Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Exercise stuff.

I've fallen behind in my SBBC Recaps, so here is a general idea of what I did the past 2 weeks:

Monday:  Swim, prob an hour, beginner spin, 30 mins
Tuesday:  Yoga
Wednesday:  Full hour of spinning (tired!).  Instructor played dixie chicks songs and "devil went down to Georgia" and kept hitting "skip" when Rihanna came on.  Made me laugh.
Thursday:  Swam at "YMCA A".  Swam for over an hour and got annoyed because I kept getting kicked out of lanes so they could have swim lessons.  I eventually ended up in a lane (first and last lanes) with an attractive man with the most piercing blue eyes.  Lord have mercy!  He was taking a break when I was done swimming and we conversed a sentence or two.  However, water aerobics was going on about 5 feet from us...and who was the water aerobics queen that was the closest to us?  SwimSis!  No way, no how I am flirting with my "little" sister standing right there.  I'll just dream about his dreamy eyes for now.
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: 1 hr Pilates, 42 mins run/walk at the Y.
Sunday:  Rest

Monday:  I had a choice from my doctor's appt the Friday before.  I needed to give a fasting blood sample(s).  I could either go downtown in the morning to do it (hassle+time off work) or wait until afternoon when they were at the location across the street (much longer wait).  I chose to wait until the afternoon so I could go on my lunch hour...at 1pm.  It is about a 12 hour window of fasting that needs to happen.  So I ate "Breakfast" around midnight on Sunday night!  It was so weird going through my work day and not getting my breakfast or snacks or anything.  Just missing the ritual.  My tummy was growling around noon, but as 1pm rolled around, it was fine.  The blood draw was over quickly (still don't have results, they're quite slow) and I went back and ate a salad for lunch and might have had an apple on the way to swim.  This turned out to be a bad choice.  I felt so tired, drained and defeated all afternoon.  I didn't want to go swim, I just wanted to lay down and sleep.  I know some of it was the messed up schedule, but some was just this point in the challenge.  I just needed to take it easy.  Instead of swimming+spinning, I just swam.  And I did no more than I was asked.  And it felt good.
Tuesday:  1 hour of yoga.  Had lunch with a friend.  She is apparently allergic to down.  So she gifted me the most fluffy down comforter.  I'm snuggled in it right now :)  LOVE!

This is what I did at 5am when I couldn't sleep...selfies, Lord!

Wednesday:  30 min spin, 30 min run BRICK workout, people!  The spin felt okay, but my knees were hurting again.  As we started running, I had to chuckle to myself.  I knew that I couldn't keep that pace for long and quickly fell behind the group.  It wasn't surprising to me, so I just kept running and Tri Coach Jeff came back and ran with me for a minute or two.  He said something like "Keep at a pace you can maintain" I said something smart like "Wasn't planning on going any faster!".  I don't think he gets my humor.  :)  It was gorgeous out and a storm had just passed so it was sunny and breezy.  I ran the first mile and juuuust as I was about to take a walk break, who came to run with me but Tri Coach Jeff.  Aargh, so i ran a little bit longer until I told him I was walking!  We rounded a bend and the faster people were coming back our way, so we turned around.  I got to talk to a new member of our little Tri club, which was nice.  When we started running again I probably ran another half mile by myself.  When I was getting ready to take a walk break, who came back to run with me?  Yes, friends, Tri Coach Jeff.  He has terrible timing.  I walked for a min or two and then we ran it in.  It felt good to do a Brick workout and my legs didn't feel trashed, but my knees were quite sore*.

Sweaty, post-Brick mess!

Silly, but pumped about the Brick workout.

Thursday:  Rained most of the day, but was clear between 5-6pm.  I rushed to get to my running spot and the clouds were darkening on my way there.  I pulled in, parked and....DOWNPOUR.  Barf.  If I was already running I would have stayed out, but I wasn't so I just called it a rest day and went home.

The weather being a jerk.

Friday:  Swapped this normal rest day for some swimming at YMCA C.  I did a variation of this workout.  It was pretty glorious.  I did the lower yardage one with a 300 for warm up (instead of 200) and 500 pull at the end to work on getting my guns in shape for a wedding this fall.  I felt fantastic.
Saturday: 40 mins Pilates (left early to go babysit), 1 hour heated slow flow yoga.  Nice and sweaty!  I then hit up Charming Charlie for some cute accessories

I bought "bowtie" earrings in place of my lost "Bowties are cool" keychain! PS Ears are weird.

and then went to the bike shop!  The manager was not there and I was unlucky and got the newbie.  I found a bike I really liked and I bought it!  Here it is:

My relatives were all asking for a bike pic!

