Monday, June 3, 2013

What Diet Are You On???

In the past month, I have been asked this question twice while preparing a meal for myself.  Once was Coach's mom while I made grilled fish and vegetables for dinner. I had that in the fridge and it just sounded good!  The next was last week when I was taking my food to the fridge for the week while at work.  It really was a random assortment.  Chicken, my vegetable soup, spinach, salsa, bacon.  haha!  This older lady that I work with often talks about the latest diet that she's trying.  She told me that this time she was doing South Beach again.  It just slightly annoys me...does this girl have to be on a diet to be eating healthy-ish???

Well, a couple of posts ago, I said I had to kick this thing into high gear because I was tired of sitting at 233.  Here is what I have been up to on the exercise front:

Thursday:  1 hr spin class, 30 min run
Friday:  Walking around the art museum after dinner.
Saturday:  1 hr Pilates class (hadn't been in 2 weeks - was greeted with "Oh my God, it's Melissa!!!"), 3.2 mile run.  (almost got bit by a dog - eek!)
Sunday:  3.5 mile bike ride
Monday:  1 hr swim
Tuesday:  1 hr yoga
Wednesday:  1 hr bike ride
Thursday:  1 hr swim at the outdoor pool.  They didn't have the flags up, so I ran into the wall while doing backstroke = embarrassing!!!
Saturday:  1 hr Pilates
Monday:  1 hour swim, 2.2 mile run/walk (with SwimTot in tow - she's "training" for 1 mile fun run later this month!)

Post 3.2 mile run.  Going back to track down the lemonade stand I saw and had no $ for while running.

Enjoyed a few hours of sun bathing on Memorial Day - glorious!

Last Friday I clocked in at 230.0!  I was hoping to see at least 229.9, but that was close enough :)

This makes 50 pounds lost since last year!!!  HOLLA!

I feel like 220s make me feel like I can actually get below 200.   At 280 last year, it was just too far of a goal in my mind. 

In other (more depressing) news, work is annoying.  My one co-worker is on maternity leave (had her baby 10 days late!) and a different co-worker is overseeing my work on a certain project and she's  SUCH a micromanager/tattletale/does the work for me.  It's super annoying when I go to update something and she's already done it.  B, I can do it myself and I can do it my way!!!

And the last sad thing, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who.  I'm sulking until further notice!

In "Things That Make Me Happy" category, we have and always will have my dearest neice, SwimTot.  Hmmm...should I change that to SwimKid?  She is soooo growing up!  We've been spending the evenings together outside from when I get home from the Y till the sun goes down!

Will always be my favorite kid!

Teeny Apt Yard, but perfect set up for this girl!

Any good news to keep me upbeat? :)

At what point in your weight loss journey were you like "I CAN do this!"?


  1. Adorable pictures! Your hair looks so dark in the 1st pic :o almost thought you dyed it. Also congrats on the loss, that's awesome 50 since last year. You can do it, you've gotten so far and are doing so well.

    As for the work :/ don't let it bother you! <3

  2. I'm impressed. Don't stop, it works...

  3. Nothing upbeat unless you count bugs. o.O
    I flip back on forth on the I can do this. Depends on my mood to be honest. LOL Congrats on the 50 down!!

  4. Congrats on you weight loss! I've been doing WW for the past month or so and seeing slow progress. I feel great though, so that definitely counts for more than what the number on the scale says.

    Also, I thought you'd be happy to know that I can't believe how much improvement I've seen in my swimming ability over the past 8 weeks. I am loving it!