Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Triathlon Whirlwind

Apparently triathlon season is upon us.  And I'm frightened. 

I haven't actually committed to doing one specific triathlon, but I know I'm going to.

Here are my fears (I'm SO optimistic, ha!) in order from least to most worrisome.

5. Swimming.  The swim is usually pretty short in a sprint triathlon.  Nothing I can't handle.  I just wish there was more of it!

4. "Nutrition".  I'm got some Gus and Shot blocks for eating and I got some Nuun and Camelbak Elixir for drinking.  Shouldn't be too hard to down one or two on the go.  Just don't want to overdo it and certainly don't want to under do it.

3.  Running.  My max right now is probably a half hour at a steady pace.  That is not a 5K, for me, and certainly won't be after swimming and biking.  I'm already dreading that "Brick" feeling!  I know I'll be slow, but I also know I can get it done.

2.  Biking.  I may have gotten my bike 10 days ago, but today was the first time I rode it!!!  Not for lack of wanting.  As I said last week, I had to order pedals.  But when I went to put the pedals on (aka asked Coach to put them on) he discovered that my back tire was flat.  Oh hell to the no!!!  I was able to take it to the bike shop today and they put in a new tube in it and aired up my tires.  I took it upon myself to buy about $126 worth of stuff today, but I used my rewards points and only spent $28 :) (and I still need more stuff - cycling, why are you so expensive?!?)  I only rode around the apt complex today, but I conquered a long, but steady hill (as hilly as it gets around here).  SwimTot was freaking adorable and ran along side me.  Love that kid.  Couldn't get my left foot in the toe cage :( And I almost crashed because I had to turn sharply to avoid SwimTot (that whole knowing your left from right thing would be a good thing to teach in preschool!) and my foot, while in the toe cage/on the pedal hit the wheel.  I was going DOWN!  I got my foot loose just in time.  Looking forward to getting a real ride in with some hills to see if I can really conquer the distance of a sprint tri!

1. Clothing.  Oh em geeeeeeee.  WHAT TO WEAR?!?  I ordered a 1 piece tri suit, XXL, too small.  I ordered several tri suit seperates, XXL, all too small.  Effffff.....  I've been online shopping like a mofo (haha haven't used "like a mofo" in such a long time!).  For this first tri, my best bet might be to swim in a swim suit with a tri sports bra underneath and throw on a shirt and bike shorts in T1 and stay the same during T2.  But I have to (would like to!) find some bike shorts.  I may end up going with some mens sizes if I can't fit in any women's sizes.  Lord, when I started this journey, did I ever think that instead of dreaming about fitting into LBDs I would dream about fitting into Triathlon suits?!?

Triathlons:  A whirlwind, indeed.

There is a tri at YMCA C, my fave, on May 18 and most of my tri buddies are doing it.  We'll see if I sign up or volunteer.  Looking past that, I think that doing a women's only race would be fun.  Half the reason is the name...they're always something fun.  Most tris around here are [Insert name of town] Triathlon.  Who wants a medal that says that?  Ok, I would take it if I earned it! :)

We will see how these matters unfold in the coming weeks!  All I know is I have to have a pretty low ego because after the swim, I will get passed like crazy!  My ears will be ringing with all the "on your left!"s I hear.  Which is okay as long as I do my own thing!

What would be your biggest "fear" in a triathlon?

 Are there any fitness issues making your head spin this week?


  1. Good luck training for your tri! You can do this!

  2. Hmm... what can I say other than I think you are amazing for even considering doing a tri... I am just not that brave. I am a neurotic nut job who would take each of your worries times a thousand. I think its only natural to have some fear going in but you WILL be able to do it. I am sure of that.

    I have never really thought about tri clothes but I suppose that would be a huge concern. You never want your clothing to interfere with your ability to perform. I hope you find the perfect thing :)

    Um... plus... a shiny medal... hell yeah... I am almost tempted to do something just to get a shiny medal... It means you accomplished something which you will have if you do a tri...

    I look forward to hearing all about it and perhaps it will motivate me enough to try myself... Not a tri (cause I don't swim or bike) but maybe a 5k at least :) You rock!!!

  3. The word alone scares me. Holy crap. Well done you for participating. I wouldn't have the guts too..I'm too much of a puss to even sign up for a 5K.
    I'll be your cheering section!