Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Confessions – Stinky

Ah, I’ve missed these!  I’m hoping you find these humorous and do not judge me J

1.        I don’t wear deodorant that often.  During the day, I stay in my air conditioned office building and don’t do a whole lot of running around.  In case I need it, I have some in my purse to put on, but I don’t really need it, so I don’t use it.  That brings me to point 1a.  I don’t wear deodorant while working out.  I just don’t get the people who do.  Its exercise, you’re supposed to sweat.  After the workout, I go shower, so what was the point of the deodorant? 

2.       Occasionally, I’ll be super stanky.  Like yesterday, my at work yoga class got cancelled due to instructor illness, so I decided to go to hot yoga.  Well, this was heated, which is a bit cooler than hot J  But really I sweat sooo much.  It was like I had taken a shower with clothes on.  First time I had worn shorts instead of capris.  Should have worn capris, limbs were pretty slippery!  I took a few pics of my shirt when I was done – this was after they turned the fans on for 10 mins at the end.

And this one was 45 mins after class ended – back is still sweaty!

Okay, but the point of this confession was:  When I am super stanky, I use men’s body wash.  I just don’t feel like my normal flowery body wash does the trick for hot yoga stank or any equivalent exercise related stank.  I grab the men’s body wash that the occasional male guests use and I feel like the stank is under control.

3.        In high school, a friend of mine jumped on my back and said "your hair smells good".  I replied "oh really?  i didn't wash it today".  Therefore she nicknamed me stinky because I didn't wash my hair (but it still smelled good?).  Luckily, I rarely talk to this person anymore so I haven't heard that nickname in a looong time!

4.     Usually, I throw my groceries in the trunk – well that was until I got my bike rack, which I keep on my car all the time.  I don’t know if I would be able to put it back on!  So it was around the beginning of April when I got that and it was still unseasonably chilly.  So the beginning of May rolls around when spring really started heating up.  And there’s this smell in my car that is gross and I cannot figure out for the life of me.  I cleaned EVERYTHING out of my car, but…nothing (this is excluding the trunk, which I hadn’t used for quite a while).  Then one day, while showering, it hit me – look in the trunk!   I opened the trunk a few inches, not disturbing my bike rack and I found one, unfortunate, forgotten, rotting onion, that fortunately was still in the plastic bag.  Super gross, and then I febreezed the heck out of my car and we have been a happy little duo ever since.  ß Okay, you can judge me for that story, I did!

My 5K is Saturday and I haven’t ran that far since before Memorial Day.  I did a quick 30 min total run/walk with SwimSis this morning, hopefully that will do the trick J  I am hoping to run the first two miles w/o stopping, that is my goal for this race, even though I would love to run the whole thing w/o stopping, I don’t know if that is in the cards this weekend.  This is the same race as my first 5K last year, so I know EXACTLY where the mile 2 marker is and I will look forward to it! 

PS Running with your sister is hilarious.  We are very different people.  The kind of sisters who get along for general purposes, but – well, we discussed this morning how terrible something international travel would be with just the two of us!  So we got up this morning and had said “out the door by 6:15?” – and it was 6:21 when I was actually ready, so I had to hear about that.  Then I asked her which route we were taking.  She said she “didn’t know”.  Well, we get to a point where she wants to turn around, but I want to keep going.  Causing a ruckus at 6:30am!  Good times

Any stanky confessions of your own?

Can you exercise or even get along with your siblings? J


  1. ha ha, I was cracking up reading this post, it's a good one

  2. I was also laughing a good part of this post. Haha, no judging! But oh my goodness, if I didn't wear deodorant...even for just a second I think there would be an issue ( even with the ac blasting)!