Thursday, April 11, 2013

SBBC Week 5

Monday:  I wanted to keep with my plan on swimming then beginner spin class just to get the feel for it.  I swam for 65 minutes and then did 35 mins of spin class.  Oh, but there's more!  Tri Coach Jeff said I should run too.  Oy.  So I did.  I only went 15 mins on the treadmill, but I ran.  I hope he's happy! (Insert fake mad face here).  But then...I was STARVING.  Like "my stomach will eat itself before I can make the 20 minute drive home" kind of hungry.  I was going to stop at Subway, but they closed right as I drove up (rude!).  There was an Arby's right next to it, so I stopped and got:  1 side salad with ranch, 1 kid's meal (jr. roast beef sandwich, apple slices, chocolate milk).  The milk was gone in 4 or less swigs and the salad was devoured in the parking lot!  I nixed half the bread from the sandwich, because, if we're being honest, on a "jr" sandwich, there is way to little meat to justify all that bread!  And the apple slices were heavenly.  It left me feeling the exact right amount of full and satisfied.  But at $6.09, I decided it is best to prepare my own food in the future!

Tuesday:  Had a few hours to take off of work, so I went to a mid- morning make up Pilates class (yay alliteration!) that I had missed due to being gone over Easter.  It was weird being in that same class room with different people at a different time of day.  But I survived (and then had Chipotle, yum, but ugh!).  After work I went to yoga.  The instructor cracks me up and I figured out why.  She has ADD moments.  She'll be all serious, then a pause, then "what is that on the ceiling???". haha!  I felt pretty tired after this 2 workout day, but it was a good feeling.

Tasty, but gross looking breakfast smoothie

Wednesday:  I had to work at the church after work, so I couldn't go to Trifit.  I did have a little time, so I did a 25 min trail run at my favorite nature preserve. I was fighting a cold, so it felt pretty hard on my lungs! Even though it is April, a very few number of naturey things had started turning from winter brown to spring green.  Meh.  At least I got to have Froyo for dinner!



Thursday:  I was going to run my usual greenway route, but my friend wanted to meet for dinner at our favorite place.  How could I say no?  I had bad decision incident that afternoon where I was upset that I had to run a birthday card to a co-worker at another location.  The boss said she HAD to get it on her birthday.  So I was feeling like I had "earned" a treat.  So I stopped at the McD's that's across the street from work.  I was going to order one apple pie, but they're 2 for a dollar.  No big deal, I would put in the fridge.  Oh, and would I like anything to drink?  Yeah, a large coke.  Who the eff am I???  Of course, I shoved both pies and the large coke into my pie hole.  I ordered dinner with my friend, but took the majority of it home.  After dinner, I went straight to the YMCA and hopped on the dreaded treadmill.  It really wasn't that bad.  I walked for 5 mins, ran for 15 mins, took a walk break, ran for 5 mins, another walk break, ran for 6 mins and cooled down.  Total of 40 mins.  The girl next to me, might have been 75-100lbs lighter than me, but I was running longer than she was :)  Made me happy, but I'm sure she was running faster, at least. 

First time I wore this shirt.  V-neck only good for running.  Anything else is too much cleavage!

Friday:  I worked and then went straight to babysit.  Got to hang out with some cute kiddos.  The mom text me the next morning and called me the "baby whisperer" because the 5 m/o girl slept for 11 hours that night!  Perhaps I should raise my prices, lol!  I had a hard time not shoving a million things in my face when babysitting & at home afterwards.
I was more excited than she was, clearly.

Leftover cajun food.  Nom nom nom. (look away my lo carb friends!)

Friday eats:  salmon patty w/ranch.  Veggies galore.

Oh deliciousness!

Saturday:  Saturday morning Pilates, obviously!  I went to work for a couple of hours, then I went to a bike shop.  Not gonna lie, it's totally like looking for a car in the sense of I had no idea what I was doing.  Luckily, the first place I went was soooooo great.  The sales guy was very understanding of my beginner level knowledge.  I rode a couple of bikes around, but knew I wasn't going to make any purchases.  I went to the Y to swim in my fave pool.  It was such a great swim!  Sun was shining in, temp was just right, and at one point, I was the only one in the lap pool for about 20 minutes. That afternoon, I went to 4 more places looking for bikes and might have found the place I will buy from.  I rode bikes for about 20 mins total that day.  Then I watched the new Doctor Who episode with SwimTot :)

Sunday:  Worked at the church!  I was super tired, so I just went home, took a nap and did my taxes so I can actually afford to buy a road bike!  But then I also got a bit of cold feet.  That is such a large amount of money!

SBBC score: 43.3 - amazing!  Highest week yet!!!  I believe the phrase is "like a boss" hehe
Veggies: 4
Water: 5
Weekly weigh in:
Last week:  236.6
This week:  235.6

I was a little hardcore (for me) in the workouts this week, so a pound is good. Probably would have been more if I had had a better week in terms of food!

What has been your best workout week?

Any suggestions on road bike models?

Tell me any "like a boss" moments, I love to hear them! 


  1. Hey Em, sounds like you're doing your best to stay on top of your workout regimen and food choices :)

    The green smoothie looks delish am yet to venture into the juicing world. I keep meaning to invest in a juicer but no such luck yet lol

    That baby is totes adorbs!!!

    Sorry I know nothing about road bikes. Seeing as I cannot even ride one haha embarrassing I know.

    My best workout moment this week would have to be that moment every night when I choose to get into my workout clothes and take a whooping from Jillian Michaels haha

    1. haha Jillian doesn't do her job if you don't get whooped! Get it, girl!

  2. Ok, let me get this straight. You got a salad and a kids meal for $6 and you think that is expensive? Oy. I honestly thought the next sentence after the price was going to be something about how you should eat there more often because it is so cheap! Seriously fast food is so expensive where I live.

    1. If I just think about how much it would cost if I made it on my cheap compared to that! But then there's the problem of me actually taking the time to make that. Eh...

  3. you really did do a lot of working out this week which is pretty dang awesome.... I am not a swimmer or a biker so anything anyone does with that is impressive to me! I know nothing about bikes and imagine trying to pick one out would induce tears much like car shopping does for me. Good luck for sure!!!

    We all have those moments of weakness where food ends up in us before our brain can process what we've done but it honestly doesn't sound like you've done too bad. I freaking adore Mcdonald's apple pies... I think they are amazing! t Arby's it sounded like you did pretty good if you ask me too...

    Way to go with your week!

    1. Yeah that McD's should probably not be so close to where I work. Danger zone!

  4. Good on you for the treadmill bit :)

    I have zero workout moments at present. I've been working ridiculously long hours (like, 13-15 hours door to door) so I'm focusing on food for now, and developing good habits around that. I invented brownies yesterday that contain no flour and no butter!

    But I also downloaded an ap for my phone called Striiv and it's basically a pedometer but you can compete with other users. It's kind of nifty!

    1. Holy smokes those are long days! I almost took a part time job that would have me working VERY long days like that. The money would be nice, but I'm glad things worked out how they did. For me, right now, it is much easier to move more so I don't have to eat as healthy.

      That sounds like a cool app. I don't have a "smartphone", though. I heard a commerical on the radio last week that said "you can do xyz on your smartphone, or call ### on your dumbphone". haha! I SO have a dumphone.

  5. Nice job in week 5! I haven't been able to get points that high in a week...I blame it on the knee keeping me from running and getting in a strength workout!