Monday, August 13, 2012

Pilates owned me!

Oh sweet, baby Jesus!  I was the only one to show up to pilates tonight!  And the instructor knows I come every week and know the flow of most beginner exercises, so we went at a faster pace and higher reps.  Ouch!  Jello legs!  And she always throws in some back stuff too, which always makes me feel sore on Tuesdays!  So thankful for Pilates!  Even though I won't be getting my 20 days of exercise in this month, I am glad I am sticking with Pilates on Monday nights.  It really is my "happy place". 

Well, on the job front.  I don't know.  Last week was a frickin' roller coaster and toyed with my emotions so bad!  I didn't eat as bad as I would have in the past, but I did amp up my sleeping so as to avoid real life!  Oh snap.  But basically my aunt/recruiter from the temp agency told me to have a conversation with my boss, then my pal in HR told me something unexpected about the job, and then when I went to have the conversation with the boss, her reaction threw me off so I had to improvise and scrap my aunt/recruiter's plan.  The coversation with the boss was vague.  In the end, she said she "pretty much knew what she wanted to do" she just wanted a few more weeks to be certain.  So I take that as yeah she wants to hire me, she just wants a few more weeks to make sure I'm solid, but it could totally be that she wants to hire someone else and wants to be certain of that.  In the end, I'm at a point of "eff that!".  The emotional toll was ridiculous.  I've been there since the beginning of the year and was just now learning how to do some of the things.  Crazy.  30% sure I'm just going to run away and join the circus.  Yeah, I'm a runner - from my problems!  bahaha, I crack myself up.  I'll be honest here (because I don't feel like I can be in my real life).  Stability is awesome and all, but I like/borderline love events.  Just all the planning and the day gets there and you're going for a million hours straight putting out fires and helping people.  Love that rush!  I was hoping I'd have been hired on at this place before now so I could put in some hours for the temp company at a conference this week.  I miss them so!

On the car front - this is like my most weak area in life.  I pretty much HAVE to look for a car on Craigslist.  For $2000.  People are ridiculous!  One was all like "this car is great and drives perfectly, so don't try to low ball me on the are the issues with the car" and they listed like 8 issues.  Wow!  And on that one 2 of the issues were #1 no air #2 windows don't roll down.  Sounds like a real winner - they would take you to jail just for having your kid in the car WITH you! 

I can't go to a dealership because I DON'T HAVE A FULL TIME JOB!!!  Yeah temp agencies don't win you gold stars on applications.  In April, I saw the car I wanted the most out of the whole wide world (this was like a 7 year old car for under $10,000 - not super fancy), I put the name of the temp agency, which does not indicate that it is a temp agency.  And of course the dude is the one person in all of the dealerships I visited who recognized the name and turned me down. Supid Julian. (his name - called him out!).  My dear friend, who's mother died recently (and father died a few years ago) said  that she would definitely sell me her mother's car for a down payment and monthly payments.  I can't get my hopes up tho, things like that almost never work out in real life! 

I had a trip on my calender this past weekend and maybe I should have been responsible and stayed home, but I needed a freaking break from reality.  I went to (drum roll please)....CLEVELAND!!!  Oh it was so fabulous!   I have a couple of friends in the city and they all wanted to chill, nothing major.  Lovely!  Friday night I watched the Olympics (poor Morgan Uceny!) and caught up with a friend.  I stayed with that friend and we had some iced coffee and more good conversation Saturday morning.  Then I went to meet up with another friend and we went to lunch.  It was sooo off of my normal routine!  I usually eat like 3 times before 2pm, but that is when we had lunch and I was so hungry! I definitely ate all of my food, which had not been the norm lately at restaurants. 

And guess what?  Cleveland was cold!  I wasn't smart enough to look at the weather, but assumed it would be blazing like the rest of the midwest.  I had planned on wearing a dress, instead I had to go buy a sweatshirt at Target!  But it was lovely to not be hot all the time.  We met another friend in the evening, had dinner at a Mexican place (2 pitchers of margaritas between 3 people!).  I either held my liquor incredibly well or was pretty dehydrated because we were there for hours and I did not have to pee and walked out just fine.  Probably both.  The rest of the night was us around a bonfire with beers for them and mixed drinks for me, but I cut myself off pretty early.

Sunday I met up with the friend I stayed with the first night and we went for a fantastic walk!  We walked a little short of an hour and covered over 3 miles with her dog.  Why hadn't I gone on walks/hikes with that friend when we lived close to each other a few years ago?  Guess I just wasn't open to weight loss - or sweating.  Then we went and sat by the beach for a few - Lake Erie is pretty!  Here are some pics!

Friend and her dog

Us after our quality walk

Lake Erie - Rocky River Park - I think
 Have a beautiful week my friends, I will try and keep my head up!  You all do the same!

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  1. Lake Erie. So pretty.

    Me? I would hunt down other job opportunities and then when you have options go to boss and tell her you need to have a talk. Ask her what the hold up is and if there is something she needs from you to make a decision. Why should she commit if she can temp? In a less tight job market, I might have the conversation with her without prospects, but you do not sound up for that. It is good to ask or to know what needs to happen to seal the deal and to remind the boss of how fantastic and excited you are. Being in the position is half the battle. You are there.

    Car. I got nothing. I am wary of Craig's list but I am old school. Get it checked out by a mechanic before you plunk down the cash.