Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Annoying

Sorry I've been gone for a while - my non-blog/workout/weightloss life blew up big time.  There was no crying, but there may have been much pleading to God to make it not all fall apart :)  Here's a brief recap of what's been goin' on in my blog related life:

The good:  Biking has gotten SO much better!  Last week I realized during a ride that I didn't feel fearful the entire time.  Which is an amazing feeling!  I had an amazing ride at a state park last Friday evening, it was super fun and refreshing for the soul.  I did that same ride last year on a too small bike and 40 lbs heavier.  I wrote about it briefly here.  We had our annual family gathering last weekend and I got lots of great compliments on my fitness/weightloss.  I wore a dress that I actually wore to one complimented me at Thanksgiving, but they were ALL about it last weekend.  The bike riding freedom made me feel on top of the world, so I took some pics afterwards, if you all will indulge me a bit :)

Biking outfit


Dirty legs

Trying my best not to be awkward

The bad:  My brain and stomach have a problem where I can know I'm full and be full and I'm fine.  But the point of being just full to OMGICAN'TSHOVEANOTHERBITEIN is a large, large gap. I've been battling that this week. I went to a kid's bday party today and I just wanted to eat and eat and eat, I did get some seconds on things, but I didn't go nuts.  PS kid's bday party on a Thursday night with plenty o'liquor - fun!

The annoying:  I was with SwimTot at the YMCA the other day while daycamp was going on (which she usually goes to) so we were in the locker rooms changing and so were the 4-6 year old girls.  They all knew her and were saying hi to her, it was super cute.  This one girl (who was larger for a kid herself!) comes over butt naked and starts talking to SwimTot all while poking my arm fat.  I tell her to go get dressed.  So the girl goes over and puts some bottoms and comes back and talks to SwimTot and starts poking my stomach (I'm still in my swimsuit at this point).  I tell her to go away and get dressed.   So she puts a shirt on, comes back, stares at my stomach and says "You know, I think that may be too small on you".  Oh boy.  I said "Thank you for your opinion, but I think it fits just fine" in a less than nice tone.  That finally got the counselor's attention that was standing 5 feet away and she got her to leave the locker room. But really....  I had been feeling soooo good about myself and especially in that swimsuit, which I was wearing last year at about 40 pounds heavier.  I have been becoming a little more self conscious about my arms looking deflated-ish, so that didn't help.  Bottom line:  not affecting my self-image, just super annoying!

On the horizon:  5K in a week - haven't ran in like 2 weeks, yikes!  I had been hoping to run the whole thing, but who knows if I will be able to or not :)  I will take it mile by mile! 


  1. Sorry to hear about the little pest. You're 40 pounds lighter, don't let her rain on your parade. Your legs look great! The biking will only make them even better. Swimming,'re doing some great activity, way to go.

  2. I am so glad to see a post from you. I have been wondering where you were :) I know sometimes real life gets in the way of this online stuff, ha! Anyway, glad you are still around and working at it, even if sometimes everything doesn't quite connect the way we want it to!

    First, the good... Glad you are loving your biking. It really does make everything so much easier when you love what you are doing for physical activity. It almost (almost) doesn't make it a chore but something you'd do even if it wasn't healthy for you!

    The bad: I completely understand the brain/stomach disconnect. Sometimes I'm fine and I know I'm fine but sometime just makes me want to keep shoving and shoving food down. It's so stupid. Sometimes I try and justify it with I must really be hungry or its that time of month or whatever excuse I can think of but sometimes I think its just cause I like food and want more!!! It is a never ending battle to juggle at times.

    The annoying: Okay, that is SOOOO annoying. You don't seem as annoyed as I would, probably because as a general rule I don't like children that aren't managed well. I understand kids are kids and they say things and generally I like kids but I don't like unsupervised annoying children. And every child should respect other people's boundaries. They should not be touching people, period. Unless you like personally know the kids and want to hug them or something. And whatever, you should be proud of your 40 pounds weight loss and I know you are so its fine. But still, geesh...

    Have fun on your 5K and good luck... remember that walking is still completing the 5k... :)

  3. thanks for sharing this! good luck with everything and you inspired me to start biking! :)

  4. hahah! Aw, very cute pictures! Your legs look great btw & nice kicks!
    It's good to hear you are loving the biking, keep up the great work.
    KIDS!! Don't you just love em'!? too much tv for this one? haha probably.
    I think I would have taken it way too personally, I'm glad you aren't. It's all about how wonderful you are doing.

  5. I have those shoes (asics gt 2000s?) ! I need to follow your lead and get on the bike again soon....ugh.