Monday, November 26, 2012

HBBC - Week 1 - Complete!

I've never done a "challenge" type thing before, but this one seemed good and I could get in and go on my own pace.  Here is what my week shaped up to be:

Monday:  A little swim instruction for my sweet niece (no HBBC points, just love to be w/that kid!) and then 45 Pilates class with a sub instructor who TOTALLY kicked our booties. (see what I did there?) Definitely a lot of Level 1 stuff, not a lot of beginner moves (it was the beginner class!) 45 mins of Pilates was 2.25 points.

Tuesday:  I bought a Living Social deal for Yoga.  The place is a couple miles from my work and promised that Beginner 1 would be super basic, which is what I wanted.  I paid $45 for 6 weeks of umlimited classes.  There are 4 options for classes I could go to each week, but I think I will stick with 2.  Class was great and I'm glad I've added Yoga to the mix now! Class was 1 hr 15 mins so that was 3.75 points.

I had to grocery shop for sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner and I went to CVS to do some of their Black Friday week deals (OMG love!).  After an epic dinner fail and the arrival of my dad and TeenSwimSis, we went to get our packets for the 5K that was on Thanksgiving morning.  TeenSwimSis was being such a B about not wanting to do it - flat out refusing.  I took a call and stepped out of the packet pick up area for a minute and I came back in where my father had bought TeenSwimSis a cupcake.  She stated that she would do the 5K for this cupcake.  Ugh, you mean all of that yelling could have been avoided for a cupcake?  :) 

Race day!  My second 5K and I had trained some,  but not necessarily well enough I just wanted to finish! I will do a separate post on the race, but my time was 44:02, which is 2 mins 37 seconds faster than this summer!  I got 3.1 points for that and 2 bonus points for getting my fam active!

Friday:  Black Friday.  I had zero obligations. No work.  No planned workouts.  Just me, my jammies, netflix, and some games/books on my Kindle Fire.  This is when I wrote down my week 1 goal for HBBC - To only overeat once!  We didn't have any leftovers from Thanksgiving, so I thought I was safe, but then SwimSis decided we needed Thanksgiving 2.0.  That got me up and cooking (but still in my jammies!).  We made green bean casserole (fresh green beans), sweet potatoes, ham, a pie, and I made deviled eggs.  I am getting pretty good at timing how long they need to cook!  They looked perfect this time. I made us all eat on salad plates as to not overdo it too much.  Plus I had 8am Pilates on Saturday, so I know I defiintely did not want to overdo it.  No exercise on Friday, but I loooooved not doing ANYTHING. 

Saturday:  I went to my 8am Pilates class at the Y and it, again, kicked my butt.  Teasers on the bosu ball never fail to leave me sore for days!  I went into work for a little while and then hit up the 10:30am Yoga class that is near my work.  It was the same moves/cirriculum as the Tuesday class, but a different instructor, which I appreciated the double perspective on Yoga.  I'm not sure I did anything else on Saturday besides some laundry.  I did finish a book on my Kindle.  I only "buy" free books.  This one was 95% anticipation and then the resolve was 5%.  Love story. sheesh.  Will she, won't she? Well, she does and they live happily ever after was basically the ending.  I got 3pts for Pilates and 3.25 for Yoga and zero points for whining about my free book.

Sunday:  I had to deliver TeenSwimSis at the half way point between my dad's house and ours. Before working at the church.  My car is having power steering issues, ugh! So I was in a hurry to get back with SwimSis' car.  When I got there, my dad was 15 mins away, so I left her at Panera and booked it back!  I ate a Cinnamon Crunch bagel and half an individual serving of cream cheese.   I made it to the church and was there for 4 hours in my new (to me) classroom.  I had a kid's size Starbucks coffee and a dixie cup of animal crackers while I was there.  I know 5 hours at the church leaves me exhausted, but 4 was feeling doable.  A different YMCA is about a mile from the church, so I stopped in for a swim!  I only planned to do the 2400 yard workout, but I was feeling good and finished the 3200 yard workout.  It was this workout.  That 1250 ladder was SO hard!  It was 1 length easy, 1 length hard, 2 lengths easy, 2 lengths hard, up to 5 and then back down again.  Near the end I was so tired I was seriously seeing things.  Like images of Disney villans popped in my head.  It was so strange.  I was so glad to be done with that portion!  1250 continuous swimming, 24 mins 30 seconds.  About on the nose.  I feel like the next 700 yards I did of kicking/pulling took the same amount of time!  I'm glad to have got it in though!  I went to the grocery afterwards and didn't have lunch/dinner till 5pm!  I was so ready for bed by 7pm! I got 8 points for swimming an hour and twenty minutes. 

I took a pic after my swim, can't really tell how exhausted I was!

I think I ended the week with 38.25 points if you count my bonus points.

I'm VERY happy that this challenge is encouraging me into doing more activity!

Did anyone see their activity level move either way last week?  Holiday weeks are so tricky!


  1. way to go on a variety of workouts!! I think I did a little more because we had extra time and no family here :(

    1. Thanks! Although you didn't have family over Thanksgiving, you did well filling that extra time with more activity!

  2. My level was up quite a bit as I was encouraged by all the activity I was seeing on HBBC FB page. Awesome! Doing alright this week, but not AS well as last week! Weird. haha!