Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Left Out

Soooo, I wanted to title this post something like "Workplace Size Discrimination".  But I thought about it for a couple of days.  It is not discrimination.  I am not being treated different in concern to work matters.  I am still an equal in that regard.  I am just feeling left out and jealous. 

So anyone who stops by this blog every now and again can appreciate the fact that I've been working harder when it comes to my fitness (singing a little Fergie "i'm up in the gym, just working on my fitness").  I have done pilates every Monday for the past 6 weeks (go me!).  So, when two of the other women in my department start talking about pilates and how much they like it or want to try it (depending on which person was speaking), I felt like I had experienced enough to put in my two cents. 

What usually happens is my comments politely get skipped over.  Or get a general polite comment and then they move on.  Some people might lie or exaggerate about working out, but dangit, I don't!!!  I hear them talking sometimes about pilates or talk back and forth from their offices about working out, etc.  Basically, I think they don't believe me. 

Heck, I know I'm a good 261 pounds right now (ohhh yeah!), but that does not discount any activity or class that I do.  It does not make me lesser in conversation about pilates or workouts or losing weight.  It is quite frustrating.  I am doing well at working out and am happy with my improved fitness and subsequent weight loss.  But how do I fit in conversation about it?

"Hey, did you get that memo I sent you?  Oh, by the way, I've lost 19 pounds."

"Geez, Killer Candice kicked my butt last night!...Can you help me decipher this legal briefing?"

"Can you approve this contract?  I REALLY need it done so it stops distracting me from being aware of my core"

No?  Dang. 

And these two ladies are quite small themselves.  Definitely not overweight.  And they're talking about losing 2 pounds a week, eating healthy (but REALLY hating it), and how much they work out.  They're not the type to exaggerate either.  And I kid you not, the one lady says "I figure if I can workout 70-80 minutes a day, 7 days a week, I can get to my goal weight in a couple of months".  Pardon my French, but SAY WHAT, BITCH?

Just kind of reminds me of DJ from Full House.  Sorry about the video, I think the audio track is off.  There shouldn't be laughing in serious places, but the rest is just fine.

Workout that much and you might lose the weight, but you'll probably be as tired as ever!

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Xanax?

In other news...

I have been loving Refrigerator Oatmeal now that I picked up some chia seeds.  Some people don't like them, but I like the crunch as well as the way they taste when they have been in the oatmeal overnight or even over the weekend.

Got my nails did again:

Dark Grey with a little sparkle.
Eating a little better.  Well, at least eating some yummy stuff:

Crockpot chicken, stir fry veggies + sweet peas

Someone got certified in something, let's have something yummy at the office. (Fruit Pizza)

Post Workout eggs, spinach and cheese, plus an expired granola thin

sweet potato, sweet peppers, oregano chicken.  Not the best but when hungry, it was 5 star!

Last, but not least, the world's most awkward picture of me.  Trying to use the self-timer and back up to the wall, all while tripping over some shoes and trying to keep my balance.

Plus the flash bounced off the counter and made the pic a little blurry!

Who wouldn't want to talk workouts with this chick?


  1. I'd love to talk workout with that chick all day everyday :)

    I never quite got it either. Somehow because we are bigger girls we get overlooked and dismissed when it comes to talking about working out or a healthier lifestyle. Its almost like a stereotype of sorts. They assume just because we are big girls we don't workout or strive to make healthy lifestyle choices.

    I remember once my fellow nurses were talking about hiking and I know a lot of trails so I threw in my 2cents and you could tell their disbelief. Like how dare I the chubstar even open my mouth. One nurse even had the nerve of emphasizing to me how this trail wasn't your regular trail, it was much steeper. So I tagged along and you know what I kicked all their skinny behinds. It wasn't an easy trail but I hike often enough to be a lil more versed with it and you could tell their surprise. Now they even invite me. I'm not saying you need to prove yourself because we shouldn't have to but its their loss. They are missing out on the fabulous amazing person you are. You could even probably give 'em pointers on Pilates so really shame on them for overlooking you.

  2. Well, I couldn't reply to your comment to me by email, so here I am! LOL My soup is one large can of 100% tomato juice, 1 packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix, a bag of Kroger brand "vegetable soup mix" frozen veggies, some frozen black eyed peas, and 2 or 3 potatoes, peeled and diced. Oh, and I use lean ground turkey for the meat. :) Sometimes I'll throw in some diced tomatoes or something - depends on my mood.

  3. You just keep working out and don't worry about them! As they see your results, they will start believing you! I wouldn't be surprised if they burnt out and quit themselves. I remember that episode of Full House. :))))

    1. That's how it was when I first started. Just wait and keep at it, soon they will be asking you questions!! It will happen!! Love your blog and would like to follow you, but I don't see the follow option.

      Keep up the great work and stay focused!!!

  4. how can I follow your blog? I can't find the button...

    1. Does that help at all? Did I do it right?

      Ah, this feels like when I had to teach my grandma how to use email!