Sunday, July 15, 2012

A day in the life of EmDub

(starting the night before)

10:30pm - Shower after pilates and a walk around the neighborhood

11:15pm - Fall asleep while watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix

11:30pm - SwimTot starts banging on my door, probably wanting me to get her something to eat (my room is right across from the kitchen).  I tell her to go away and hear her running to her (sleeping) parent's room crying.  Fall promptly asleep.

6:00am - Phone alarm goes off in purse.  Blindly dig around till I find it.  Text someone back.  Set alarm for 6:30.

6:30am - Alarm goes off, hit 10 min snooze.

6:40am - Alarm goes off, hit 10 min snooze.

6:50am - Alarm goes off, hit 10 min snooze, but stay awake and check Facebook.

6:54am - What?  Guy from HS is gay?  Wouldn't have guessed.  What?  Girl from college is un-engaged?  Hadn't heard about her *AMAZING* fiance in a while (rolls eyes)

7:00am - Alarm goes off.  Hit dismiss.  Decide to get up.  Remember that all of my underwear is still in the washer.

7:01am - Throw underwear in dryer, go cover up SwimTot because she has kicked off her covers in her sleep and a fan is blowing on her.

7:10am - Get stuff together for work, grab extra hair tie.  Don't bother with the straightener today.

7:18am - Retrieve slighty damp dryer stuff.  And pants.

7:19am - Go start car, put in contacts, brush teeth, grab sweater for work.

7:28am - Pull out of parking lot.

7:47am - Notice car is doing something funky, worry.

7:54am - Pull into parking lot of work.  Stay in car and listen to a conversation the DJs are having about prescription pill addiction.  Wonder if I know anyone who is addicted to "scripts".

8:00am - Get water in coffee mug for warm water and lemon.  But I keep forgetting the lemon, so it will just be warm water today.

8:15am - Deal with a few pieces of mail that were delivered to other departments before they were delivered to ours, which was just this morning.

8:17am - Make coffee for 1 other person in the office.

8:30am - Start reading some blogs

8:35am - Feel guilty about reading blogs at work and do work for a few minutes

(Intermittently) all day - repeat blog reading and feeling guilty work sequence

9:00am - Raisin bran and skim milk

11:30am - Pre-Packaged Carrots and Ranch

1:30pm - Michellina's stuffed pepper meal. 

3:00pm - Still freaking exhausted.  Nothing is helping.  Make iced coffee happen.  Bliss.

3:30pm - Get a load of work to do by 5.  Get going!

4:00pm - Boss calls (who has been out all day)  wants me to look up the location of her daughter's dance class.  Location listed is vague, so I give her phone number and she calls.

5:00pm - Leave office, drop off mail for the courier.  Prepare to sweat on the way home.

5:02pm - 92 degrees.  Air conditioning works hard for little output.  Ignore it and keep the 2 windows down that actually roll down.  Pant legs up.  Sweat and drive home the back way.

5:35pm - Arrive home.  Chat with SwimSis, kiss a napping SwimTot.  Retreat to room.  Internet stops working.

5:55pm - Try everything to fix internet that I can think of.   Grab leftover fruit salad as a snack.

6:10pm - The internet is winning.  I decide to wait it out.  And fall asleep.

6:24pm - Wake up.  Hey! Sometimes cat naps do work!

6:30pm - Internet is fine now.  I facebook, check email, and play a facebook game.

7:15pm - Start blogging, mess with pictures, take breaks to watch Grey's Anatomy.

8:20pm - Scramble to get workout clothes on as SwimSis will be home from babysitting soon.  Get gatorade mixed and look for watch.  Must have left in hometown.  Sad.

8:45pm - Finally leave after SwimSis gets herself and SwimTot ready.

9:00pm - Arrive at park where (our first) 5K is being held this weekend.  Get SwimTot in stroller, start stopwatch on SwimSis's iphone.  Start tunes and walk in awe as the stroller has a speaker built in.  Coolest stroller ever!

9:05pm - Keep walking, hoping we can remember course from last time.  I forgot the course map!  I remember everything well, but there are signs posted that hint us in the right direction.

9:40pm - Almost curse the fact that there is no wind.  So late.  So freaking hot and humid.  Get slightly dizzy.  Walk for long than I like because of it.

9:53pm - Arrive back at car. 2 mins off from last time, but I didn't push the stroller at all either.  Wonder if I can get 50 mins on Saturday.

10:00pm - Roll through McD's drive thru to get sundae for SwimTot for impatiently sitting in the stroller.  I get a cone!

10:15pm - Arrive home.  Decide to walk around the neighborhood since I didn't get a cool down.

10:25pm - Think about showering, but find that SwimTot is about to take a bath.  Have a protein shake that body building aunt brought over.  Says "vanilla" tastes for like roasted marshmallow.

10:30pm - Grab piece of garlic bread.  Pick at the 1 teeny tiny piece of chicken and some veggies that was left for me.  SwimTot is still in the bath so I go get on facebook.

10:35pm - Read facebook posts from the online running club I belong to.  Many of them are running the 5K.  Thinking about dipping out of meeting any of them due to my introverted personality.  Post anyway about the run I did tonight.

10:50pm - Put cereal in tupperware for tomorrow.  Feeling legs start to hurt.  Shin splinty kind of aches.  Wish I didn't leave my pants with the calf/lower leg compression in hometown.  SwimSis says to use one of her BioFreeze wipes after my shower.

11:15pm - Finally shower.

11:35pm - Exit shower, take out contacts, get BioFreeze wipe.  Read directions.  Or lack of directions.  Note that only a licensed professional is supposed to give these to patients/clients.  SwimSis got them from a masseuse. 

11:45pm - Use BioFreeze wipes on legs.  Wonder what the big deal is.  Discard wipe and rinse hands.

11:46pm - Starting to feel it a little more.

11:47pm - Holy @#$^#$!!!!  Legs are truly FREEZING.  So, so cold.  Try to trap body heat with numerous blankets.  Almost shaking.  Legs are in the process of freezing off, but can't feel any pain in my muscles either.

11:48pm - Keep watching Grey's Anatomy to keep my mind off of freezing legs.  Adrenaline is in full force.  Already hoped to be asleep, but am sitting here in misery.

12:10am - Facebook a bit and decide to blog on my day as sleep is not in the near future.

1:00am - Get done blogging, check facebook, turn on Grey's Anatomy, prop legs up on suit case at the end of bed, hoping that might help potential shin splints.

Lord, I didn't mean for that to be so detailed!  But that's pretty much an honest look without going into further detail! :)

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