Friday, July 27, 2012

Off to "fat camp"

Well, not me.  TeenSwimSis is going to weight loss camp.  And before anyone cries foul, this chick WANTS to go.  A couple of scholarship/contest opportunities fell through and I was done trying to get her there because they are MEGA EXPENSIVE.  Well unbeknownst to us, she called about 5 different camps asking if they have scholarship opportunities.  Ha!  I could barely talk on the phone to people I didn't know at 13.  Another contest fell through, but SwimSis asked the director if a certain dollar amount for a certain timeframe would work and he said yes!

It is still a lot of money though.  Personally, I am fronted the $100 deposit and will contribute my entire paycheck this week.  My family has been very supportive as well so we got a good chunk of dough from them and we had the garage sale 2 weekends ago and the profits are going towards her camp.  And we might have more from additional items we sell (a sectional couch, dressers) if my dad freaking stops giving them away.  He "gave" a pool ladder and 2 end tables to a neighbor and said the guy is good for it.  Lord have mercy!  Sometimes that man needs to get a dose of common sense.  He really sparks me to say "That really frosts my balls!"

Anyway, tonight I will be loading up SwimSis' SUV, driving 2 hours to the hometown, packing up TeenSwimSis, heading out bright and early to the state where the weight loss camp is located, hanging out for the evening, and dropping her off early Sunday morning, only to turn right back around, drop my dad off in the hometown, and then back here so I can go to work on Monday.  And SwimSis has an interview on the other side of the city at 8am Monday morning, yikes! Good thing I sleep like a baby while on the road!  (On my last road trip to FL in Sept, I slept sooo much and definitely missed the entire state of NC on the way there!)

Obviously I have concerns.  teenage kids can be cruel, even at "fat camp".  Believe me I am going to be giving her a lecture on the way there about treating everyone the same and not teasing or making fun of anyone.  That's another thing that really frosts my balls.  I also have concerns about some of the camp rules.  No cameras?  I don't understand that.  Silly camp pictures are the best.  And of course, we want this to be a tool for her.  We know Weight Loss Camp is not a cure.  Home is the real test.

I joked that we were leaving my dad at weight loss camp too.  He, at most, is slightly overweight, but has super unhealthy habits.  And since my mom passed, he is the only one who can influence her on a daily basis.  No matter how many healthy meals and snacks SwimSis and I provide that house with out of our own pockets, he gets fast food and gives in her wants all of the time. I'm certain he did not picture himself a widower and thus a single parent of a pre-teen at age 58.  I acknowledge this and would do anything to make the situation different.  But the reality is that the child he is responsible for is around 100 lbs overweight.  She is heavier than SwimSis and I was not that weight until I was in college and making my own bad food decisions.  In fact, she needed tshirts for camp (that fit) and I found a box of tshirts from college that were perfect for her. 

She's really a great person.  Typical teenager w/the boy obbsessed and moodiness (Dear God, please don't make me listen to Justin Beiber for the 10 hr drive!).  Hilarious kid.  Probably just wants to fit in.  Is so freaking pretty.  Doesn't she realize jr. high kids are supposed to have awkward looks?  But I digress...

So please, any tips for healthy living for her and my dad would be appreciated.


  1. Huh. That IS weird to not allow cameras. Maybe it is part of not letting bad kids have an extra opportunity to be bad with posting photos online.

    I am in awe of teenswimsis's industry. I think that is a really good indicator of the sort of lady she will be. A smart one.

    I hope she gets time to let her hair down and be herself WHILE learning good habits. She knows what she needs (clearly).

    Maybe have a talk with nonswimdad about what needs to happen when teen returns home.

    Fingers crossed for Swimsis interview!

  2. tough situation with your dad - once I had my surgery date, I did a cold turkey from the crap food. Cleared the whole place out. I wonder if a picture of your mom would be a positive thing to send with her to camp?

  3. You are a great Sis!! She will need your support! Hopefully she will get a lot of info from the camp that will help her. How fun for her!

    Stay focused!