Saturday, February 23, 2013

The ABC's of the YMCA

Hi everyone!  I've had a crazy February with busy weekends!  I did Pilates and Heated Slow Flow (Yoga) this morning and now I have NOTHING to do for the rest of the day.  Score!

I live in a fairly big city, as far as the Midwest is concerned.  There are plenty of YMCAs to go to, and I do frequent a couple on a weekly basis.  Here is the run down of the ones I use every week!  *Note, my views of these YMCAs are likely skewed from a swimming perspective! :)


Sorry they were just filling it up after repairs (aka I pulled all these pics from FB)

This YMCA is where it all started last year!  I signed up on St. Patrick's Day and got really nervous because I would now have to use my new membership!  Of course I swam in this lovely pool, but also walked on the treadmill, lifted weights, rode the recumbent bike, and did the rowing machine.  It is also where I took my first group class, which was Pilates for Beginners.  I remember it feeling sooo hard!  The staff here is always super friendly and awesome. Oh, and they have a Subway inside, yum!  This location was really convenient when it was 5 mins from my house, but moving last August made it more like 15 mins away.  I swim here sometimes on Sundays because it is about a mile from the church that I work at.

Pool: 3 pools.  1 lap pool (7) lanes, always a smidge too hot.  1 "program pool" that is warmer, but probably on 10-15 yards long and 4 feet deep aka not lap swim friendly. 1 outdoor pool that has 2, 25 yard lap lanes.


This YMCA is about 10 minutes from my current location.  I actually worked here for a couple of months in college as a swim instructor and lifeguard.  I NEVER worked out/got past the pool when I worked there...lame!  This is the location where I swam mornings at the end of summer in their 50 yard outdoor pool.  Swimming under the stars, there's nothing like it!!!  This is where I take my Pilates 1 class on Saturday mornings.  I've never used their treadmills, weights, etc because it is always swamped!  I do love that their locker rooms are so spacious!  They have a big screen TV, couches, a treadmill, elliptical, free weights, yoga mats, stability balls, etc for use here too.  Oh, and a sauna and hot tub just for the ladies.  The best locker room around! 

Pool:  2 pools.  1 lap pool (5 lanes), always SOOO freakin' hot.  Their only indoor pool, so they keep it warmer for swim lessons/water aerobics, etc.  1 outdoor pool (50 yards) ? lanes in that pool.  The outdoor pool is currently under construction.


Program pool - Lap pool is behind the lifeguards

Ah, my mecca!  This YMCA is about 20 minutes from my work and 20 minutes from home (If you put the three on a map, it would make a triangle!). Some people think I'm crazy for going over that far, but seriously love this pool! I first went here because I saw they had lap swimming at a good time for me after was love at first dip!  The water was cool.  Like cold when you got in, but when you were working up a sweat, it doesn't feel overly hot.  The water is crystal clear and there are 7 lanes in the lap pool.  This is the YMCA where I did my "Super Tri".   I just signed up for the "Tri Fit" or whatever it is called.  I was asked to think about joining the Triathlete Club at YMCA "B" a couple of months ago, but there are several reasons why I didn't.  Right now, this Tri Fit is in the beginning stages and only swims together.  They are hoping to add running and biking portions in the spring.  That feels good to me because I am cool w/the swimming but need help with the rest!  Plus I really like having a coach/"teammates".  The locker room is terribly small and crowded.  You could fit 4 of these in one YMCA "B" locker room.  Fun fact:  It sits on an old military base.  Although it is not it's proper name, I call Fort ____ Y!

Pool:  3 pools.  1 indoor pool with 7 lap lanes.  1 "program" pool that is the exact same size as the lap pool, but a few degrees warmer and not as deep.  1 outdoor pool with 4 lap lanes, also 25 yards.


COMING SOON!!!  Like summer time, I think.  Yay right by my work too (i took this pic out of my boss' window on a day that started in thunderstorms and ended in snow.  This was a few minutes of sunlight around noon).  I'm VERY excited to see what comes out of this YMCA.  Like I mentioned in my last post, this isn't the best neighborhood, but people are working on it.  I'm hoping this YMCA will be something that the community can build on.  I'm very excited about working out with some of my co-workers.  We have a lot of very fit people (our CEO is running Boston), but also a lot of people who are not so fit.

Pool: 1?  From what I know, they are planning an outdoor pool, but are not building it at this time.  Wah, wah, wahhhhhhhh.  However, they are building a track that will be shared with a nearby school.  Excited for kids to be able to play/run OUTSIDE! 

I think the YMCA is such a great organization and I've been a part of it in so many different ways.  I'm excited that it has helped me achieve several of my goals and I cannot wait to see the fun that is to come!

Oh, and before I forget...

Here's my weight update:

Last week:  245.6
This week:  241.2

Oh Lord, this weighing in thing  is ridiculous.  That looks like a big drop, but it is down 0.7lbs from 2 weeks ago. 

Do you work out at multiple places?

Any other fans of the YMCA?


  1. Congrats on the loss!! :) " love at first dip.." hhahah YMCA "C" looks pretty great! It's interesting to see them all. I also go to the Y near my's pretty small but just got all new machines. :)
    Keep up the great work.

  2. I'm about to move cities to a colder place so I think I'll be looking for a gym rather than a pool. Even if it's heated, you still have to deal with wet hair.

    Also, your loss is good even though you went up before you came down again. Don't punish yourself - you're going in the right direction again :)

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower. I love the Y. I worked out at mine for the longest time, well until I got married and joined my husband's gym. I'll always be a Y girl at heart though.

    xo Ami
    a champagne dream