Thursday, April 24, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Whew, when I don't blog...I don't blog - yikes.  Only half sorry about that.  Well, as my swim coach would say "sorry, not sorry!".

1.  With this blog, and with running and biking, I have had a mentality of "oh, if I do it at all, I have to do a super long catch up post, or 6 miles running, or 15 miles on my bike".  Then I don't do it at all!  I have to remind myself that even a little bit is enough.  I don't have to clear out an entire hour/hour and a half in my schedule to exercise.  Tonight I did 2 miles - 26 mins and I was done!  Enough to feel accomplished and a wee bit tired.

My exercise has been pretty solid these past 2 weeks.  Working out 5/7 days.  Last Saturday I was going to run/bike and I couldn't figure out which.  So instead I laid in my bed and watched Netflix for a couple hours.  :/  I ended up doing yoga in my backyard and it was perfect.  Sunshine plus "afternoon grounding yoga" was awesome.  I have started doing some you tube yoga workouts at home and I love the price and the convenience.

2.  My food has been hit or miss.  Here is a belated "what I ate Wednesday"!

Breakfast (not pictured - duh!):  I had fruit punch Spark and meal re placement shake from my Advo care stash.
Lunch was hummus chicken (again) but w/chicken thighs.  Not joking - 2 stores were out of chicken breasts around here on the day I grocery shopped!  Plus zuchinni basil soup with asiago cheese.  I used a bigger side on the shredder due to laziness and it just isn't the same.  Finely shredded tastes better! (yes it is the same brand of asiago).

2 after lunch chocolates from my admin assistant day gift.  One was walnut yuck - super duper sweet.  The other was dark chocolate carmel goodness.  No, I don't know what the acutal names are! :) 


My old stand by for the couple days before giving blood!  Spinach and red meat to get the iron up!  This is taco salad with ground beef, mushrooms, onions, mango habenero cheddar (ugh, too sweet), salsa, ranch, baby carrots and spinach. 

 Not pictured, but after this "dinner": a lone strawberry, half a piece of SwimKid's pizza, plus the crust of her first piece.  Ugh, weak moment.

3.  I'm signed up for an open water mile race in the middle of June.  Very excited!  There are literally 2 of these races in my mostly land-locked Midwest state.  One opened up for registration in the middle of last month and the other didn't even have their information updated on the website (like  no race date - just saying when last year's was!).  So I signed up for the open water mile.  This other one is up to a 5k - which would be awesome, so I just checked back last week.  And guess what...THEY'RE ON THE SAME EXACT DAY!!!  Ugh, dagger to the heart!  I haven't checked the start time of each yet, so there is a very small, minute chance that I would be able to do both.
The only other thing I'm signed up for right now is my big race of the year which will be an Olympic distance tri at the beginning of August.  It's downtown, which should be flat (thank you Jesus!).  I signed up to be in the Athena category (women over 165lbs - still over 200 right now...onederland soon?).  I had scoured previous year's results and there seems to be 0-3 women in this category every year, so if/when I finish, I would likely place.  Whereas I would definitely not place in my age group.
Still looking for something to do in July. 

Why are there like a million things to do in June and August, but July has like 3 events, none of which I want to do!  Let's see what other adventures await!  

  Some random pics:

After my first outdoor ride of the year - TERRIBLE winds.  7mph never made me feel so tired.
Obligatory dirty legs after cycling photo
These plus tulips were my gift for secretary's day - my department is so generous!


  1. I wish that they had secretary day here in NZ. We never get spoilt like that. So what is hummus chicken? Do you cook it with hummus? It sounds interesting :-)

  2. Haha, I do that all the time - putting off things because I want to do them properly or wholeheartedly, and then the whole thing becomes too big and too overwhelming!

    The salad looks yum :)