Monday, May 20, 2013

What's In A Name?

What's in a name?  That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

Oh Shakespeare, you get me. 

So for a long while now, I've been on this blog as EmDub.  Obviously that's not a full name, nor even one that can give you a solid lead you to what my name actually is.  Just a nickname of sorts.

Did you think my name was Emily?

That's okay, others did too. 

I really like the name Emily, but nope.

About 2 years ago, I was unemployed, sometimes working a couple weeks a month temping, obviously with a lot of time on my hands.  So I got into moderate couponing (I wasn't so extreme).  I would get loads of stuff for little money and I thought it was super awesome. (My favorite was a leather flasked engraved with my initials - from a tobacco company, ha!) I thought "I could start a blog about that" (the couponing, not the flask).  So I opened a blogger account and never started the blog.  15 months ago when I went to start this blog, I signed into blogger and there it was from months previous "EmDub".  So I rolled with it.  I mean, I'm not going to put my first and last name because I like some privacy.  But I know at the time my student loan company was making regular calls to my phone, so remaining so anonymous seemed like a good idea. 

So I just kept it "EmDub".  You see, my family often takes to calling each other by the first letter of their first name.  I get called "Em" or "M" quite a bit.   And some friends call me by my initals.  So MW is "EmDub" (or "EmDubyuh" depending on the accent of said friend!). 

Quite an easy explaination.  I'm slightly sorry if you thought my name was Emily, but eh. 

So here we go:

Hi, my name is Melissa.

This next time or two you read my blog might be like when you get on Facebook and someone got married and changed their last name and you have no idea who they are, but then you look at their profile and you remember (and maybe say "He married HER???").  It could be like that.  Or not remotely at all like that.

If you're thinking "Why now?", well, I've been thinking about it for a while.  But then the last episode of the 7th season of Doctor Who was on this past weekend and it was called "The Name of the Doctor".  Supposedly revealing his name not just "The Doctor".  I'm a nerd, so I thought I would reveal mine too.  Although, the tv show was waaaaaaay more complicated than putting my real name in bold, ugh. 

PS I have no idea how to change my "name" on Blogger.  Any help?

Do you have any nicknames?

Has anyone ever called you the wrong name?  Yes.  Last year when I was a newbie at work, many people thought my name was Michelle.  Well we eventually got that resolved.  Then about 3 weeks ago, one of the spin instructors at the Y called me "Michelle".  In that following week, 3 other people called me Michelle...2 of them were from work!  :) 


  1. Yup, I totally thought your name was Emily... natural assumption really... but it's very nice to meet you even if you aren't Emily. Here's the thing, I wish I would not have started my blog like 9 years ago with my real name because then I felt obligated to carry it on as such but you are completely right there is no anonymity to a blog with the persons full real name out there. Oops. But I guess in 9 years it hasn't really been a problem.

    I also didn't know you dabbled in couponing either. Crazy fun huh, but intense at times. Okay, intense for the crazy obsessive like me. But still fun.

    Melissa huh, that makes sense. You seem like a Melissa actually. So being an actual Emily my friends and family do call me Em or phonetically comes out as M. Miss M I heard a lot from work people back in the day.

    Thanks for revealing your true self, just another layer I guess :)

  2. I think you change your display name here:

  3. I totally thought your name was Emily too! Nice to meet the real you!

  4. I think I'm just gonna keep calling you Michelle :) (just kidding) Doctor Who is a good show

  5. I love that Doctor Who inspired this entry! :D I, too, thought your name was Emily. :D Nice to meet you Melissa. I am Alex. :D I don't think I put anything up giving away my real name but I figured since you're introducing yourself it's only fair to reciprocate. ;) PS you look lovely in your photo. :D (oh and Marbles is my cat, and she kind of owns me, hence my display name. :D)