Monday, July 1, 2013

A Soup for Summer

I was excited to try a new summer recipe!  People think soups are just for winter, but they're not.  They're lovely any time of the year!  Soup and a light side work wonderfully for summer.  I was chomping at the bit to get to the weekend so I could try this recipe. I didn't anticipate on my weekend being this busy, but I was glad I could fit it in!

Yesterday, I worked at the church for 6 hours.  And it is at least 15 mins away - each way, so I spent over 7 hours doing that, which left me little time to accomplish what I wanted - cleaning and cooking!  I had to put a few recipes off for another day, but there were two that I had to get to!  I was making a 7 layer salad, pretty much from memory (lettuce, peas, bacon, eggs, cucumber, carrots, red onion, and a mayo/sugar "dressing").  I worked on that on and off, inbetween this amazing recipe from the lovely blog, Potatoes and Pilates

Sweet, sweet baby Jesus, am I glad I found this recipe.  I love soups and this one DID NOT disappoint! 

First off, it was super (souper?) easy.  I failed to have garlic on hand, so I skipped that, but the onion and zucchini part took no time at all.  After that finished cooking, I set it aside and head to church to work their night service.  When I came back, the soup was cooled and ready to blend!

I honestly forgot how good fresh basil is.  The aroma is nearly intoxicating.  And it also reminds me of the meal inbetween a rare episode of day drinking and a crazy night out that left me sleeping in my swim suit...but that's a story for another day!  The basil adds the life to this soup.

Normally, I would have totally skipped the asiago cheese, as I'm not really a fan of cheese (except you, feta), however...We got a fancy schmancy new grocery store that is, in my opinion, very similar to Whole Foods, near my house and they had Free _____ coupons w/$5 purchase.  Earlier in the week, I got a free watermelon when I bought some sushi for dinner.  It was the last day for my free whole chicken coupon to be used, so I got some asiago to shred.  $10.97 chicken for free and I had myself some cheese too! 

My final product!

Let me tell you, that asiago cheese should NOT be optional, it should be mandatory.  Sooo soo so good!  It was such a wonderful, complimentary contrast to the soup.  Perfect!  My soup was a little cooler than eatting temp since I let it sit while I was at work, so I put it back on the stove while I was working on that seven layer salad.  Every time I passed the stove I would sneak a spoonful "just to check the temperature". haha!  I had 1 and a half giant bowls of this soup in the end and I had it again for lunch today.

It was one of those lunches where you sit with your face 2 inches over the bowl so you can keep shoveling it in.  Not very ladylike, but who cares, I adore this soup!

Thanks again Potatoes and Pilates!  I will be sure to try your asparagus and mint soup next - I kept forgetting the asparagus whenever I went to the grocery this weekend!

If anyone grows these things in their gardens, I'm sure this would be an AMAZING fresh summer soup!

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