Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Keep on Keepin' On + A Weigh In

So this month has not been ideal.  First the car, then the job, then I got a car, thought the job was in my grasp, but that is not so.  They started interviewing other people and said if I can speed up/change the way I do one set of tasks (which is 40% of the job) that I might have a shot.  Lord Almighty!  I was just ready to be in or be out.  I have had 3 days off all year (that’s days within the work week).  Those were the 3 days that they hired someone else and he quit after 2!  I was not interested in the job at that time.  And my aunt is my boss at the temp agency, so she freely let me have it for at least a half an hour yesterday. 
Basically, I am doing all I can to save my sanity and my job so blogging isn’t at the top of the list.  Whew. Keep on keepin' on!
I have been doing well with eating, although the Fast Food Monster tried to ensare me for about 2 weeks.  That was awful.  Last Monday, after Pilates, I went to CVS which is across the street from a fast food place and the smell, the greasy nasty smell, smelled sooooo good.  I had to sit in the car and talk to myself OUT LOUD and remind myself that fast food was the opposite of what I needed!  I had mostly vegetarian food for lunches and such last week.  I am having food burnout at a rapid rate!  I can only eat something a couple of times before I am tired of it.  Lame!  Smoothies have been saving me too.  One day last week I called SwimSis to see if she had anything planned for dinner that night.  She did.  Those were the only words I needed to hear to steer myself past the 9837432 fast food places on my way home.  She didn’t end up cooking until later in the evening, but I filled my belly up with a fruit smoothie and was good to go. 
On the exercise front, I have pretty much just been doing Pilates and Swimming.  That sounds like a perfect world to me!  I swam last Monday, Friday, and this morning.  I didn’t want to go this morning, but I knew that the outdoor pool was only open for one more week.  Do or die!  I swam in the lane that is next to the deep end and it was creepy.  And then leaves kept touching my legs.  It made me swim faster when that happened! J  Not much can top doing backstroke and looking up at the stars.  I love it and am sorry I only found out about this when summer is almost over!   We'll see if this morning workout thing keeps up!

And finally, weight as of last Saturday: 256.6!
I have only stepped on the scale twice this month.  A week ago Saturday I saw 258.6, so 2lbs in a week is awesome!  Thus far in my journey, I have been losing about 5lbs a month.  This Saturday will be 6 months after I started my blog!, so it looks like this:
Starting weight 3/1/12: 280
Current weight: 256.6
6 months = 26 weeks
Roughly 1 lb a week lost = Super happy Em!

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  1. Congratulations on your loss and a job so well done. I commend you on those early morning swims you trooper :)

    I hope your job situation pans out for the best and that your new car holds up.