Thursday, September 19, 2013

Losing 5 Pounds Every Week

Unfortunately, it has been the same 5 pounds every week this past month or so.  So bad!  I will be up 4-5 pounds on a Monday and be back down to 222 by Friday.  Then the weekend hits and a few bad choices each day really add up.  Luckily, this was not the case last weekend as I weighed the same on Monday as I did the Friday before!  Hoping for a little loss this week too :)

As I've mentioned before, my quest is to get healthier and the scale is one reflection of many aspects of health.  It does affect my mood to a degree whenever I weigh in the mornings, so during the weeks I had tris or the like, I didn't weigh myself because I wanted to focus on what would make me physically and mentally sound.  And yes, I indulged waaaay to much a time or two (I'm looking at you, comedy show where 1 order of nachos could have been for 4 people and my 2 margaritas had very little mixer!).

I've been in more of a routine this past week or two and I've loved it and it has been exhausting all at the same time.  I have workouts and people to be accountable to Monday-Thursday with Saturday being my wild card.  I have been getting home between 7:45-8:15 most nights this week and I had to do midweek cooking on a couple of nights because I neglected to do it over the weekend.  Whew, I've been so rundown during the day, but after I exercise, I feel great!  (and please do not suggest morning workouts :) hehe)  I got asked to work a catering job tomorrow (Friday) night but I said no, because I need Friday to just be Friday! 

I have a dilemma regarding another tri this next month.  It is an open water swim, but I don't have a wetsuit.  A local place has them for rent and I went in to see if they had one in my size.  Apparently its by height and weight.  I gave him my height and the salesman found the right row and he asked my weight and his finger just scanned to the right across the columns.  Kept going, and got to the end and I heard "Well, doesn't look like we have anything that will be a perfect fit". I was 80% sure that was going to be the response when I went looking anyway.  He said there were a few I could try and he would gladly help me out (he emphasized that several times - weirdo), but I didn't feel like shoving myself into a wetsuit that day!  Their rentals are $65 and can be applied toward the purchase of a wetsuit, but when it comes down to it here are the facts.

That swim, the first time, took me 6 mins 13 seconds.  Meaning as far as swim time goes, the rental would be costing me $10 a minute.  No bueno.  I don't want to buy a wetsuit now because I'm hoping to be a smaller size eventually!  But what will the water temperature be on Oct 5?!?  :)  haha could be terrible!  I could drop down to the duathlon, but the only thing worse than a freezing swim is running twice!!!

Any input would be appreciated!

For now, here are some pics of my life from the past few weeks!

Ah!  Spoiled myself!  New Saucony running shoes and Shimano bike shoes!

I will probably make this again this weekend.  Spinach, chicken, blueberries, mandarin oranges, walnuts, raspberry vinaigrette - YUM!

Weird but tasty mash up meal.  Veggies, Italian sausage and salsa over spaghetti squash.  Taste buds love it!

Had a man/pedi this weekend.  Went with blue/purple for the toes (not gel/shellac).

And breast cancer pink (it really was!) in gel for my nails.  Still miss my red!

Needed some compression after a trail run.  I believe this is what Honey Boo Boo's family would call "smexy".

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  1. I hear you on the 5 pound yo-yo. I seem to be in the same boat - so frustrating!