Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Opportunity and Bad choices

I ate out.  ALL WEEKEND.

I'm sure there worse things to talk about for opportunity and bad choices (murder, adultery, theft), but this is my reality.

 Friday night I had the SwimTot because Coach was coaching and SwimSis was babysitting.  I tried to go somewhere where she could get something she would like, but would stretch her outside of her chicken tenders and french fries bubble.  We ended up at somewhere fast and local...fast food italian.

She ordered a fettuccine alfredo. I had a side salad, spaghetti with meat sauce, and an peach italian ice.  Oh, and their breadsticks.  Free, delicious, have as many as you want breadsticks.  I am not that crazy about pasta so I only ate 1/4 of that, but as I have mentioned before, garlic bread/breadsticks/garlic flavored carb = favorite!  I probably had 4 or 5!  SwimTot was a fan.  She ate some of her pasta, but she ate almost half of my salad!  I told her I didn't know she liked salad.  Her response was "Well, I tried it and then I liked it".  Ohhhh...that's how that works??? :)  I did turn down additional breadsticks when they offered more.

Saturday I was babysitting at one of the more posh hotels downtown while the parents went to a conference.  I was suuuuper early on the way there so I stopped at McD's and actually got a meal.  Ugh.  The little boy that I watched has cerebral palsy.  I was watching him for 15 hours, but he gets fed through his G tube every 3 hours from 8-8 so it actually went really fast because prep, feeding and cleanup takes over an hour!  I think they were some of the organizers of the conference so their room etc was comped.  They had me valet my car (haha valeted my 99!) and told me that I could order whatever room service I wanted.  For lunch I ordered a Cobb salad.  It was spectacular!  Big chunks of everything...one of my favorites!  And the tray was gorgeous with a little bread basket and a vase with a gerber daisy.  

I did get some walking in, about an hour and a half total during our times between feedings.   We went to the executive lounge thing, for people staying on certain floors.  Free food, internet, etc.  I had a yogurt and cookie and coffee when I first went in.  And I went for happy hour (I stayed alcohol free!) and had some little appetizers.

I didn't end up getting dinner from room service till 10!  I ordered a chicken BLT and fries.  It was okay.  The tray wasn't spectacular, there were too many fries.  I didn't eat them all, but there were too many!  I totally could have ordered off of the "Fit Menu", but I just didn't. 

Sunday I was up bright and early at the church to watch more kiddos.  I had some Starbucks coffee that they serve every week.  Then I went straight into my weekday job to work on some stuff.  I got Taco Bell on the way there.  I knew if I would go home, I wouldn't go into work and get some stuff done!  I went home and had my leftover spaghetti from Friday.

I was grabbing snacks and candy all last week and weekend and was up 0.8lbs on Monday.  Something had to change!  I was getting accustomed to having candy after a meal.  Just a small snack size or whatever it is called.  It was ridiculous.  I always want to have big ideas like "no candy for a month" but let's be honest, if I put myself up to that challenge, I would be eating candy within the hour.  So my goal was no candy while at work.  I craved that candy like woah, but the urge subsided after a while!  Despite buy 3 chocolate bars at the store last night, yesterday was candy free! (1 was on clearance and then my fave dark choc bars were BOGO)

I haven't had any today and I feel good about that!  Let's see how long I can keep it up...I'm just hoping for the night right now!  My day turned oddly vegetarian when the Coach took my chicken to work this morning.  He didn't know, but dang I was not happy!  Instead I had a large apple, almonds, a larabar, and grapes.  It was good.  I felt like I was eating frequently but I was not as hungry as I thought I would be.

I hoping I can now cut out those opportunities for bad things here and there so those choices won't be so hard to make!

How do you eliminate those possibilities for bad choices?

Do you find it easier to make small goals (like "just get through today!") or can you focus on the bigger picture?


  1. Staple my mouth shut.....no no no....I'm struggling with you right now. This time of year is so hard. Candy and sweets are everywhere!! I think planning is key. Need to make sure that I eat real food...not junk, need to drink water and stay active - EVERY DAY!!! Be purposeful in all I do!!

    Keep focused!!

  2. haha Joy that would do it! Or if I received a little electric shock everytime I went for something I'm not supposed to!

    I'm on day 3 of no candy. I even left some cookies in the dust today. One hour at a time!

  3. I think I swing both ways when it comes to small goals and/or the bigger picture. Usually, I strive to focus and take it a day at a time which at the same time dabbles as not losing sight of the bigger picture. You know what I mean?

    I agree with Joy, it's that time of the year everywhere you look candy is beckoning. What works for me is resisting it especially if I know I won't stop at just one piece of candy or one choice haha

    All the best. You can do this :)

    1. Thanks girl! Yes I agree about the big picture and the battle at hand. Very good to remember.

  4. Would that happen to be Fazoli's?? :) I am also a fan of the free garlicy, wonderful, soft, melt-in-your-mouth breadsticks!!! See how I describe them with love? LOL I don't seem to be doing anything right at this point, so no advice! Just stopping by and you had me at Italian! ;)

    1. Why yes it would! They are amazing and addictive! And I thought of you yesterday when I went to Little Caesar's. So convienent..but bad. :/

  5. What I'm about to say sounds stupid. It sounded stupid when my doctor told me... but I'm going to pass it along because it totally worked. After surgery, I had sugar cravings. Like kick-a-kitten-for-sugar cravings. He told me to eat a piece of seasonal fruit. Seasonal meaning it would have the highest sugar content. Worked like a charm. Watermelon became my crack cocaine this summer, but it was better than the alternative. Keep some fruit on-hand and it will satisfy those pesky sugar cravings!

    1. That does not sound stupid, but not exactly what you want to hear :)

      Just before I wrote this last week I stocked up on fruit and a little veg. I'm been having A LOT of apples, some grapes, and a pear and orange here or there.

      I think the key for me is having it ON HAND and not sitting at the grocery store :) Thanks girl!