Monday, August 6, 2012


Well life has been sucking lately! 

I had a jam packed weekend and with my car breaking down and not being good enough to drive it to work (but being able to get rides), and my temp job telling my recruiter that they were going to be considering other people for the position (and they will consider me to, but not only me). 

Today I just wwanted to stuff my face and sleep forever.  And run away.  I thought about that too. 

But I borrowed SwimSis's car and drove to Pilates class.  So sad it's not 5 mins away anymore, but I am glad to have it.  It was hard to focus between all of the crap I was thinking.

I was going to write a bunch of lovely beautiful things with flower, hearts and rainbows, but this blog is just not that right now! 

Back to trying to improve myself/ignore my problems! :/

And I have been doing so much work at work that I just read a few blogs from last Monday/Tuesday - yikes!

I hope to return with news of great weight loss, a solid job, and working car.

ha!  If only the stars aligned!


  1. awww...sorry things are so rough. :( *hugs*

  2. Things will work out!! Just keep focused on your journey ~ NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!!