Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blogger Award :)

Oooooooh.  Blogger  Award.  So Shiny and New. haha
Thanks OverWeight in Sunny SoCal, that was very nice of you to think of me!

The rules are as follows;

* Nominate 10 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
* Let them know you have nominated them
* Share 7 random facts about yourself
* Thank the bloggers that have nominated you
* Add the versatile blogger award to your post

Seven Random Facts About EmDub:
  • I have a hard time caring about what I look like too much. (hello 280lbs!).  This means I may or may not go to work with my hair unbrushed at least once a week. I'll then put it up or braid it, but really Em?
  •  There's only one guy at work whom I might want to impress.  I see him so rarely, I usually don't go to the trouble.  He works closely with one of my co-workers on several projects, so I may or may not ask about her projects occassionally :)  
  • Soooo...another one about work.  I've been a temp since the beginning of the year and they are considering hiring me.  I feel like I have to much to learn that if I ask them about it they will say no.  And no one wants to be rejected!  But then a temp in a different department got hired department this week, so I'm pretty much going to be forced to ask about it in the next couple of day :/
  • My favorite alcoholic beverage is jack and coke :) Mmmmm!  I'm a whiskey girl!
  • I would not have fallen in love whiskey if it were not for a trip to TN where I got a taste of Jack!
  • If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it might just be garlic bread.  It is not something that I include or exclude from any particular meal.  But when I have it IT IS THE BEST THING EVER.  New diet of jack and cokes and garlic bread?  It could work, maybe.
  • I love couponing at CVS.  I get a high from getting good deals there.  I could do this at other stores, but really only that one store is so time consuming!  I usually use the CVS forum at where other people look up the deals and post them.  I just clip or print the coupons needed.
  • I have a thing about doing popular things. Or rather not doing them.  Popular tv shows?  I'm too cool.  Color Run - eh, everyone does that.  Select 10 bloggers to get this award?  Murh, no thanks.  But out of appreciation to OWISoCal, I did this post :)


  1. I'm a coupon person too. I'm all about CVS! Wags drives me crazy and CVS' ECB last much longer!

  2. Lovely to read this and learn more about you :D

  3. I am with ya on selecting bloggers.

    Fingers crossed for luck when you ask about your job. Act confident and happy a good week before you ask. I was willing to put up with teaching a lot if I could work with someone I liked.

    Color run? I am too uncool to know what it is I guess.

  4. Haha as I read this am having a glass of JD&coke

    Awww thanks for doing it!!!