Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taking The Plunge

Ah, I can't believe it, but I'm at that place now...

I just signed up for not one, but TWO triathlons!!!

My first one is August 10th and is a women's only tri out in the country in a town I've never heard of.  This one is an open water swim.  And the logo/mascot is pretty awesome!

Can I be her when I grow up?

The second one will be September 22 at the YMCA/nearby state park that I "train" at every week.  To know the course so well, it was kind of a no-brainer!  This one is a pool swim.

It was important to me to pick more than 1 race because I wanted to do both a pool and open water swim.  And I like that they are so different.

The pool swim make me nervous because you have to swim a lap in each of the 7 lanes (350 yds).  So they ask for your estimated time.  Holy crap that scares me the most.  You don't want to be stuck behind someone and have to try to swim around them, but you also don't want people to try to swim over you.  I did my best guess and I really wanted to put a more conservative time, but I don't want to be running into people's feet!  The time that I put would put me (compared to the same tri they had there in May) in the top 20 for the swim (out of 170 people).  Uh, okay.  So maybe I will get in the pool this weekend and have a little time trial to see how close I can get to that time I put down.  *Gulp!*

I'm nervous, excited and about $150 poorer - but I'm ready for the ride!

Time to go tackle that 3 week training plan :)

Do you prefer a pool swim or an open water swim?  I prefer the "able to see" aspect of the pool, but the "wide, open spaces"aspect of open water!

What was/will be your first triathlon?  I've done a tri that each sport was timed, the Super Tri, but I think that you can combine any 3 sports and make a fantastic triathlon.  I would love to throw kayaking in there somewhere!


  1. Cool! Good luck! I hate how expensive triathlons are...! If they weren't, I would register for a ton! My first is July 28th. So soon! My blog friend Janet at just did her first 2 tris, one open water and one pool....she said the pool one was a cluster***k! I'm jealous of your swimming skillz btw! I was 74/86! Or maybe 76/84...I don't remember....

  2. Good luck! You will be awesome. I would like to do a triathlon one day, but I would need to get a bike first.

  3. That's pretty awesome, good luck with them both! You'll do great I'm sure. Love the pool, but I think I swim pretty slowly... ahh!
    Keep up the great work.