Friday, October 12, 2012

In Which I Feel Like A Badass

So in light of me trying to get to this first mini goal (minus 30lbs...currently 2ish lbs away).  I thought I should swim in the mornings at least twice a week because when I swam a couple mornings a week in August, I dropped 2lbs a week.  So that was my goal on Sunday night.

Let's flashforward and we're already on Wednesday night and I haven't swam yet!
Ughhhh do or die (or do or don't lose).
So Thursday morning I was at the pool bright and early (seriously, idk how I got in the water before 6am).
I had a great 2400yd swim, you can find the workout here.

The only really daunting this was 4 x 200yd pull.  I suppose they were supposed to be the same stroke, but that is boring!  I did 2 backstroke, 2 freestyle.  And my arms felt heavy later while typing at work. haha

Then I thought well I'll try to go this morning.  So I half packed my stuff and set my alarm, but I swear if I was still sleepy, I would not go!  But my REM cycle ended just before 5 and I was tossing and turning a bit and knew I would get up and go.

When I go swim in the mornings, there is a triathlete group that swims too, but they start like right when the pool opens (5:15am).  I always feel awesome because I have good technique and therefore that makes me faster than others who struggle through the water.  Not gonna lie.

Well I do my warm up (ugh, I hate this pool actually the air temp was probably in the 80s somewhere and had to be a few degrees cooler than the pool.  Which it was probably at 80 something degrees which is FAR too hot, in my opinion.  I like a cold pool!) and then I have 100yd freestyle time trial.  I make it at 1min 31sec (ugh, in the height of my swimming glory I used to swim 1:06.  That's actually a very slow competitive sprint!).  And then I had 2 more at 5 seconds faster each. 

When I stopped at the wall on my last one, there was a guy standing over my lane.  He said he would love it if I joined them in the mornings and gave me his card.  I was very calm and nice about it (and probably still panting from my almost sprints) but inside I was all "OMG THEY WANT ME TO BE IN THEIR CLUB BECAUSE I'M SO AWESOME". 

Sorry to anyone who doesn't know that I hold a very high self-esteem in most regards.  I would never talk like this to anyone else, but I'm just giving you an inside scoop into my mind :)

And so he put his card in my plastic sandwich bag that I put my workouts in..ha!  And when I got to work you had better believe that I Facebook stalked him.  Oh...the triathlete group head coach, oh...won a local triathlon last week, oh...ran a 17:48 big deal.  haha so that whole experience made me feel like such a badass!  I am still on the fence and would have some questions for him, but of course I didn't email him today, I mean a girl can't call (email) right away...

And then another woman in the locker room tells me I'm such a good swimmer and I'm so fast.  And then the desk attendant tells me that I had a good workout and gave me the thumbs up on my way out (the front desk has a window to the pool).  Then I felt a little more badass, but just a little because one compliment is cool but for me 3 is embarrassing. 

In the end I'm just amazed that I, as a 252 pound, obese woman, got asked to join a sports group. haha makes me laugh, but a happy laugh.

Tonight I'm going to pick SwimTot up from preschool at that same Y, head to the library, probably to dinner, then to get some froyo!  I normally wouldn't have froyo every weekend because we don't live very close to a froyo place, but I visited a new one and they have a coconut flavor that blew me away.  Mmmmm....coconut!  I think I have a thing for coconut, my fave cupcake at one of those fancy cupcake places is coconut too. SwimTot, as always, will have plain chocolate with no toppings.  :)

No long swim for me this weekend as I am babysitting from 9:30am-midnight tomorrow!  And then at the church from 8:15am-1:30pm. on Sunday.  Sunday afternoon will be sit on my butt and probably make some dinners for the week.  This week I picked up some Cambpell's Skillet Sauce in the Thai Green Curry flavor.  That blew me away too!  I'm definitely going to pick up some more!  (40 cals per serving in the sauce...not too shabby!)

And I got very little work done yesterday because I could not stop looking at  Look if you dare.  I could spend a whole day reading that and laughing hysterically. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Any plans for fitness and fun?

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