Friday, March 6, 2015

Healed the name of Jesus!

That's an inside joke.  My dad does some amazing impressions of TV evangelists.  I'm sorry you all don't get to see it.  I'm always doubled over laughing when he does it. foot is healed!

So far this year, I've done plenty of yoga, 2 bike sessions, 2 runs, and countless swims.  yeah, a lil bit lazy!!!

Around August, I was holding steady at 192, but a couple of trips to Cleveland and the holidays later, I actually saw 202 on the scale.  And that didn't make me happy.  I did feel more sluggish and my clothes weren't fitting as well.  I put in a couple of weeks of hard work and was down to 198.  I decided to do another Adv*ocare Cleanse (I had done one last year).

I stuck to the cleanse really well and lost 6 pounds in 10 days, back to 192!  I think the part that frustrated me the most is that at 192, I am only 2 pounds away from 100 pounds lost.  You would think that would be motivation, but I guess it's not.

I love where I live now, but I'll be honest, I'm a little bummed when talking about tri training.  Where I lived before in the 'burbs was ideal for tri training.  Bike lanes, wide sidewalks, trails.  Here in my part of the city, we don't have any sidewalks.  I can get to the main trail in town, but I have to take the road with no sidewalks.  I haven't done that yet because that really scares me.  especially with the amount of potholes we have right now. 

I don't feel as motivated last year and that's partly because I'm lazy and partly because I'm busier.

*cookie break*

Oh, uh, yeah.  My eating is not that great!  I'd better get on that.  :)  I don't need to do anything new, I just need to do what I know.  Plan my meals and snacks and stick to them.

Good things:  getting faster at swimming.
plenty of NSVs
enjoying life

Awe, swim kid, my niece, is growing up fast!
Chilly but beautiful mornings
I don't know why I love this meal so much.  Eggs, peas, cilantro, garlic, dill, sea salt. 
30th Bday Selfie


  1. Happy belated birthday! Bahaha, I bet your dad's impressions are amazing. I think you can look at "heat maps" on Strava or Garmin Connect to see what the most used bike routes/roads are in your new area. It's really helpful to know which roads cars expect to see cyclists on when there aren't better options like sidewalks.

  2. These type of food is what I crave for. I know its been a long time since I had something like that to eat. Thank you for opening my mind and having someone like you to point me to the right direction. From now on, am gonna be healthy.