Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pick n' Choose

In January, I felt like I was at a crossroads in my relationship with fitness.  I had just completed the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (while losing 8lbs over the holidays, thankyouverymuch!) and had done a lot of new to me activities.  But I knew that the time would come when I would have to commit to some activity and not just keep grazing.  I needed to really come into my own in one area of fitness, stick with it, and hopefully make some friends along the way.

At the beginning of February, I signed up for the Super Tri (held just before super bowl Sunday) on 
a whim.  As I said in the post I wrote, I was able to meet the aquatics director a couple of days before and I got to meet several of the Tri Fit coaches.  There was one who kept telling me I was a good swimmer and asked me to check out a practice of theirs.   

Which is easier said than done.  I can suffer from some social anxiety, so I have to act brave and tell myself that "It will only be awkward if you make it awkward!".  I got there early and swam about 1000 yards before I was asked to move lanes so they could have it for the Tri Fit group.  I said something to the effect of "Oh, I met you on Saturday, would you mind if I joined you?".  To which the Coach (Jeff) remember my name, made me feel welcome, and gave me some drills to do so he could assess my swimming.  

I made it to another practice or two and Coach Jeff was REALLY testing me.  Long swims with 5 seconds rest in between...what a tease!  5 seconds is just a couple breaths in a row. :)  I decided that this would be good for me and Coach Jeff's coaching style was pretty good so far, so I joined!  I highlighted a few reasons here as to why I joined at this Y.  The club is still in the beginning stages, so there are only organized swim practices right now, but they are looking to expand.  I'm excited about running and possibly biking with other people.  

Below if an email from Jeff to me and back, outlining some goals for the club.  I had to have a couple of days to think about it and this is what I came up with:

Hi EmDub,
I'm getting info from everyone so I can write a training plan for each one of you.  If you could tell me what training (swim, bike, run, and strength) you have been doing the last couple of weeks and what races you were planning on doing.  Also any input on what you are looking to get out of Trifit.  

Hi Jeff,

I just started working on my fitness in the past year, so there's lots of room for improvement for me!

Swimming:  I try to do 2200-2400 yds twice a week.  Sometimes I throw in a third swim or make one of those swim around 3200 yds if I am feeling ambitious. 

What I am looking to get out of it:  Obviously to be faster and building my endurance.  My technique is pretty good, but not flawless.  I am wanting to do one or two open water races this year (not signed up for any, yet).

Biking: Uh...spinning at the Super Tri at the beginning of the month?!?  My weakest area, don't own a bike (yet), and the Super Tri was my first time on a spin bike. 

What I am looking to get out of it:  Actually get on a bike/not fear the bike/don't crash.

Running:  Honestly, haven't done it since the Super Tri either, but I like running outside when the weather is nice(r).  I have done a couple of 5Ks in the past year.

What I am looking to get out of it:  I am hoping to run a 5K w/o stopping this year, and maybe do a longer distance race, perhaps a 10K (not signed up for any, yet).

Strength:  I don't currently lift, but I have done some weight machine circuits in the past, but as soon as the weather was nice last year, I ditched the Y to be outside :)  I take Pilates class at the "YMCA B" every week and I do hot yoga a couple of times a month.

What I am looking to get out of it:  Nothing specific, but I really like the concept and that it can help me improve in the above categories.

With Tri Fit, I am hoping to improve my fitness and work towards some small goals that I have mentioned.  I am needing something where I know I am already booked to workout/can't easily skip it.  Also, if I am legitimately unable to make a practice, if I can know what I would have done in that practice/should be doing so that I can make it up on my own if I am able. 

So far, I have had a positive experience.  Swimming is my strong suit and I feel like I have been challenged by doing things I'm not particularly fond of , like sprints or the ladder swims with little rest in between.  I appreciate the challenge and I know when you mention something that doesn't sound fun (like 25 sprints) , that I should do it anyway because it is probably a weak spot for me.

Part of me just wanted to be like "I don't know what I'm capable of, but I am excited to find out"!

Around the same time I joined, I also went to church for the first time in a couple of months.  I mean, I do work at a church every weekend, but I don't attend services.  They started a 5pm service and I wasn't schedule to work childcare, so I went.  On the drive there, I thought of a million reasons that I could turn back or go to Target instead of church, etc.  New people and things - eek!  I got there a minute or two late and was SUPER nervous.  I walked in and one of the greeters was one of my kid's mom, and the usher was one of my kid's dad.  It was so great and the service was really encouraging.  It has been very hard to go to a church, especially by myself.  I guess God knew what he was doing putting me in a childcare job at that church 6 months ago!

Those were some HUGE NSVs for me.  The journey is not just about improving my body, it is about improving myself and meeting some great people along the way.  Instead of having food as a friend, I am breaking out of my shell/comfort zone and it feels scary but good!
What makes you nervous?  Good looking men.  People invading my bubble.

Have you every had social anxiety where you totally missed out on something?  Guilty!  I can name several things that I skipped out on completely, or even got in the car to go there and turned back before I got there, or could not get out of my car once I was there.   

PS If you would like to sign up for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge, please do so!  You can read all about it here.  If you decide to join, tell them EmDub sent ya! PPS:  I chose the level where you get a chance to win prizes.  If there's anything this girl loves more than getting in shape - it's getting things for free! :)

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