Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gaining Perspective

As I'm sure you can garner from my not-so-witty title, I had a gain this week:

Last week:  241.8
This week:  245.6

(Sweet baby Jesus!  Sorry for anyone who read that when it stated I was in the 140s, not 240s.  Lawd!)

Holy smoke bombs, that is terrible!  Like BAD BAD BAD. 

Guess what else was bad:  My eatting!  Cookies, candy, cake, you name it, it was mine.  And my fitness activity only saw 2.5 hrs of swimming (one massive 1.5 hr session Monday, 1 hr on Wednesday), my hour of Pilates on Saturday, and that was it for the week.  Boo hiss. 

I didn't stop when I saw that # on Friday either.  Friday was a flurry of activity, Saturday was SwimTot's 5th bday party, and Sunday I worked 6 hrs with a not so nice fast food break in the middle.

I'm done thinking I NEED things or I deserve a piece of this or a piece of that.  Lame talk is all that is.  I won't EVER confess to being perfect, but why not put a little effort into it EmDub?

However, the week was not a loss!

I had two amazing, wonderful Non-Scale Victories that I would love to share (and that I'm super proud of!).

One was concerning a particular pair of pants.  Last year when I worked a few days at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, they told me on Friday night that I needed khakis for Saturday morning.  I ran to Target and got the largest size they had: 24s.  But the thing was, they didn't fit.  They didn't zip up all the way.  I wore them that way because I had to.  I just made sure to have a super long shirt or a coat on at all times to hide my half way zipped pants.

After that, I threw them in the closet and decided I would take them out again after a year and HOPED that they would fit. I tried them on and they were perfect!  I was very, very happy about that!

Random photo of a HUGE blueberry.  Yum!

My other NSV this week comes from the wide world of Pilates.  Specifically, the "Pilates Roll Up".  It goes a little something like this: 

So, basically a sit up with your legs flat.  Let me tell you that the first time I tried it, in the summer, girl couldn't even get far from "2" in the image above.  When I started Pilates 1 in the fall, I used a 5 pound hand weight (one hand on each end of the weight) for stability.  But last week I was thinking "hey, I bet I could do those without a weight".  So my boss was out for the afternoon and I went into her office and tried...success!  And then of course I had to go home and show SwimSis and make a mini-competition out of it :)

So Saturday we were in Pilates class and I was doing them w/o the weight and I mentioned it to my teach when she passed by and of course she announced it to the class (which was 3 other people lol).  But they were really supportive and told me that it was months before they could do one unassisted, too. 

In the past couple of weeks there have been some deaths around me, but none of people I knew.  There was a drive by shooting a couple hundred feet from our building where a 19 year old died.  And then early in the AM on Saturday, 2 of our people who were on duty at work were hit and killed by a drunk driver in a really terrible accident.  22 and 24 years old.  They work in a different branch of the company than I do, so I did not know them personally.  It has kinda put me in a haze, but then again, it inspires me to live with purpose and get the most out of this ride called life. 

My goal this week is to live with purpose and put forth the effort to live my life and not just have it pass me by.

What inspires you?

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