Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A New Weekly Schedule

I've had my Monday-Wednesdays booked each week for quite a while now and it wasn't until recently that I got to add something consistent on Thursdays!

Monday: Tri Group workout - mostly swimming
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday:  Tri Group workout - biking, occasionally running.
Thursday: Run for God small group
Friday: Rest
Saturday:  Varies, hopefully Pilates + 1 other workout once life slows down
Sunday:  Rest (and work at the church)

I'm so excited about my small group!  I have been working at this church for over a year and have been attending services occasionally for about 6 months.  I know some people, but no one really well.  I really wanted to fit running in somewhere on my schedule, and I am glad that this fits the bill!  It is 1/2 bible study, 1/2 running, though not at the same time :)

I have been paying for Pilates on Saturdays, but since August, I've been busy with other stuff!!!  Yes, my first time back I know I will be sore for 5 days afterward!  I've been busy with things like:  2 tris, 1 - 3k swim, 39 mile bike ride, 20 mile bike ride (with SwimSis - it went EXACTLY how you would imagine 2 sisters riding 20 miles together would...terrible and hilarious all at the same time!), working a convention, and even a 6.8mi run last weekend (4 min run, 1 min walk).  The run was promptly followed by a bourbon themed bar crawl with bourbon samples at each (9!) bar.  It was delicious.  And yes, intoxicating :)

First time running with a hat...I liked it a lot!

I also have been reading a bit of my blog from last year, just to see where I was at, what I was going through.  I love this blog for that.  Otherwise I would forget.  I do this blog for no one but myself.  That's why the design is so crappy :)  One week, I switched around my rest days so I could go order a bridesmaid's dress for a wedding I will be in.  Easiest dress fitting ever - in and out in about 15 minutes!  When asking for what size they should bring, they asked "what pant size do you wear?".  Well, I knew they could care less if I squeeze myself into size 18 skinny jeans.  I know my body and I know my main concern is my bust!  I told them I'd like to start with a 22.  And it was perfect.  Any smaller and it would have been too restricting.  Very glad that it is 2 sizes smaller than the last bridesmaid dress I wore!!!

Aaaanyway, back to the point, I was reading this post about how I swam a 400 IM.  I was like "what?!? I haven't done that since!  Can't let my last year self beat this new and improved me!".  So I set out to my favorite pool to get a workout in.  I knew 400 IM would be no piece of cake - heck, anything that starts out with 100 butterfly is not a joke!  However, the joy I get from pitting me against myself is pretty great.  Last year I said my time was just a smidge under 8 minutes, which probably means it was like 7:58.  My strategy was to swim the 100 fly slow and steady.  Well after 50 yards, it sucked.  It was really hard still!  Well, that's butterfly for you!  I cruised for the rest of the 400 looked at my watch - I made it in 7:37!  If it wasn't easier, at least I cut off 21 seconds...made me happy!

How have you improved in the last year?  New PR? Small size?

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  1. Same size. 5K PR at the end of 2012 though! I'm in a swim class again. She is making us do drills and workouts and stuff. You'd be proud of me. :P