Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Proud Swim Aunt

Soooo I made this happen today:

Ugh so freakin' cute!  We (SwimSis, SwimTot & me) went to TeenSwimSis' swim meet this weekend.  During the last warm up time of the weekend, SwimTot told me she wanted to swim like those big kids, but she didn't know how.  Well twist my arm!  I told her that she had to wear her goggles and I would give her a swim cap, any color she wanted (as I have a rainbow's selection of swim caps!).  She chose purple and we were in a time crunch, so we only got about 20 minutes of actual instruction.  She did really well.  She is probably better at backstroke because her freestyle is a mess.  I was trying to teach her to swim a little, take a breath, keep swimming, take a breath, etc.  She would swim as far as she could holding her breath and then come up gasping.  Every time!  Booger!

I also got this at TeenSwimSis' meet:

Sooooo excited!!!!  My only question is why I haven't seen this sooner!

drooling over all those lanes!

I am also doing the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge! that started today yesterday.

 I'm excited to rack up some points and a loss or at least no gain!  I'm still slightly confused about the whole thing, but hopefully I can figure it out!

Speaking of not gaining, I also joined a program at the Y called the "Zero Gain Campaign".  I paid $10 and weighed in last Monday and if I stay the same or lose weight by the second week of the new year, I get a $25 program credit (which is just a few bucks shy of a Pilates class!).  Totes worth it.  I was having such a bad weight day Monday (I had salty foods over the weekend).  I honestly saw my weight go up by 2 pounds Sunday and Monday!  I thought I might as well weigh in with the additional water weight!  haha Luckily I backed off the salt, inhaled the water, and saw this number on Friday morning:


WHAT WHAT!  FINALLY got past the last couple of pounds to make it -30 lbs offical!  I bought myself a "prize" about a month and a half ago and it has been staring at me from my closet...

New sheets!  And I made TeenSwimSis bring me my comforter/duvet that I had in college that is also green/blue.  Now just to find the energy to put them on the bed! :)  

So life is pretty good over here!  3 day work week, can't beat that!  oh, and I am doing my first yoga class tomorrow...nervous!

PS got asked if I lost weight yesterday!!!!!!   This lady I worked with asked me because she said my pants looked baggy in the bum area.  I was calm when I was talking to her (she has lost a lot of weight herself) but when I left her office I may have squealed and clapped my hands like an idiot :)


  1. Doing the happy dance for you here!!! Love the challenges you have out there for yourself for the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Thanks Tina, I'm having a lot of fun! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!