Sunday, October 7, 2012

Success and challenges

There are a lot of things that I've improved on this year.  Dropping those 25 pounds has been great, but some days it just doesn't feel like I've dropped any.  You know, those days where the girls around you are ALWAYS skinnier than you?  (Sidenote:  This church I've been working freaking trendy.  And all the women my age are so fit looking with full hair and makeup every Sunday.  I roll my eyes so much!  I'm all hey I'm in my church tshirt telling kids preschoolers not to bite someone else's stuffed animal or to keep their hands to themselves aka no spanking each other! ha.) I've had a few of those "feeling sorry for myself" moments over the past couple of months, but I always need to reflect on how far I've come.

One of my major goals was to be able to fit in a competition suit (regular 1 piece) that comes in a standard size.  The largest "normal" size is 40 that you will typically find in a store.  Here is the sizing chart for competition suits.  My first swim of the year (actually, it was my first swim in YEARS) was in a recreational swim suit that made me sooo slow because of how much water got caught in the bust area while I was swimming.  I'm currently in a 44 w/long torso. aka extra room for my stomach!

My first swim of the year was 200 yards at the most.  I swam this workout yesterday, which was actually 3050 yards (not 3300 like it says).  I had to adjust the times on the 50s because I am just not that fast!  I did work SUPER HARD on the 50s.  5 x 50 on 50 seconds was rough.  I made the first one with a second to spare, probably was behind a bit on the middle three, then cranked out the last one and made it a couple seconds under :50.  I was working so hard it reminded me of what competing/racing was like...exhausting!  I finished those 3050 yards in 1 hr 18 mins.  Felt like a champ!

Clothes that were super tight or did not fit me at all, now fit or may even be too big.  I have this one skirt that I wore to my official first day of work last Monday that I could not wear a year ago.  And I remember wearing it in March and it was sooo tight as the day wore on that I unbuttoned it as I got in the car.  Now, if I suck my stomach in, it is in danger of falling off!

Last week, my boobs had a message for me.  They said "Em, we are not happy with our current housing situation".  Uh....I need a smaller bra?  When in my life have I ever needed a SMALLER bra?  I looked in my new bra stash and found a hanger that said 44DDD (beginning size), but it was actually 44DD.  So much better!!!!  And it may or may not be close to a neon purple! haha

I was given a tshirt by the church I work at on Sunday mornings and they asked what size.  I said 2X or XL, hoping that they had 2X.  She handed me a shirt last week...XL.  I didn't even bother to try it on all week.  Why get depressed about it being too small?  Well this morning I tried it on and it fit!  And with the jeans I wore I felt like a normal person.  haha know what I mean?

I'm hoping to get into running a little bit more.  I think I will sign myself and my fam up for the YMCA's Thanksgiving morning 5K.  As soon as I heard we were having Thanksgiving in a certain city, I looked up races right away!  Looks like we can register 4 people (inc tshirts!) for $75.  The closest race was $20/person, or $30/person if you wanted a tshirt.  Ugh.  And the farthest one in the city would have been much cheaper 6 people for $100 w/tshirts.  But I guess we went for the middle!  We'll see if I beat my first 5K time!  I thought it was cool last year when I saw other people were doing Thanksgiving 5Ks, but I didn't really think I would be doing on.

I am ready for these last 5 lbs, of my first 30 to come off!  I have new sheets and comforter waiting for me as a reward when I do!  Hopefully that will be this week!  (I'm floating around 2lbs till mini goal, but I will see 249.9 if I am!

SwimSis, TeenSwimSis, me, my bodybuilder aunt :)

haha you get the picture!

with some calves in the background!
And here's a shot or two from last week's "photoshoot" with SwimSis, TeenSwimSis (it was her 14th bday), SwimTot and my aunt! 

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  1. Hahah this post is awesome! I love the part about the T-shirt fitting. :} I genuinely feel happy for you, it sounds like such small thing... but it's those things that can really get you down. Keep up the great work!
    -Also,very cute pictures :}