Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Oh, I'd say it's time for another round of non-scale victory touting :)  Hang onto your hats!

-I have a ring that fits!!!

I'm special.

I bought this ring a few years ago.  You know, one of those things that will fit once you lose a couple more pounds? lol I found it a couple of months ago and found that it fit my ring finger, holla!  I was wearing it very regularly, but then it got lost in the depths of my purse for a month or two and i just recently found it.

And that other wonderful thing on my hand is the result of a fight with the oven.  The oven won.  You're welcome for the amazing face behind the hand. 

-I had to use the drawstrings on my shorts.  I've had this pair of adidas shorts for a couple of years and I've always just relied on the elastic to do it's job.  Well, before my 5K in Cleveland, I had a feeling that it would be much, much better if I tied the drawstring and I could and my pants stayed up.  :)

-Cycling is getting easier.  Now, when I say easier, it is still HARD, but not as hard as the time before.  Tri Coach Jeff gave me a little more freedom today at the state park and I thought I did well despite being last, again!  Instead of only doing half a loop that we did a couple of weeks ago, I did the entire loop and we then headed to a different loop, much hillier, and did that too.  Boy, was I tired, but happy!

-My vitals/other important numbers have been really pretty good when I have visited the doctor or given blood.  Today I gave blood and my iron was low on the first draw (11.1) but on the second I got 13.3, holla!  They say your iron is lower during TOM, which it was, but I had been eating spinach and/or some red meat every day this past week.  Last time I gave blood, I had to take those awful iron supplements.  I was very excited I got a high iron number w/o having to take those!

-I can cross my legs.  Like really.  Not resting my ankle on my other knee.  Knee on top of knee!

-I spent the long weekend by myself (by choice, and it was amazing!) and did not go crazy with food.  Looking back, I actually surprised myself.  I spent so much time in the kitchen cooking, I didn't even sit down and lounge very much or have time to think about bad for me things.  Compare that to MLK day and me and those cookies did not go over well.  I didn't even think about making cookies even though they were right there in the cupboard.  I made a 7 layer salad and vegetable soup, plus some extra bacon for the week.  Soooo much chopping and peeling!  Plus I screwed up and burnt the first batch of bacon to the cookie sheet...oops!

-I usually wear a tank top under any workout shirt, but this past week I have been brave enough to go w/o.  That is huge because I wear an undershirt 98% of the time!  Today I couldn't find said tank top and thought about throwing a tshirt on vs tech shirt, but that tshirt would have been too dang hot!

What has been a NSV for you this week?

Do you get excited over the little things in life too? 


  1. Thanks for sharing cause I love embracing the little things in life we take for granted. I often forget that the little things are much more important than the stupid petty shit we often worry about. Nothing is more amazing that having a ring fit. When I first started to lose weight it was simply my goal to wear my wedding ring again... It was pinching me and I couldn't put it on before. Thanks for the reminder with the ring. Its super cute... sorry your oven won in the battle... I have many scars in various locations where inanimate objects bested me!

    Hell yes on spending the weekend alone and not going crazy. I love alone time sometimes. Quite Refreshing really. Staying out of trouble is always nice too....

    You are the bomb and I appreciate your sense of humor. Great reminders of the importance of things other than the scale....

  2. I've never considered non scale victories before. Thank you for sharing this! And way to go! Having to use the drawstring on my cargo capris makes me so happy.