Sunday, May 3, 2015

Triathlon Training Weeks 1 and 2

The first two weeks are down!  I'll be honest, I feel half hearted at this point, but hey, I will press on :)

Week 1:
Needed: 2 - 20-30 minute biking, 2 - 20 minute runs, 2 - 15 minute swims

Monday: 1 hour swim
Tuesday: 25 minute bike, 30 minute run
Thursday: 25 minute bike, 30 minute run

I was really liked doing my runs from last year with my run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute ratio, so I've stuck with that for now.  I did my biking and running inside, in the morning, as it was still chilly this week.

Week 2:
Needed: 1 - 20 minute bike, 1-30 minute bike, 2 - 20 minute runs, 2 - 20 minute swims

Monday: 1 hour bike
Tuesday: 54 minute run
Wednesday: 1 hour swim
Friday: 1 hour swim

I decided that it would be no harm in combining what I was supposed to do into one session at this juncture.  That's why I only rode my bike and ran once.  I wanted to get in a full 40 minutes of running, so I did 3 min warm up walk, ran 4 mins, walked 1 x 10, warm down 2 minutes.  The last 5 minutes were awful.  5 minutes before I was done, the treadmill next to me was occupied by a man who smelled strongly of axe body spray.  Which was gross, but then I got a whiff of what he was trying to cover up - pot.  I had to breathe through my mouth the last few minutes, it was so gross!

There was a crazy big half marathon in town on Saturday, so the rest of the people I swim with on Friday morning (from my triathlon group) were resting up.  We usually do mostly freestyle, but my coach let me do more of other strokes.  I warmed up 400 yds, 10 x 100yds odds IM, evens freestyle, 50yds slow, 20 x 25yds 5 butterfly, 5 backstroke, 5 breaststroke, 5 freestyle odds easy, evens hard, 250 yds cool down.  Man, I was really tired after that workout!

This next week I'm taking a couple of days to hang out in the windy city, so I will have to be creative in fitting my workouts in!


  1. I love to swim, but I can't imagine doing it for an hour straight! Great job! Keep it up!

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