Sunday, July 8, 2012

Might as well wrap up June!

We are almost in July double digits anyway :) 

This is how many fitness minutes I had:  Not exactly sure. 

My numbers are skewed due to a the Father's Day/Weekend garage cleaning at my dad's. I just couldn't put down 480 minutes for that weekend, although that was the time we worked on the garage!

Here is what I did:
- 4 lap swims -  124 minutes,  5750 yards
-1 open water swim, 30 minutes
-3 Lifting sessions, totaling 26,500 pounds lifted
-4 pilates sessions, 40/45 mins each
-11 walks and/or runs, 408 minutes, 21.7 miles (3 5Ks - 1 of them a race!)
-1 ungodly terrible time on the elliptical.  dislike!  18 mins.
-2 bike rides, 56 mins
-1 pilates video, 30 mins
-1 fat burning ab attack video, 30 mins

Perhaps I should write "rest" a little smaller, they stick out!

One of my goals is to do at least two new to me things a month.  June had me doing pilates, which I had done on a tape, but not a live class.  I like it!  The beginner classes are good, but I heard from some friends that the beginner class at the downtown Y kicks your @$$ every time!  I might have to go to that sometime!

And June was also the first time I had ridden a bike in at least 2 years.  I don't love it.  I don't know if it's an incorrect bike, or trying to get this much weight around on 2 wheels!  haha 

I lost 5 lbs in June, which I am proud of and grateful for.  That last week was hard, mentally.  I think it was my nutrition that kicked my butt.  That last week, I was eating so healthy at work.  Then I would come home and had stuff like pizza, cake, or frozen yogurt.  Baking that cake sounded like a great idea, but my brother in law, Coach only at like 4 pieces.  I definitely ate the rest that week!  And yes, it was delicious, if you were wondering!  I felt like I was actually trying to eat well at work, then sabotaged myself.  Notes on what not to do this month! :)

Oh, I also made it 6 months without getting anything from the vending machines!  Slightly insignificant, but I think if I did get something from there, that I would just want to get chocolate, chips, etc everyday.

In the end, June made me feel good that I can keep up a 20 day per month workout routine.  I am liking all of the outdoor stuff that comes along with summer!  My clothes are feeling looser, a couple of skirts fit SO much better in the stomach, it's unreal!  My towel can ALMOST wrap around me with no gaps!  This month was also when I crossed the 5% lost threshold. 

Total weight lost as of 6/30/12:  15 pounds!


  1. I am most impressed by not getting anything from the vending machines and the elliptical! Both of these are major issues for me!!!! I literally can barely do 8 minutes on the elliptical without seeing stars and crying like a baby. You are kicking butt!!!!

  2. Congratulations on the loss!!! You're working super hard and its amazing to see the results. Keep at it, girlie!!! You're such a motivation :) hope your week is going well

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