Tuesday, December 4, 2012

HBBC Week 2 - Oof!

It's time to recap Week 2 of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!  Here's how my week went from a fitness point of view:

Monday:  I swam with SwimTot at the Y, she was swimming about 8-10 yards on her own without stopping.  I know this kid can/will be a good swimmer fast, she just needs me to push her and make her trust her abilities.  (Okay I know that sounded cheesy because she's 4 but my niece isjust that awesome).  I put in 45 mins at Pilates class (intro) for 2.25 points.  I got 1 pt for all my "freggies" (fruit and veggies) servings, and 1 for FB posting.

Tuesday:  Yoga after work.  I really like it so far!  A mother/daughter duo came in late and sat very close to me, which I could have moved over right away to give them more room, but I did not want to interrupt the instructor while he was talking.  It was kind of awkward!  Next time, I'm definitely getting there early and choosing a spot where I cannot be intruded upon :) haha 1 hr 15 min class 3.75 pts, 1 freggies pt, 1 FB point.  And I got new shoes that are pretty gorgeous...just waiting to wear this current pair out first before I step into these!

Wednesday:  Nothing!  I went to sign language class in the evening and that was good enough for me!  1 pt freggies, 1 point FB.

Thursday:  I knew my car was going downhill fast!  I had to walk to the auto parts store (just on the corner) and get power steering fluid in order to be able to get my car to Walgreens to pick up a salad :)  After work I was all "uhhhh, this day sucks, I'm going to have to take my car in tomorrow and spend a zillion dollars".  All I wanted to do was hide under the covers and wish that my car would fix itself!

I knew that was stupid and I needed to get a workout in, but I wasn't going to go anywhere w/my leaky car.  I turned on the Coach's PS3 to get onto netflix to get a workout vid, but I couldn't find any on there!  Very frustrating.  Then, I knew there was only 1 workout DVD I owned....30 Day Shred!  Miraculously, I knew what box it was in.  I was VERY hesitant because I had never completed the first set of the workout, let alone all 20 mins!

I hated it at first and truly remembered why I was swearing at the TV while nearly 300 lbs and giving up while only a few minutes in.  Jumping jacks suck.  Yes Jillian, 400 lb people can do jumping jacks but I'm sure they hate it too.  Combine that was the faux jumping rope, I was nearly ready to quit in my current state!  I told myself just to make it through that first set in the workout.  I did and realized I had never gotten any farther because I had just assumed that the 3 sets in the workout were the same thing (faux jump roping and jumping jacks, etc).  Nope!  The second set was much easier for me and the third was a combination of the first two. 

I don't think I had done a lunge in a loooong time, so I was SO freaking sore!!!  I knew my legs were not happy with me.  When I went upstairs to go to bed, I made sure that I was not going down the stairs till the AM.   Note to self:  Add more lunges!  2 pts for 30 day shred, 1 pt for freggies, 1 point for FB participation.

Friday:  I dropped my car off at the shop after work and walked the 0.25 miles home :)  Any extra points for dashing across the roundabout by my house?  Seriously, that thing needs to have better lighting.  I felt like the frogger video game.  I was set on having a healthy evening, but I walked in my house and SwimSis and Coach had gotten pizza.  And there went my healthy eating out the window!  It wasn't even that good! Ugh.   I gave myself 0.25 points for the walk home, 0 for freggies (boo!), and 1 pt for FB.

Saturday:  I was up and at 'em for 8am Pilates class.  It was the usual torture/hardcore.  I was sweating profusely as were a couple of other people in class and even the teacher!  She was not taking it easy on us.  Now because this is the only level 1 Pilates class I have taken, and it is DRASTICALLY different in terms of intensity when compared to Intro to Pilates, I would go as far to classify this as a low level cardio class. 

Now my legs were still aching from 30 day shred from Thursday, but I thought it was cool because we never do lunges in Pilates class.  Uh...of course we did on Saturday!!! For some reason, they didn't hurt as bad, but we still did more than I thought I could have.  I am seeing improvement in my stamina and am actually completing a few sets of certain moves.  Also, mountain climbers with your feet on these little circles that glide across the floor...no bueno!  My legs were seriously out of control.  So much/too much? instability!  I then went to Yoga at 10:30 and placed myself far away from the mother/daughter duo and had a great class.  I really love 2 classes a week with the different instructors.  I gave 4 points for Pilates (as a low impact cardio) and 3.75 points for Yoga.  0 points for Freggies, 1 point FB participation.

In the end, my car ended up being 60.3% of my bi-weekly paycheck.  It was terrible.  I may  have cried.  It runs very smoothly now but as they say around these parts "eff that mess!" or "eff that noise!". 

Sunday:  I worked at the church, but then felt gross afterwards, so I nixed going to the YMCA and went home and took a big nap instead.  I got 0 freggies points :( and 1 point for FB participation. 

Week totals:  16 workout points, 4 freggies points, 7 FB participation = 27 points.  Ideally I would like to be over 30 points each week.  This week felt good going in, but as I got to the weekend I just felt like it socked me in the stomach, making the "oof" sound :)

Weekly goal:  This week I wanted to get freggies in at least 4 days this week. 
Mission:  Accomplished.  Thank goodness for the work week.  The weekend nearly derailed me!

How did everyone else do this week? 

Any parts of your week that made you go "oof"? :)


  1. I killed it last week. I was fresh off vacation, so I needed it. This week is going well too. Just gotta keep moving forward, even when your mind is telling you to stop.

  2. The 30 Day Shred and I have a love/hate relationship. Have you tried Level 2 or Level 3 yet? I mix them up sometimes, although its been so long since I've done anything but Level 1 I would probably die if I tried to move up. I personally think Level 2 is the hardest if I remember correctly, but that could be because I use the modifications in Level 3. Good for you for sticking with it though, Jillian is such a beast! My least favorite part is during the third set, at the end of the cardio when she says "I know you just want to turn off this DVD, but we don't get to the end and quit" or something to that effect...without a fail, it's always when I am thinking about quitting!