Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Yummin'

Get it? Like "Summer Lovin'"? :) Such a cheese ball...
Anyway, I wanted to take a min to highlight some of yummy foods I have been lovin' on this summer.

Summer Food Essentials - Aldi has been my place this summer for food shopping. So cheap!
Chicken - 1 package of 2-3 chicken breasts, usually cooked in the crock pot
Grapes - Perfect as a snack or part of my meal (and at $2.99 for 2 lbs, can't beat that!) Hummus - Mmmmmm. The availability is hit or miss at Aldi. I'm sad when it is a miss! Veggie straws - pretty good by themselves, THE BOMB when they are dipped in hummus. Favorite meal accompaniment!
Eggs Benedicts on buttered toast, sometimes with bacon - I went 28 years of life not having my eggs any other way than scrambled. Then a few weeks ago I thought "hmm...eggs benedict sounds like it could be good". I have never been more right! I eat this for dinner at least 3 times a week with a little sea salt and pepper on top. Although my eggs often end up a soft boil rather than true eggs benedict, it is still delicious.

Nice to Haves
Zucchini Basil Soup - I've made it 3 times in the past month!
Veggie & Cheese Quiche - My faves, onion, green pepper, and mushroom.
Waffles (or pancakes) and Sausage for breakfast (no syrup, eaten pig in a blanket style) Taco Salad w/rotissere chicken instead of ground beef (that substitution was pure laziness and me not wanting to cook the ground beef)
Homemade falafel and pita - a little labor intensive (at least for me) but SO worth it!
 A few subway sandwiches - tuna on honey oat

Tuna on Honey Oat - over this already!


Homemade Falafel and Pita w/spinach

The amazingly delicious zuchinni basil soup

Showing my hand at how terrible I am at making from scratch pancakes. They were pretty dense!

Need to get rid of: Sweets! Probably the reason I only dropped 0.4 last month! :) I picked a week (last week) and ordered it no sweets or caffeine. haha oh life, well I couldn't avoid the caffeine. I worked out a couple of times in the morning last week and was almost asleep at my desk at 4pm. Not cool. So I allowed that. I skipped an ice cream social at work (5 ft from my desk!), which was a good thing to skip. Then I babysat for the people that have the big candy stash, and that wasn't that tempting either. Although, I came into work on Saturday and had some leftover ice cream. I didn't feel that bad about it though. I had done pilates that morning and a couple hours later I biked 10.4 mi and ran 2.5, and then crawled into bed. So tired! I've been working hard-ish bc my tri is coming up on the 10th! I want to finish strong!

 This weekend is full of craziness including driving 2 hrs to pick up TeenSwimSis and going to the drive in, last long workout before the tri, a fabulous concert, and working 8 hours at the church on Sunday (not so thrilled about that, but I will manage!). I haven't reported my weight in a while, but it's been a little crazy this month. The weekend before the no sweets week, I bought a binge item for me. It was for reals bad and I started that no sweets week at 230.0. This morning I was at 224.4, so I need to keep it in moderation or my brain will play tricks on me (like getting that binge item(s)!


  1. awesome jobs..sweets get to me too! sweets and cheetos -- i just can't win.

  2. That quiche sounds so good right now. An ice-cream social that close to your desk is outright torture. Way to go with the training. Good luck with your upcoming triathlon.