Monday, November 12, 2012

In Which I Step on the World’s Cutest Dog…

On Sunday I didn’t have to be at the church until 9:30 (as opposed to my normal 8:30) and I knew it would be the last nice weather day for  possibly an entire 4 or 5 months, so I thought I would head out for a run before going to watch the kiddos at church. 
I dressed in some old navy running capris, a tank top, and a tshirt.  It was a little chilly for that, but I saw plenty of people with shirts/sweatshirts wrapped around their waists already.  So I wanted to run in the woods, but also around the picturesque ponds next to the community center so I knew I would have to make it quick!  Around the community center trails/meadows, the paths are paved with a yellow line down the middle.  The space is probably 3-4 feet on each side of the line.  So I’m doing my warm up walk on the far side of the meadows and the trail has access to a subdivision.  Out of this subdivision path comes this woman, in a winter coat (my point here is that she was not going out for a run) and the world’s cutest dog.  A puppy.  One of those that are on those AWFUL Disney movies like this:

LIke the one on the right, but smaller and with a white coat.

 So they get on the trail about 50 yards from me, coming towards me.  At this point, I am in this state of mind that is sort of “OMG this morning is so beautiful, this place is gorgeous, I’m getting in my exercise first thing, etc”.  When they are 20-30 yards away from me, the woman starts running as does the dog.  But this is a little puppy.  On a regular leash, not a retractable one.  So about 10 yards from me, this puppy is almost off the path on my side.  As they come towards me, I stop because she is making NO attempt to get the puppy to her side/not trip me with the leash.  As is obvious already, I AM NOT an animal person.  But I try to be nice I say to the puppy “Oh, you’re just so excited!” and as I try to step over the leash to keep on going, it follows and has it’s paw underneath my heel before I could realize it.  So the poor thing yelps because this 250lb lady just stepped on its paw a bit.  So I turn around to see what the lady’s reaction is (and give my "Oh no, I"m so sorry"/horrified face) and she just smiles, shrugs her shoulders, does a half wave and goes on in the direction she was going. 
It was absolutely one of those moments in life where you go “Did that REALLY happen?”  “Is this real life?” because it was so absurd.  And then I spent the remainder of the run feeling guilty that I stepped on the world’s cutest puppy.  Running in the woods helped a bit, but I am a person who holds on to a guilty feeling far longer than I should (and I’m not even Catholic!  Haha most of my fam is so please don’t take that personally!).  I still feel bad.  Stupid lady…do you not know that trail is the MOST travelled in the area?  Geez I wonder if it happened to anyone else she encountered. 

Today I am sore from that run and from Pilates where not only did we do our regular torture exercises, we did most of them on a Bosu ball. 
haha I am NEVER this graceful!

Meaning it was harder to stabilize myself while doing these.  Last time I did the Pilates roll up

with a weight that the instructor gave me, but this time I got my own.  And it was too heavy.  So while I was accomplishing them, my shoulders/arms were angry about the 10 lbs that I was lifting.  I think I pushed myself a lot, but not as much as I did in the first class.  I want my muscles to be shaking before I rest, not just tired.  Except in the case of the roll up, because having the weight overhead...I would just like to keep steady arms for that one!  She killed us with inner/outer thigh work in the end.  The good thing was that I did not worry about there being a weight limit! Haha I thought about it once or twice, but I figured if I could sit on there Indian style, then I was fine.  There was a very fit lady next to me this time, but she had very little Pilates experience so it was nice to see someone struggle as much as me!
So that was my weekend in a workout nutshell. 
Anyone else have any “OMG did that really happen?” running moments?


  1. Haha That's awesome you are doing that..I don;t think i could handle that Bosu Ball. Great job! hahah I Love reading your posts, you are so funny.
    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. I'm starting to have a love/hate relationship with the Bosu ball. Thanks for reading Ms. Wallflower, I love reading your blog too!