Notice anything missing?  To be somewhat fair to him, I did bombard him with more questions than he knew what to do with, but at some point I asked him what kind of pedals came on the bike.  He said he didn't know, but he would check.  I bought the bike and bike rack (PS of course I had a spoiler on my car, so I had to get a more expensive bike rack, boo!).  He put the bike rack on and mechanic brought out the bike.  He put the bike on and I said "Sooo....no pedals?!?" He brushed it off like "oh, I guess not, sorry, You can come back and buy them with your rewards points".  Clearly he wanted shanked.  Luckily, I was fresh out of shanks.  But it was 3:30pm and I had last eaten at 9:30am, I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before, and I was just READY to go home.  So I took the bike home and sat it in my house, where it is still sitting today.  I am going to a Tri Night at a different bike shop this week, so I will see how their prices/products compare.  (already nervous about meeting new people!).

Ah, what a week.  Got my tax return on Friday and spent it all (plus $12 more) on Saturday.  Just like any red blooded American! LOL  But really I am having a bit of a freak out like "Oh crap, I just bought a bike, now I have to ride it!" Much like my feelings when I joined the YMCA!

*Yesterday in beginner spin, I paid special attention to keep my feet level and push the pedals with my heels.  I think I was having a tendency to point my toes at the bottom of my...what do you cycling people call it...rotation, circle, where my foot is closest to the ground.  Today I had almost no aching in my knees, so I will call it a success and make sure I am keeping with the proper cycling form!

Do you normally spend your tax return (assuming you get one) on something big?  I normally just bank it.  Last year I had mine for probably 6 months before buying my car.

Any conversation points I should bring up when talking to other Tri athletes at the preparing for a tri event?   Please help!  I would much rather ask questions and have people talk to me than for them to ask me questions.  People generally aren't as interested in conversation where I use nondescript words like "things, stuff, whatchmacallit".

PS Actually got done up a friend's bday party...get it girl!!!

I should clean my mirror.


  1. WOW that is a SERIOUS bike. Also hardcore workout week. I feel like a slacker now. I'm afraid to ask, but how much was the bike? I've been trolling ebay for a few days looking for a good deal.

  2. I know nothing at all like zero about bikes but that looks like a nice one and I have to say I think its so bizarre that they don't come with pedals... that's like selling a car without wheels in my opinion. How is that even possible? I understand each person probably has a kind they want, etc... but it just seems silly it doesn't come with something that makes it useable... Again, I know nothing about bikes so maybe this is common.

    I like your sense of humor and if your Tri trainer doesn't get it, oh well. It made me laugh. Way to go for keeping up with lots of exercise. You seem to have some good workouts going for you. I love the variety you have going on. I am sure in the end this benefits your body immensly.

    I have to say that I love the dressed up photo. I love the necklace!!! The color combination of necklace and shirt is lovely. So pretty. I might steal that color combo idea. You clean up nicely :) I hope you know what I mean there. I spend like 50% of my like yucky sweaty and a disgusting mess so its nice to get fancy every once in a while for sure.

    I think the new earings are awesome. So cute. And yes, ears are wierd for sure! Not the best body part by any means.

    I don't ever get a tax refund but my garage sale monies I save. I like to save for a rainy day I guess. Yes, I blow thru my fair share of money on things I don't really need but that keep me going and happy but I do try and have a rainy day fund in case of an emergency. I think that is just smart.

    And finally, sorry you didn't get to get your flirt on, but at least you can dream about his piercing eyes. Nice. It's always fun to h ave something in the back of the old brain to go to in times of wanting to think of hot men and almost encounters. It's good for the soul... HA...

  3. Wow, it looks like you're killing it with getting your workouts in! Great job!

    I don't know triathletes and/or the terminology that well but if they're anything like runners, everyone LOVES a newbie! I'm sure you'll leave there with a ton of new information. Sounds fun!

  4. What a busy week on the physical activity front - wow! I am extremely inspired:) x

  5. You look so cute all dolled up! The shorter style looks great. Also, I have an obsession with bows, so naturally I think your new earrings are amazing. :)

    Love your bike. Especially the bright colours. Oh man, I so want a bike. Unfortunately I would have to be a bike all star in order to get any use out of it because i live on the side of mountain.