quiet time w/the Lord. –
I am very proud of this accomplishment.  Right now its only like 5-10 minutes a day. But I am getting there!

Count your blessings.
– Not enough!

Don't be so introverted, keep in contact with family/friends.
– The more you do it, the easier it is.  This past month or two has been a lot better on this.

Make new friends by trying new activities. –
Yes!  Through my tri group and my small group at church I have been meeting people.  Go introverted me

Back to goal #1 all the way up there.  Even though it took me from early July to late November to lose 10 pounds, I am definitely okay with that!  As I've said many times before on this blog, my focus is the to be healthy and increase my fitness level.  In that span of early July to late November, I completed 3 triathlons, a 3K open water swim, a 20 mile bike ride, 39 mile bike ride, and a half marathon.  What a kickass year!  Last year at this time I would have NEVER thought I would complete all of those things, let alone in a span of a few months.  

So, thank you, 2013.  You showed me what strength and determination really are and that even if you are the slowest one in your training group, you are still swimming laps, riding circles, and running marathons around the people who are sitting on the couch.  2014 - let's do this! 


  1. Excellent year for you and what wonderful accomplishments! I love that your friends mom said that! What an amazing kudo!

    And speaking of your swims, I thoroughly enjoyed swimming this year, the few times that I managed to go, I hope to do more of that this coming year!

  2. Love this post!!! First you look great, the comparison photo is great. It is not always about a scale or numbers as you say, you have kicked some major butt this year. Your athletic ability is awesome. Being happy, healthy and active are so much more important.... You are doing awesome and I love this comparison. No one is perfect and certainly when we make yearly goals we know in our hearts we aren't going to achieve all of them perfectly but you did tons of awesome things. Let's get ready for 2014 and do it right~~~

  3. Have a great 2014 and find time for the bike - my favorite exercise.

  4. Love your goals!! What a great list. Yay 2013!

  5. I love seeing what you goals were and your accomplishments. Great post.
    So you went from a 5K to a half Marathon? That's intense. My friends want me to join them for a half marathon at the end of the year, I'm thinking about it, but I'm not committed yet. It just seems like too much. But that's so awesome that you did it.

  6. Congrats on a very solid year! I need to do a recap post of my own, but I have been dragging my feet because I set some really high goals in multiple areas and only achieved a few of them. I may have to focus more on what I DID accomplish (like you did here - congrats on all of it!) so that I don't let what I DIDN'T accomplish get me down. Hang in there and 2014 will be an even better year!

  7. :) you did pretty well and I loved that comment 'half a Melissa' Boy you must be happy!