Monday, April 1, 2013

SBBC Week 4

Monday: We had 9 inches of snow.  My work got a 2 hour delay.  I reset my alarm for 8:30, but woke up at 6:30am anyway.  Argh.  I had Bruno Mar’s “Lazy Song” floating through my head.  Did not want to go to work!  But I knew that I did not want to stay at home and do nothing.  Life is an adventure, if nothing else, so why not head out into this crazy, late March snow? More unappealing was going to the Y after work, but I did not give myself a choice.  I had swimming on schedule, then I decided to try a beginner spin class (at the urging of my Tri coach Jeff).  I had to miss Wednesday’s workout, which was an hour spin class.  So he told me I REALLY needed to go to a spin class this week. I had never done a spin class before (and had only been on a spin bike during my indoor tri).  I was nervous, but the instructor from the indoor tri was the same instructor as this beginner class.  There were only 4 of us in there, so she was able to ride with us on the floor (instead of the elevated bike up front).  1 word:  ouch.  I thought my legs might collapse under me.  I’ll admit, my legs are weenies.  And I also can do a physical activity at a consistent pace for quite a while (swimming, running).  But you mix up the tempo and do all these different standing/sitting things?  My heart rate got elevated more quickly than it does any other time!  In the end, here were my numbers for the day: 65 mins swimming, 35 mins beginner spin class

My latest dinner obbsession...eggs, spinach and salsa.

Tuesday:  I made it to yoga at work, after work.  It is in the most used conference room we have, which creeps me out a little (I like a clean floor even though I am on a mat!).  I had missed last week due to SwimSis’ birthday.  Apparently they picked Sanskrit “names” out of a bowl and those were their names.  I didn’t know if I was supposed to go through and choose one that I liked or pick one at random, so I chose one at random.  The name:  Aparajita which means “unconquered”. 
Immediate thoughts:
1.       Whaaaaat?  I thought these were supposed to be motivational?
2.       *That’s what she said!*
3.       Huh, okay.  I guess this can be kind of cool.
Not that life or a fitness/weight loss journey can have an end and be “conquered”, but I do like the imagery I have of working my way up a mountain. 
Everyone else had really awesome names, so I am just going along with it :)  It was an hour of yoga for me!
Wednesday:  I had my board meeting and I usually go home and don’t do anything.  It was so nice out, so I did a loop around the adjacent neighborhood once again.  And a minute faster than last time too:  41 minute walk.  Very proud that I got some activity in.

Last week w/long hair!

Thursday:  I did my usual Thursday run (walk/run).  I did the same route at 2 weeks ago.  I went farther and finished faster than last time!  51 mins in total, 35 mins of running.  I went to the bridge that I had previously not gone over, and I huffed and puffed my way over, went a ways, and huffed and puffed my way back!  Felt good to see progress, and I was super excited for my Epsom salt bath, book, etc.

Post-run.  Yay!

View from my parking spot, the main trail runs along the horizon

Post run reward: Book, OJ, and Neti Pot (I have a cold)
Saturday:  I was in the hometown for Easter.  I got my hair chopped off! Eek!  I donated to Locks of Love.  I have to say, it is shorter than I wanted it, but it was this length for several years before, so it’s not that drastic of a change for me.  Sidenote:  Small towns make me happy.  Left my dad’s house, got my hair cut, went grocery shopping and was home in under an hour.  Sooo nice!  But then I was bored for much of the day.  Everyone else went out to put the finishing touches on their Easter outfits (mine was already complete!) and I decided to do a little bit of Just Dance 4.  Before, it has been hard for me to jump around so much, for very long (add to that that I’m pretty uncoordinated).  I want to go for 15 mins, then it seemed easier and I did as many songs as I liked, which ended up being 50 minutes.  I was thrilled!  Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca was my favorite.  Just really fun and funny dance moves. 

New 'do.  In TeenSwimSis' bedroom, if you didn't garner that from the JB calender.

Sunday: Mostly a rest day, but while we were waiting for the ham to finish, I challenged TeenSwimSis to a duel!  I think it was only like 5 mins of dancing to Just Dance 4, but it was just enough to show TeenSwimSis that she isn’t the champ!

The girls!  TeenSwimSis, my grandma, my aunt, SwimTot, SwimSis, and Squinty McGee (me).
Total:  30.7
Water: 4
Freggies: 5

Weigh In:
Last week: 239.6
This week:  236.8

Was not expecting that, but I was excited for a big drop!

Do big drops in weight freak you out?  I usually do something to screw it up the next week, if we are being honest.

Did you try any new activities this week?  I was happy I took the plunge with spin class!


  1. 9 inches of snow? Wholly cow. That's a lot. I don't think we got that much all year - total. Although, it looks like it all disappeared from your pictures.

    3lbs! Way to go. Great week. Big drops do freak me out a little bit, because I never trust them. I didn't try any new activities this week. But I have been meaning to try spin. Soon.

    PS. The new hair looks awesome.

  2. Big drops freak me out too! I do the same thing. Eat waaay too much after a "good" weigh in. Doesn't make sense. But I do it Every. Freaking. Time. Rargh. I like the shorter hair !

  3. I gave you a shout out of my blog!

  4. I cannot imagine swimming for 65 minutes! Way to go!