Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy Week Took a Nose Dive

Oh last week was a little nuts!  Here was a run down of my schedule:

Monday:  At work 7:45-5:15, Swim 6-7, Run 8-8:45
Tuesday:  At work 7:45-5:25, Yoga 5:30-6:30, Bike 8-8:45
Wednesday: Swim 6:05-7:10, at work 7:45-5:30, childcare @ church 6:30-8:45
Thursday: Spin 5:45-6:30, at work &7:30-5:15, babysit 6-11.
Friday:  At work 7:45-5:30, veg the heck out.
Saturday: Pilates 8-9, at work 9:15-1, grocery shop, food prep, veg out, babysit 5-12.
Sunday:  Childcare @ church 9:30-1, grocery shop, lots more food prep, veg the heck out.
*I am at work that much, but I don't really work the whole time.  I am not very good at my job, plus I am a terrible procrastinator.  I am still wrapping up 2012 things at work.  Wish I wasn't!

So going into my week, I knew I would have to get some morning workouts in to make things happen.  On Tuesday, I went to Walgreens to get a salad, picked up some pineapple, and saw a box of candy on clearance.  Yes, I am a recovering candy addict, but I thought I could handle this little box of sour candies.  And it went well.  A serving size was 23 (!?!), but I gave myself 10 everyday at work for lunch and I still have many left.   I had my usual froyo dinner (first Wednesday of the month when I work at the church) and I had some candy on that too.  Then I get to where I am babysitting on Thursday.  I heard "feed him xyz, and have whatever you like".  I only babysit for these people 2-3 times a year, so I am not at their house often, but I know the mom has a sweet tooth (and she's SO thin too!).  They have tons of boxes of girl scout cookies year round!  So I am nosing around and I find a giant bag of delicious trail mix.  Crap.  And then I see a reese's pb cup bag peaking out of the cupboard, so I open it up and there's almost every candy they sell at the movie theater in there (didn't see any snocaps!).  Out of a 48oz bag of M&Ms, they aren't going to miss a handful. That mindset just kept rolling and I had SO MUCH CANDY.  I didn't even put a dent in their stash, but holy crap did I feel awful.  My body was yelling at me to stop, but my tastebuds were in cahoots with my hand and my mouth.  Just hand to mouth over and over and over. 

I didn't eat all I had taken, so I put a small amount in my purse.  I ate some of that on Friday and Saturday too.  Then SwimSis and Coach had friends stay the weekend and they left a bunch of candy, so I just ate waaaaaaay too many candies while I did my food prep just because they were there.  And now I feel awful again.  I am so glad I weighed in Thursday morning because I'm sure I undid all of my hardwork plus the last week's work.  Going to have to go back to the self-imposed candy ban.  I really enjoy life a lot more when I'm not battling myself over where my next candy fix will come from.  Seems funny to think of how easy life is that way.  Over Easter I just left all the candy I got behind at my dad's and things were great that way.

Last week's weight: 230.0
This week (on Thurs): 228.6
Sunday night guess: 233 or more?!?

Ah, a new week, new resolve.  Gotta stay on my toes and watch out for those awful old habits!!!


  1. Solid workouts!!

    I am the same way with baked goods (cookies, cakes, brownies, and even breads and biscuits). I was thinking today too that I should abstain completely, since I always get out of control once I start. It worked pretty well at a breakfast buffet today, though I did cave and have one biscuit. Candy and ice cream I can do without going crazy, so those can be my "treats" instead. They're still good. I am just a little afraid that if I give it up completely, I'll eventually fail, and when I fail, I'll fail HARD. Mega binge style. Maybe not though. I agree with you, it's so much less stressful to just not have any than to have a little and try to make yourself stop eating it!

  2. You just cracked me up big time with your candy story. I can totally relate. What is it about the sugar that once you have one bite your brain just goes into this high and you can't stop??? I'm almost better off not eating any because my brain binges and then its too late I'm done for.

    I too will be completely back on come Tuesday morning and thank goodness for fresh starts right!!!! Congrats on getting around the 200 pound mark or under 200 pounds. That is an awesome accomplishment. I can totally see why that makes things seem so much more do-able... you are awesome and stay the course!!!!

  3. Oh, I think I have lived your candy experience so many times. Willy Wonka has nothing on me.

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  5. Don't you hate those skinny people with the sweet tooth! Life isn't fair! I am so glad summer is here. I am going to start adding swimming to my work out!

  6. I had an, er, incident involving a block and a half of chocolate the other night. I'd been eating it carefully, a row per night with a cup of tea and a piece of fruit, for four or five nights, and that was fine. And then I went to a training course where they have lollies on the table and ate four or five of those, and it was like a switch went on in my head! Suddenly the one row of chocolate wasn't enough, and neither was two, or three... and then suddenly I had finished the block and was reaching for another. I actually suspect the sugar in the lollies was what set me off and not the chocolate itself, so live and learn.

    Meanwhile, awesome workouts! I just started to get moving again this week just past - only walking and the exercise bike, but it feels good. It feels really good, in fact. And it motivates me to push myself a little bit harder, too, and to not undo my hard work by eating crap. I've shaken off the "newly single" fug I was in as well, and now I'm back to working on becoming fabulous :)

  7. Keep up the great workout routines! There is always that even when there is a candy craze going on. This post has a theme I can relate to. :P

    1. Oh! Also, the people you were babysitting for.. they sound just like the people I was babysitting for a while back candy coated cabinets ... ahhh!