Friday, August 3, 2012

Late Night Bloggin'!

Well, I would love to tell you all about how July was for me as well as the trip to take TeenSwimSis' weight loss camp, buuuuut I'll save that for some other time.

We moved today (yeah mid-week, really sucks!) and on the way to the new place my car had a little breakdown.  Oops!  Could potentially be my fault for not getting the oil changed in a timely manner.  Bigger oops!  But the jury is still out on that one.  I was VERY proud of myself that (1) I did not bawl when my car broke down and (2) I did  not call my dad bawling!  He gets sooo annoyed.  Oh and of course today would be the one flipping day I forget my cell phone at home!  Geesh!  I was about 1-2 miles away from a friend's place, so I made it there and the car died when I was pulling into a parking spot.  Thank goodness those friends were home!  Then I don't know SwimSis' #, (she's had the same # for years, I just don't remember it).  All I know are my grandma's phone # and my dad's, which was my # growing up.  So I called my grandma and got SwimSis' #.  I'm sure the entire family knows by know that my car broke down...that's how fast word travels!  Coach was kind enough to pick me up, well he drove my car (and '89) and I drove his 2013! :)  

That was so random that I wrote that (it is currently 3:11am!).  And here comes some more randomness!

We came back to our current apt and I was packing and hanging out with SwimTot while SwimSis and Coach took a couple car fulls over to the new place.  She was kind of annoying and getting in my way.  "Anna (that's what she says when she calls me Aunt), let's place dress up.  This will be so gorgeous!" I could only hang on for one round of dress up, especially when I was trying to pack, not get stuff out! 

So I put her to work!  I told her to get a laundry basket and gather up clothes that were scattered about (that is the nicest way anyone could ever describe being messy!).  So she goes to work and I'm doing my thing.  A couple of hours later I went with SwimSis to take more stuff over (we're just moving the the next suburb over) and I got a pop on the way back so I could stay up and pack, but more importantly, finish editing this craaaazy long, crazy important application for work.  Thankfully we will submit it tomorrow.  So I'm tired-ish and get things together for tomorrow.  I laid out my clothes for Friday on Wednesday night.  And I find my undergarments, shirt and sweater.  But where are the pants?


Oooooh crap.  2am, new place (where my clothes are) is 30 min round trip.  No freaking pants for tomorrow.  My options are the skirt I wore today or sweatpants! Noooo!  I realized I stuff 2 dresses that were in my dirty pile into my nightstand (pshhhh, boxes?).  One was my bridesmaid's dress from SwimSis' wedding, the other way my dress from her bachelorette party.  Plain black dress.  But it has white fuzzies on it from a ridiculously comfy blanket I took a nap under the last time I wore it.  Okay, okay I can make this work!  Unfortunately, the only sweater I have to wear over it is gray and I don't have any accessories, but I will have to make it work!

I am so pale!  That's me, my dad, TeenSwimSis, SwimSis and SwimTot!

haha best shot of the dress!  We did a couple jumping pics!

That was from TeenSwimSis' confirmation in May.  And the last time I wore the dress.  And I haven't washed it/dry cleaned.  I need a personal assistant!  Oh and I'll throw in one from SwimSis' bachelorette party!

 I hope to have a real blog update soon, not just one inspired by misplaced pants and caffeine.  This weekend I have a zillion social events (which in my world is just one a day!).  If not this weekend, I'll see everyone on the new work week!  (ewwww, who says that on a Friday???) 

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  1. Somehow your pics got behind your sidebar. Bummer. Such pretty girls all of you swimmies.

    Hope teenswimsis is doing well at camp and you found something to wear. Oh the cliffhangers on your blog!

    Have a great weekend!